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Trump Slays Leftist Illusions In State Of The Union Speech

So Donald Trump — real estate mogul, reality television star — shredded the “State of the Union” address. This shocked those who insisted that it was unpossible that he would win, much less that he would succeed. He proved them wrong by tapping into what most Americans were thinking and then rendering it into cautious, intelligent policy.

Trump essentially gave two speeches: first, on the surface, a strong compromise-oriented speech which focused on values that Americans have found in common over the past three decades. Second, but underneath, he emphasized a change in spirit from victimhood toward heroism, looking toward a system that rewards those who achieve and ignores the rest.

The big point was the subtext. Trump re-defined issues by shaping them around where we want to go, not how we are reacting to the situation as it is right now. He started by mentioning specifics, then extrapolated to principle, and then tied that into his theme, which is how heroism is more important than “me first.”

Behind all this, he made the subtle point that the future belongs to those who are willing to work toward goals, and those who merely want to air a grievance and take whatever pity money is paid them will be left behind.

He made his theme emerge slowly from the subtext of compromise on contentious issues by showing practical examples of it. Following [[[ J.F. Kennedy’s ]]] “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” Trump advanced the theme of his presidency: heroism. He celebrates the everyday heroes who contribute, and thinks those should rise above the masses who just watch on television.

Trump quickly tied this to American exceptionalism. He mentioned our ancestors, then a fairly PC range of heroes. Then his point was to turn focus from historical heroes to everyday heroes. This presented a subtle contrast between those who make a nation succeed, and those who tag along. Trump wants the latter group to fade away and the former to rise.

This naturally confounded his adversaries. Although the largest part of his speech — the second longest State of the Union in history — was about immigration, his basic idea was to use current areas of focus as a means to introduce his theory that the best need to be held up and rewarded, and those who cannot tag along cut out and abandoned.

That in turn caused those who oppose his agenda to reveal themselves as opposed to unity and in favor of special interests:

Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver of Missouri, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Hakeem Jeffries of New York, and others opted to sit during the extended applause for Trump.

Likewise, they didn’t stand when Trump hailed African American unemployment being at a ‘record low.’

Instead of attacking them, he allowed them to attack him while he was advancing a message of cooperative effort for all. This revealed them as having their own agenda against the majority, and showed them to be unconcerned with what his message was, only focused on their own power and wealth.

Trump also mentioned bipartisanship and compromise many times, offering reasonable options to the Democrats, who he knows will reject his reasonable option and as a result, allow their own programs to become obsolete. This gives them a way out from supporting financially ruinous programs, and allows Trump to aggressively remove those programs since he had offered a reasonable compromise first that was then shot down by the other side.

All of these efforts returned to his theme: heroes work toward the benefit of all, in honor of the past, instead of toward what benefits them and their own ethnic or religious groups. This confronts the nature of diversity, which is that no group is happy unless it has power over itself, and by showing the division inherent in this order, revealed that it is already collapsed and we are just waiting to publicly recognized that.

The message of “qualified unity” appeals to those who feel like they are contributing, and are tired of those who are not. Not surprisingly, 75% of Americans approved of the speech, with eight out of ten expressing the notion that it was an attempt to unite the country rather than divide it.

While Trump may not be Alt Right, he represents the first of many “baby steps” toward the society that the Alt Right would like to see: a civilization based on union, rather than division or deconstruction, starting with the idea of ethnic unity rather than ideological conformity. While Trump cannot achieve that in a single gesture, he has laid the groundwork for the thinking required to do it.

Coming out of the State Of The Union speech, America and the world are looking toward unity, honor, heroism, realism, and ancestral heritage as the basis for a successful nation, and they are following the Trump/Alt Right method of alienating the Left by making reasonable statements which will trigger them into manic rejection.

The writing is on the wall. Leftism won during the Obama years but, given power, produced a horror of globalism, immigration, and hatred of majorities in the United States and Europe. With the backlash, we see these nations asserting their right to exist as genetically distinct populations, and the Trumpian notion of heroism and uniqueness accelerates this gently but firmly.

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