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Obama Plans For Gerrymandering By Bringing Census Under Presidental Control

Not much more to say here:

Republicans are fit to be tied over the Obama administration’s Tom DeLay-style strategy of removing the U.S. Census Bureau from the jurisdiction of the Commerce Department and transfering it to the White House.

Their biggest fear, of course, is that with the 2010 census looming, Democrats will attempt to redraw congressional districts to their party’s ultimate benefit.

“With all of its political implications, hijacking the Census from the Commerce Dept. and letting it be run out of Rahm’s office is like putting PETA in charge of issuing hunting permits,” a Senior Republican Senate Aide fumed to the Sleuth.

“All DeLay did was rearrange the deck chairs,” said the irate GOP aide, adding, “this would allow Rahm to redesign the whole ship affecting everything from congressional districts to who and where eligible S-CHIP children, adults and ‘poor’ rich people live.”


Tyrants never announce “Hi, I’m a total tyrant. Mind if I enslave your dumb ass?”

Instead, they talk about hope and change, and like Bill Clinton, they pander aggressively to what public opinion — that’s the broadest numerical base, not the people who actually keep society afloat — suggests is the least offensive course.

In the background, they build up a powerful political machine, like the relentlessly corrupt Chicago machine at which Barack Obama excelled.

Two presidents who are going to rise in our estimation over time: Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. Both were ideologues who did their best to do what was right, but were hampered by their own social awkwardness and the unpopularity of truth.

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