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  • Dog walkers at Howard University infringe on ‘black Mecca’, students say

    No one will admit that they want segregation, but everyone wants separate spaces:

    “Howard University is supposed to be a safe space for black people and we don’t need you colonizers infiltrating it,” said Charlemagne, radio personality and the co-host of The Breakfast Club. “The way you love your dog? Have that same empathy and compassion for the students of Howard.”

    “Howard is a space that has a lot of cultural and historical significance for African Americans and just people in the [African] diaspora,” said Zachary Graham, a 2018 graduate. He says area pet owners should “check your privilege and understand that, yeah, you may be a part of this community, but Howard has been here for 152 years … some things are deeper than just walking your dog”.

    If you get pulled over, do you want the police officer to be from your group, or not? What about the guy making a loan to you at the bank, your doctor, or your pastor? Your landlord and neighbors? Who do you want to see when you go around town, people like you whose likes and dislikes you roughly know, or mystery meat foreigners whose opinions are ambiguous?

    Diversity does not work. We all want and need separate spaces. As the great liberal democracy experiment winds down, we are realizing this, and pulling away.

  • Many Across the Globe Are Dissatisfied With How Democracy Is Working

    The nineteenth and twentieth centuries consumed themselves with the fight to bring democracy everywhere. Now that it rules the globe, we are noticing that it is going out the same way that the Soviets did, through an excess of bureaucracy, infighting, and an inability to reward the good while everyone works too much and worries too much. We cannot rule ourselves; just like brain surgery, leadership requires certain abilities, and these cannot be “educated” into just anyone. The kings are coming back, and not a moment too soon.

  • Goodbye Handshakes? Some Companies Considering Banning All Physical Contact In Workplace

    Workplaces are segregating by gender for the same reason that different ethnic groups are pulling away. Every group acts only in its own self-interest alone. This means that if you give them a cudgel that automatically beats down someone else, they will use it, even and especially unfairly. Soon you will be in the business of fighting discrimination suits instead of doing something productive. This imposed ideology, much like Communism, of equality causes us to divert our best energies from the productive into the destructive, and soon we deplete ourselves like a patient dying of a blood disease.

  • Embracing racism, rabbis at pre-army yeshiva laud Hitler, urge enslaving Arabs

    Jews are realizing that if you want to survive, you have to exclude every other group. The Hitler method is both too extreme and not extreme enough; it requires taking responsibility for the other group while enslaving and killing them. A better way is to send them away. Egypt and Jordan will take the Palestinians for $500 a head, which is still much better than the cost of maintaining constant civil war. Lest you think the Israelis are extreme, consider that the Palestinians like launching high explosives at grandmothers, which if they were not poor and brown we would recognize as attempted genocide.

  • Cartier boss with $7.5bn fortune says prospect of the poor rising up ‘keeps him awake at night’

    When I was young, we could get away with anything but justifying that it was “for the poor.” If you wanted a new footbridge, claim it was “for the poor” and no one would oppose it. People took missionary trips to help “the poor,” and we wrote papers at school about how one policy would benefit “the poor” over another. Politicians exploited this, as did big business, which bought itself positive headline coverage (usually after getting caught doing something wrong) when they made huge donations to “the poor.” Everyone made out like bandits: people got high salaries for managing all this giving, working in ghetto schools, and serving underservered communities. None of it did any good, because “the poor” are still there. What are the poor, really? They are the cognitive low-end of humanity, and since they cannot have any real skills, they will always be underpaid, which they couple with unproductive behaviors like children out of wedlock, smoking Newports, buying lottery tickets, and constant betting on things that turn out to be scams. Will the poor rise up? What utility do the poor have? No one is willing to admit that making a successful society means that you breed those who are essentially useless, and that we have been simply inventing jobs for them to keep them occupied, but now we all work too much in hostile environments and the poor are still ready to rise up and overthrow us. Will automation make this worse? Almost certainly. Then we will finally have to decide: do we want to keep the productive, or make ourselves all slaves to ensure that “the poor” — who cannot and will not help themselves — remain happy?

