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  • ‘Vaccine passports make me even more reluctant to get a Covid jab’

    Actual pandemics sell preventitive measures themselves. Instead, we see only the obese and already sick dying at lower rates than for the seasonal flu, so no one trusts the masks, social distancing, lockdowns, vaccines, and vaccine passports. We deal with industry, so we know a con-job when we see it.

  • Justice Department sues Texas over a new law that bans nearly all abortions

    If you look at the DOJ suit against Texas:

    The United States therefore seeks a declaratory judgment that S.B. 8 is invalid under the Supremacy Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment, is preempted by federal law, and violates the doctrine of intergovernmental immunity.

    Our old friend the 14A is lurking there.

  • Ten Thousand UAW Members Gear Up for a Strike Vote at John Deere

    Unions drive jobs to China. They raise the costs of labor far beyond competitive market value, forcing companies to move factories to cities where they have more options for labor, but also add layers of bureaucratic and legal costs, not to mention the threat of having production stopped. Companies just open factories in China and then close the American ones which cost ten times as much per unit.

  • George W. Bush calls out threat of domestic terrorism on 9/11 anniversary

    “There is little cultural overlaps between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home … they are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our continuing duty to confront them.”

    Translation: they engage in violence because they like violence, not because they disagree with mob rule and consumerism. Keep pushing toward consumerism, because that is how history has been trending, so we must be good suicides in order to keep our ideology of equality — French Revolution, not American, but oh well — above water as we drown.

  • How Hollywood Sold Out to China

    Do the math: 320m American consumers versus 1.4bn Chinese ones. All of your industries have sold out to the third world because business thinks in the short term in order to please shareholders (who vote), and therefore equates having more consumers to more profit, forgetting that the third world depends on the first.

  • How the Pandemic Is Changing the Norms of Science

    Science got politicized because everything gets politicized under democracy since the people have brainwashed themselves in a pathology of equality which demands that all agree. For this reason, scientists who post non-egalitarian material — race science, social class studies, gender differences — find themselves unemployed, while those who post Leftist gibberish as “science” get all the money and girls.

  • Biden’s vaccine rules to set off barrage of legal challenges

    “My bet is that with respect to that statutory authority, they’re on pretty strong footing given the evidence strongly suggesting … the degree of risk that (unvaccinated individuals) pose, not only to themselves but also unto others,” said University of Connecticut law professor Sachin Pandya.

    Thanks, diversity person, for telling us how to run the nation that you could not create, from your affirmative action created position that pays you more money than the average middle class job in this country. You must be suffering so hard.

  • What rock fans don’t want to admit

    That’s what you get with a demotic form of creativity: the spontaneous, impulsive, imperfect expression of intense emotion and its transformation into art.

    Rock is ancient. For that matter, so is rap at this point. All of our “new” modern music turns out to be merely novelty, and as the years pass, it endures poorly, while the classical and ethnic folk songs of the past are going strong. Let it die; this was never who we are.

  • Fury as woke National Archives adds ‘harmful language alert’ to America’s founding documents

    When you import a population other than the founding group — any population, no matter which race, culture, ethnic group, or religion — it will experience doubt and uncertainty because of its interloper status. Consequently, in order to sell them stuff, you erase the past.

  • Don’t Be Evil

    Google went all-in on anti-White critical race theory because it intends to become the search engine that dominates the world. It could have stopped in 2005 or so and done just fine, but instead it grew and now needs more and more money to feed the many useless people it employs.

  • Facebook Censored Me For Mentioning Open-Source Social Network Mastodon

    Mainstream social media drove all the conservatives and other oddballs from its sites, but now finds that conversation is dropping into a repetitive lull just like it did on MySpace. Consequently, it has started to fear the competition that will replace it. Join the decentralized “Fediverse” at Free Speech Extremist.

