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  • Far-right senator Fraser Anning vows to ‘ban all Muslim and black immigration’

    As usual, the Right offers us people who miss the point: each group of us needs to define who We are, and then exclude everyone else. Benevolent xenophobia works; diversity kills societies. No point targeting specific groups. That is as dumb as the #BlackLivesMatter grifters blaming white people for the low IQ, continued crime, drug use, and disorganization of lower-class black communities (the black middle class is doing fine). Our problem is our own fault and that of no one else, and the solution is to fix it, which begins with sending everyone else back home.

  • In new S. Africa, some in ‘Coloured’ community nostalgic for apartheid

    In diversity, only one ethnic group can win, and it will oppress all the others, lest they take over and oppress it.

  • One in 10 EU voters support far-right populist parties

    People have realized that Leftism is totally failing, but most are afraid to make the leap. I propose that we simply abolish all egalitarian policies instead of swinging to the far-Right. We do not need a replacement for the modern system; we need the modern system gone, and its root is egalitarianism. No one is equal.

  • Why you should turn your lawn into a meadow

    Lawns are a horrible waste of time and money. Nature has a better solution.

  • The Collapse of Community is Behind the Retreat from Marriage

    Diversity creates social distrust and destroys communities, whether religious (Muslim), ethnic (Irish!), or racial (African, Asian, mixes). Now it is savaging marriage as well. What will be left? Lots of people without heritage, family, culture, values, beliefs, or customs, living in dingy apartments and going to do-nothing make-work jobs so they can pay taxes to keep the system afloat, while only a few parasites at the top — employed by government, directly or indirectly (contractors, lawyers) — have any kind of quality of life.

  • New Zealander pleads guilty to sharing mosque shooting video

    You cannot have both diversity and anything like personal choice. Everyone must bow to make diversity seem to work. If we do this long enough, the majorities will be destroyed and we can then claim that diversity and equality actually work, when in fact they were our epitaph.

  • The Reddit Ads Experiment: What We Learned for $250

    Reddit keeps banning and quarantining any communities linked to the non-docile Right. The ongoing exodus from mainstream social media continues so that they can preserve their echo chamber hugbox and the rest of us can actually mention things that are failing which the Establishment will not address because they run contrary to dogma. Cringe Anarchy has regrouped on Gab.

  • After a False Accusation, Police and Child Services Forced a Family Apart for 7 Months

    Do you really want government to have power over your daily life? It is the lazy solution: pay more in taxes, have an agency taking care of the problem, and therefore you can assume that it does not exist and that you do not need to do anything about it. In reality, many problems will always be with us because someone somewhere will always make bad decisions, be insane, or attempt to self-destruct. We cannot save everyone. It is better that the rest of us simply be free from their insanity, whether directly or through having an all-powerful government administered by 400 lb underclass bureaucrats.

  • California signs up for China‚Äôs Belt and Road Forum to help in fight against climate change

    No wonder the Left loves global warming: it will provide the ability for the Communist government of China to take over the world. Europe has signed up, and now California has done so as well. All of them want total Leftist takeover so that the free entitlements keep coming and we do not have to confront the needs of civilization, natural selection, and self-discipline. The fat consumer riding an electric scooter is not a product of capitalism, but of the entitlements state, and it is our future if we let Leftism do this to us.

  • US economy grew at strong 3.2% rate in first quarter

    Our economy is growing, but we still have high joblessness. What does this mean? Transition. Old jobs are going away and those who benefited from them are having trouble finding equivalent positions. This is a good time for companies to drop incompetents as well. Another possibility is that certain industries are importing their labor in order to keep costs low as those industries contract. Silicon Valley seemed like the new path to wealth a few years ago, but now it seems that it has already achieved its big innovations and has nothing new on the horizon, leaving behind companies with too many employees and too few stars. Possibly the talented got in early, made their money, and got out, and they have left behind the perpetual entry-level types.

  • Standing Up for Chick-fil-A

    The upcoming election will determine whether “strong religious values” of Hispanics outweigh their hunger for progressive benefits states. In the meantime, America is wondering how “separation of church and state” became a mandate for the state to discriminate against anyone who does not share its progressive values.

  • At marathon news conference, Macron launches fight back with tax cuts

    The yellowjackets held out, and now France is considering slaughtering a sacred cow: its benefits state. When you tax people to give them free stuff, those taxes get passed on by businesses and individuals to the end consumer, which makes the middle class poor in order to subsidize the lower classes. That is wealth transfer, and it destroys every civilization that touches it, but Europe has flirted with it for over a century. Now as it becomes clear that what has happened is more poor people, a bankrupt state, and daily life turning horrible for most people, Europe will have to finally confront these popular but toxic entitlements benefits.

  • World is angry and stressed, Gallup report says

    If you want a clear sign that the Leftist order has ended, look no further than this. People are not running to the Right yet, but they have lost faith in democracy, entitlements, diversity, and civil rights. Those seemed to defend against the threat of power, but the absence of power means constant fighting over power, and the egalitarian agenda means the growth of parasitism while the good are starved. Naturally people are frustrated, and will continue to be so, until they admit that the root of our modern time, equality, is the source of all of our ills.

  • Two degrees now needed to get higher pay

    Leftists have successfully made college worthless by making it available to everyone. College worked when it was a filter that selected candidates above 120 IQ points who came from good families and therefore had the genetics, social capital, and moral orientation to be not just “good” but valuable employees. Now it means someone who was willing to sit through two decades of memorizing stuff while taking on loans, grants, and welfare. That has zero predictive value of a good employee, so businesses are looking toward people who did another four years afterwards. Meritocracy means wasting your young life on trivial stuff so that you can prove what IQ-related testing could have shown in two hours. As usual, equality is at the root of all of our problems.

  • Kaczynski calls LGBT rights a ‘threat’ to Poland

    LGBT+ are the new African-Americans, and acceptance of them is the new litmus test. You either accept it, and join the great Leftist Herd, or you reject it and become one of the bad guys. Forcing LGBT+ acceptance further breaks down social order so that people have nothing in their lives but egalitarian dogma and jobs. That keeps the failing system together, but also makes it unable to respond to real threats or plan for a better future.

  • Germans increasingly hostile towards asylum-seekers

    Asylum seekers are all criminals. Decent people stay in their homelands and fix them; lazy and morally incompetent people flee to somewhere easier for the free welfare. End affirmative action style programs and entitlements, and they will stop coming.

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