  • A Study Showing Mounting Evidence of Harmful Effects Of WiFi Router Electromagnetic Waves on Sperm to Be Presented at ASPIRE 2019 Congress

    One of the big stories of the twenty-first century will be how our gee-whiz technology has weakened us and destroyed us genetically, from diesel exhaust to the endless radio transmissions of our gadgets. Evidence will hint but not directly reveal that people always knew this was a problem, but their careers were on the line, so they rolled out the technology anyway and then moved to the country.

  • Yazidi women seek acceptance for children born of IS rape

    Headline should read: Yazidi women seek to destroy Yazidis by importing foreign DNA. Rape is sad; the solution is not to make two wrongs seem a right.

  • White nationalists target bookstores and a library in protests nationwide

    Good. When people speak lies about you, speak up and show them that their opinions are fringe, not shared by everyone. Do it politely enough, and make your points clearly enough, and people will retreat from these hateful people and their books. Speech carries accountability to culture and the future of our people.

  • In defense of a booming economy. This is no ‘sugar high.’

    Trump discovered a winning formula: self-sufficiency works. When we produce what we need, we depend on no one, and then they face the consequences of their own overburdened systems. This applies to both Europe and China.

  • NASA chief warns a major asteroid could crash into Earth in our lifetime and calls for global study on their threat to our planet

    We are living on borrowed time. As long as we keep bickering over earthbound concerns — equality, the poor, duh-versity — we are just watching the clock tick down until some event removes us. That clock probably starts ticking any time a species develops technology. Can it gain control of itself, before it destroys itself, is destroyed by pollution, or is wiped out by an asteroid? The dinosaurs died by asteroids; it would be funny if humans did the same.

  • Arkansas Tech rally over holocaust denial complaint

    Professor doubts the Holocaust narrative and questions it being taught as dogma, then awards a scholarship. Panic ensues. Local activist Billy Roper gets involved, and now there is an open dialogue about the Holocaust. While it is clear that the historical record is broken, and the six million figure is bogus, and that most died from disease in the German camps, something happened to a bunch of Jews under Nazi control, and we should remember that this is a stupid and useless method of ending diversity. Relocation works, but the British impeded that, and yet we never hear about them being the bad guys, or what the Soviets did. Sure signs of a Leftist-controlled media. If we exile all Leftists to diversity+socialism paradise Venezuela, this will not be a problem.

  • Is Twitter Fudging Numbers to Hide Their Dwindling User Numbers? Sure Looks That Way.

    All of social media is faking its numbers. From YouTube’s autostart scam to record more video impressions to Facebook counting videos scrolling by as views, social media is wholly fake, made up of bots and paid content providers, many hired by the firms themselves. Reddit for example seems to hire a good number of people who merely curate content by reposting items that were popular in the past. They censor Rightists because we interrupt their bourgeois paradise of pictures of meals and cats and trivial daily updates with actual controversy, and they want to provide a hugbox so that the daytime television watchers never see anything that causes them to question The Narrative or, more importantly, their own continued participation in the work, shop, sleep, and fill out paperwork modern existence.

  • The last chance for Madagascar’s biodiversity

    Everywhere we look, the demands of the herd destroy unique things, in this case the desire that people have for hardwood and new condominiums. Obviously we should preserve natural biodiversity; will we work to preserve human biodiversity as well? If we left it up to a majority vote, the majority of humans would vote for allowing everyone to move to the first world for the free benefits, effectively destroying those societies so that everyone could be equally poor.

  • An India-China maneouvre could soon leave world’s oil powers toothless

    The third world is slowly uniting to try to overthrow the West, which like most revolutions would simply depose the semi-competent in favor of the outright incompetent.

  • Learning My Father’s Language

    The more people experience the colorless, cultureless, purposeless, and individualistic modern world, the more they hunger for a connection to something larger. Diversity does not work; tribalism does.

  • In the past 6 weeks, churches, mosques and a synagogue have been attacked

    Without diversity, each group gets its own space. With diversity, they share a space, which means that every group is uneasy until it can dominate this space, because until then, they know that other groups are likely to dominate them. In our fascination with civil rights, human equality, and using reams of laws and standards to stop people from hating each other, we have forgotten that we cannot control the beast within, and that beast may in fact be smarter than we are. Human intentions reflect the individual; nature reflects the whole.

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