  • Portland State professor resigns claiming school has become a ‘social justice factory whose only inputs are race, gender, and victimhood’

    He wants to become the next Jordan Peterson, which tells you that there is an audience out there for education alternatives as White males bail on college. Funnily enough, we heard something similar from a North Korean defector who pointed out that the ideological mindlock of 1960s mass opinion has rendered the West a Communist dictatorship in all but name.


  • Racism is a ‘serious threat’ to public health, CDC director says

    After Clinton, minorities became a swing vote in every election, so now every politician panders to them. Diversity was always a death trap, but it took a few decades to see this, during which time conservatives squealed and tantrumed about “muh equality.” Well, now they see how wrong they were.

  • Gay man who reported homophobic gang attack in Madrid admits he made it up

    Another day, another hate crime. One-sided law based on accusation and appearance instead of evidence gives people a handy get-out-of-jail-free card for infidelity, so they use it like false rape accusers or Jussie Smollett. This has not stopped an outbreak of Leftist-funded protests however.

  • Portland mayor: Keeping police away from protest a mistake

    State lawmakers representing northeast Portland said they were confused and frustrated by the decision for police not to intervene, while residents said they felt “terrorized and abandoned” as they watched fireworks explode in busy streets and people — in helmets and gas masks and armed with baseball bats, paintball guns and chemical spray — confronting each other.

    As more of the 20% or so of Americans who are awake and politically active notice the complete sham of the last year of riots, politicians are finding themselves forced to apologize for allowing Leftist terrorism to rule our cities.

  • Australian government official uses the phrase “New World Order”

    The NWO refers to the post-colonial world, where the more numerous third world outvotes the first world just like in America, our Irish imported labor was used to outvote WASPs and seize control of the northeastern cities that started the Civil War.

  • VF Corp. board member steps down after reportedly saying that BLM are ‘the true racists’

    VF Corporation is down a board member just days after Axios reported that Veronica Wu called the Black Lives Matter organization “the true racists.” Wu also made dismissive comments about racism in the US.

    Back before our culture was replaced by the anti-culture of diversity, “offensive” meants comments endorsing criminality, perversity, blasphemy, and obscenity. Now, it means whatever the nü-American voting block of minorities and compliant goodthinkers (soy, boxwine) find reveals the emptiness of their dogma.

  • Germany’s Angela Merkel declares ‘yes, I am a feminist’

    Funny how all of these conservatives reveal that, in an attempt to chase popularity, they are actually liberals. No conservative endorses equality in any form, whether socialism, feminism, welfare, etc.

  • Ivermectin infertility story correction: FDA rejects 2011 Nigeria study

    The study had a big problem: no control group. It looked at 385 men who had suffered parasite infection and found that the ones treated with Ivermectin had 5-10% lower sperm counts, most likely because their infection was more severe in the first place.

  • Winston Churchill Foundation Trust backtracks after removing Churchill photos from its website

    For the rest of us, the controversial opinions of others threaten nothing; for the diversity, it is a criticism of their right to be here, and also usually has some quantum of truth, which makes them afraid and therefore, they demand it all be removed. Erase history so that we can live in illusion today!

  • New superconducting magnet breaks magnetic field strength records, paving the way for fusion energy

    What if humanity were to get infinite cheap energy? Expect more humans, then, since life will get a lot cheaper. Every step forward that we take, because we have no functional social order, serves to bring us closer to the grave.

  • Good news for the ocean as tuna species bounce back from the brink of extinction

    We get a reprieve, but in the long term, the more humans we have, the more that we will eat everything that we can hunt, forage, or farm. This is a human population bloom and the only way to restrain it is as the aristocrats did, by keeping much of the land unavailable and in its natural state.

  • Yellen: US on track to default on national debt in October

    If we are intelligent, we will simply go ahead and default, making the US dollar worthless and dropping it out of the world currency standard. This will cause all of the parasites to leave because our free benefits will have declined in value, and then we can repeal all those socialist-style wealth transfer programs.

  • More Americans Deciding to Homeschool Their Children as Many Moms Choose to Stay Home

    Until pain is applied, people remain in denial. With the recent bout of crazy schoolteachers preaching Communism and getting caught hitting the news, many Americans have realized that public schools are horrible and will destroy their kids. Next they will figure out that their property taxes fund these schools.



  • BlackRock responds to George Soros’ criticism over China investments

    Leftists manipulate society by using justifications of good to hide their motivations behind ostensibly benevolent programs that cannot be criticized. Then, once they have removed culture, the tyrants surge in and take over. George Soros just realized that he played himself, like all Leftists do.

  • Richest Americans fail to pay $163 billion in taxes, Treasury estimates

    The Biden Administration wants to roil up the proles so that they demand free stuff. Look, there is money; we can just take it and give it to you! For whatever reason, the herd has not responded as Biden expected, possibly because the ongoing Afghanistan, COVID-19, and election audit crises drowned it out.

  • NZ Police crack down on penis-painting road safety advocate

    A perfect portrait of late stage democracy: plenty of money for diversity, welfare, and government jobs, but no money to fix the roads or end crime. Ideological goals wiped out all that practical stuff.

  • Italy to allow small-scale cannabis growing at home

    Italy learns from the disaster in America, Amsterdam, and Canada: if you allow people to grow their own weed, but not sell it or give it away, you localize the problem and encourage stoners to take responsibility.

  • Thousands set to demonstrate for urgent action to end housing shortage

    “We the People” are a mighty moron; humans in committees always are, because they take credit for victories and no responsibility for failures. In the Netherlands, people are protesting for more housing, not realizing that they only have a housing shortage because of their immigration policies.

  • England vaccine passport plans ditched, Sajid Javid says

    Slowly, an illusion dies. What was it, that cases rose with vaccinations in Israel? That the leaky air conditioning in the Chinese lab was identified? That Sweden still exists, and COVID-19 killed fewer people than the flu normally does? Or that the US election audits are coming through strong?

  • Where did the $5tn spent on Afghanistan and Iraq go?

    Contractors made out like mad during the war. Experienced observers note that dying empires always rely on mercenaries, and the US is no exception. Now consider that every other part of government — healthcare, retirement, diversity, anti-poverty, regulatory industries — does exactly the same, with even more money.

  • U.S. reassures allies over Nord Stream 2 but says it’s a ‘reality’

    For all of the propaganda about how Trump was too friendly to Russia, it seems that things are going well for the Russians under Biden. They now have energy control of Western Europe, and therefore, political control.

  • A secretive Pentagon program that started on Trump’s last day in office just ended. The mystery has not.

    You would not borrow 175 million email addresses for any purpose but to establish a parallel communications network and possibly, a shadow government. Something is going on behind the scenes that will likely bring about profound changes, as predicted in my last election 2020 writeup.

  • Evangelical Lutheran church installs 1st transgender bishop

    Christianity sure got “woke” fast. It may turn out that anything universalist — ideology, socializing, commerce, equality — tends inexorably to the Left because its basic precept, “equal individualism,” destroys any sense of order or reality.

  • Record number of environmental activists murdered

    The Left will rave on about how terrible capitalism is because they need some scapegoat in order to avoid the recognition that humans are generally retards, so they blame economics. Retarded. In reality, we are most likely seeing diminishing resources and therefore, environmental activists are getting between human workers and their money.

  • New Zealand’s average house price hits $1 million

    The Right-wing system consists of “reward the good”; the Left-wing system can be summarized as “reward everyone.” To reward everyone, you distribute wealth. That increases costs. These costs do not trickle down, but accumulate, and soon everything is expensive even if you have “free” money to pay for it.


  • How Whitney Duan became China’s richest woman, then vanished without a trace

    Lots of insights here into the Asiatic method of control, which requires pacifying everyone around you on a social level, rather than focusing on the task at hand. Essentially, conformity becomes control and that serves as opportunity, replacing actual function, which explains why most of Asia is barely functional.

  • Has the Theranos scandal changed Silicon Valley?

    Similar to the Asiatic method, in Silicon Valley they use control by appearance to investors. If you fool the suits, you can do anything. Theranos created a golden calf of a product for which the technology was not ready, and ended up being worth billions. Silicon Valley is not competence; it is maggots feasting on a corpse.

  • British American Tobacco negotiated bribe for Mugabe, new evidence suggests

    Documents show British American Tobacco (BAT) was involved in negotiations to pay between $300,000 and $500,000 to Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party in 2013.

    The documents also reveal BAT was paying bribes in South Africa and using illegal surveillance to damage rivals.

    Business works around human stupidity and takes advantage of it by raising prices. When your nation goes third world, this just tells business that it is easier to pay a few bribes that shell out for proper waste disposal and other externalities.

  • Why China is developing a game-changing thorium-fuelled nuclear reactor

    The West keeps screwing around with wind and solar power, but the real future belongs to those who find a way to generate cheap energy in abundance. They get off the oil dependency for the most part, although right now the technology seems immature.

  • Woman fatally shoots suspected ‘peeping Tom’ outside bedroom window

    Welcome to the America that diversity made. The cops cannot crack down on the minorities because this is seen as unequal. Therefore, they do nothing, but also do nothing when residents shoot them for unequal behavior.

  • Dauphin County man arrested for weapons of mass destruction after neighborhood evacuated

    They mean homemade bombs. Sometime during the great crusade against White Supremacist domestic terrorists, “weapons of mass destruction” lost its original meaning (nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons) and came to mean anything hand grenade caliber or larger. Never trust Leftists with language; they lie.

  • British monarchy could be gone in two generations, says novelist Mantel

    But when asked how long the monarchy had left, Mantel told The Times that her “back of the envelope” calculation was just two generations.

    “It’s very hard to understand the thinking behind the monarchy in the modern world when people are just seen as celebrities,” she said.

    Mantel triggered anger in Britain earlier this month by telling La Repubblica that England was now a washed-out place that ran on “the memory of power”. She described Brexiteers as callow and often ridiculous opportunists.

    She is probably not wrong, but she is a member of The Tribe:

    I grew up in a village in the north of England, a descendant of Irish immigrants who had come over to work in the textile mills. My mother was a textile worker, as was her mother before her. As a small child, I grew up in what was essentially an Irish family, surrounded by Irish people who were old. By the time I was 10 almost all of them were dead. My consciousness of being Irish seemed to die with them.

    We might argue that this tribal membership is in fact part of being the anti-tribe, or those worldwide who are so deracinated by race-mixing or Leftism that they have no loyalty to any culture or ethnicity.

  • Full Report from Canvassing Work Completed in Arizona’s Maricopa County

    Trump played this one magnificently. He gave the media and Democrats time to lie, then slowly the leaks came out, to the point where now, enough evidence exists for us to believe there was massive election fraud. This election will be decertified.

  • Former Georgia district attorney booked on charges of obstructing Ahmaud Arbery case

    Leftists introduce new strategy: if you fail to go along with their insane plans, they prosecute you. Their goal is to remove anyone but crazed Leftists from law enforcement. Ahmaud Arbery was frequently burglarizing construction sites, got caught, fought back, and was shot. Nothing about him is innocent.

  • Larry Elder says he would support legislation banning critical race theory in schools

    Now we get into censorship game. You cannot fix the public schools; like all other benefits, they must go, including affirmative action. Otherwise we drown in immigration, which is an ecological tragedy as well as White Genocide. As an alternate, we could always allow people who do not have kids in public school to get refunds on their property taxes. That way, the schools are actually responsive to public opinion.

  • Denmark proposes making migrants work 37 hours a week to earn benefits

    More than any other nation, Denmark got the message: they are all coming here for the free stuff that we stupidly hand out like Halloween candy to the kids driven in from other neighborhoods, while our children go without. End the benefits, and the manufactured immigration crisis ends.

  • Gen. Lee statue comes down in former Confederate capital

    Having started replacing its population in 1965 with unlimited third world immigration, America now finds that they are a swing vote, so politicians will erase its history to salve the consciences of those who know this society was not made by them and cannot be maintained by them.


  • Miss Ireland 2021: ‘I am so grateful I can show girls that colour does not hold you back’

    They took you in, when your country of origin failed. They gave you free stuff and, most of all, were willing to promote you just to look righteous to their fellow citizens. Now, you stab them in the back.

  • China chases ‘rejuvenation’ with control of tycoons, society

    For a long time, nothing could compete with liberal democratic consumerist (free markets + socialist benefits) society, since it won the Cold War. China observes the errors of the West and realizes that the problem is not corporations, but the popularity of venality itself. Following this, the world is shifting away from “tolerance” and pluralism.

  • Missing bolts, poor welding contributed to Mexico City metro collapse

    Third world societies are the most individualistic on Earth. Citizens gain by doing as little as possible since everything is wasted by corruption anyway. In such a society of resentment, everyone does the least work possible and steals the most, resulting in low quality across the board. Even when death results.

  • Taiwan mulls removal of Chiang Kai-shek statue from memorial hall

    China must be laughing and clapping its small hands in delight as, in the name of opposing “authoritarianism,” Taiwan erases its history just as the West is erasing its history. In a generation, people there will only know the 1960s order much as American students know the civil rights era but nothing before it, even WW2.

  • China’s trade hit record levels last month despite the global shipping crisis

    Trump threatened to end a comfortable agreement: America bought Chinese products, allowing its citizens luxury politics, and threw the profit into pumping up its own economy, controlling the world with wealth. Biden reversed that, allowing multi-national corporations everywhere to breathe a sigh of relief.

  • The explosive growth of homeschooling

    Public schools in America worked when geared toward 115 IQ point and above Western European descended heritage Americans, but now have dumbed themselves down to a 90 IQ point level. Consequently, the kids do not simply get beaten and raped in the bathrooms, nor a low-quality education, but all that plus Communist propaganda. Parents have seen this with the COVID-19 lockdowns and are now pulling out their children en masse.

  • Increase in social stress may be connected to global population decline

    Modern society claims to “free” you, but it really makes you a slave to a job in which little you do has practical effect. This makes people feel they are wasting their lives on a treadmill, and so they stop breeding. It is a march to death, not victory.

  • Amy Coney Barrett says Supreme Court justices aren’t “partisan hacks”

    The Left wailed that Trump was stacking the court with Right-wingers when in fact he was appointing moderates. The Left is actually complaining that he failed to appoint more crazy Leftists like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonya Sotomayor.

  • Boris Johnson outlines new 1.25% health and social care tax to pay for reforms

    Does it occur to anyone that all modern governments do is increase taxes in order to give more of it away, bolstering societies that have long ago lost purpose and any actual productivity? Free stuff is not free; you pay for it with everything you do, which is why no matter how much they give away, you still end up on the treadmill.

  • Students at UT-Austin sue over ‘racist’ Eyes of Texas spirit song

    ‘The Eyes of Texas’ was first sung in 1903 at a student-organized minstrel show, a popular form of entertainment in the early 20th century that featured white performers in blackface, in downtown Austin.

    Therefore, the song itself is not racist, but they do not care. White people invited in the poor, huddled masses in order to provide them better lives, but seemed not to realize that these people cannot do what heritage Americans did, and instead will replicate their home countries by voting for gangster warlords who give out free stuff and take “ten percent for the big guy” — at least — off every deal.

  • El Salvador’s new bitcoin wallets could cost Western Union and similar companies $400 million a year

    Imagine how much money flows to the third world from laborers in America every year. El Salvador decided to cut out the take of American companies, and likely most of the third world will follow suit, at which point illegal immigration will lose more defenders.

  • Overeating ‘not the primary cause of obesity’, claim scientists

    The new model placed the blame for the obesity epidemic on “modern dietary patterns characterised by excessive consumption of foods with a high glycaemic load: in particular, processed, rapidly digestible carbohydrates”.

    So much for the modern cheap food miracle. It turns out that quality matters more than quantity.


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