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  • Claiming victory while sitting in Qatar, Hamas chief says ‘we destroyed project of coexistence with Israel’

    Humans hate solving problems; they like perpetual conflict instead, because that way everyone has a job fighting the war that never ends. Trump’s peace deal threatened to yeet a lot of people out of jobs and wars by ending conflict and looking toward prosperity instead, so Hamas (like Biden and China) targeted it.

  • Workers’ wages are rising at the fastest pace in years

    Democrats, like unions, specialize in raising wages by not telling the workers that costs also rise and therefore, the new wages buy less than the old. How else have they managed to keep actual wages stagnant since the mid-1960s?

  • Japanese lawmaker says being LGBT goes against preservation of species

    The Left will argue tolerance and the public Right individual freedom, but in reality you want to tolerate homosexuals if they are quiet about it for a solid reason: nature makes homosexuality to prevent deleterious mutations from being passed on. Let natural selection and eugenics work for us.

  • Federal judge hands down 6-year sentence for ex-St. Paul officer who beat man while dog mauled him

    Democracy specializes in public relations because voting makes appearance into a false replacement reality. For this reason, democracies always compromise with evil and buy off problems, when in reality, we want cops to get violent with criminals who are resisting arrest in order to dissuade such behavior.

  • Anti-white graffiti found in Palo Alto park bathroom

    No jurisdiction known to the sun wants to be the next to get pilloried in the press when they crack down on some minority, so nothing will be done. The press assumes primary importance in a democracy since it manages public relations, and appearance more than reality determines votes and thus, profits.

  • Solar Storms Are Back, Threatening Life as We Know It on Earth

    A coronal mass ejection this week has glitched technology and driven everyone mad. Humanity needs to learn that it exists at the whim of nature, and that larger forces can wipe us out while we waste our lives fighting over wealth redistribution.

  • Leonard Blavatnik named UK’s richest person with £23bn fortune

    Billionaire wealth rose 21.7% during the COVID-19 shutdowns because those who own companies, stock, and bonds see those increase in value, while those who depend on paychecks watch inflation destroy any wealth they have. Democracy is like watching a child steal candy from itself.

  • Emails Show Ex-FBI Chief Gave $100,000 to Joe Biden’s Grandkid Trust, Seeking ‘Future Work’

    Democracy reverts to oligarchy because votes are properties and so they are sold by voters for benefits now versus economic health later, and purchased by lobbyists through advertising, paid placement news stories, and promises of future Utopia. The oligarchs are those who work the system and fool the stupid voters.

  • The souls of white folk

    Slowly, ethnic identity dawns on White Americans. As they realize that Europeans have a right to exist, too, they lose interest in diversity, but are about to find out that they traded away the right to have a choice about it back in 1965 so that the Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews, and Arabs could have a place here as well.

  • Bins fitted with microchips to catch non-recyclers

    As the real problems — overpopulation, dysgenics, diversity, socialism, low reproduction rates — spiral out of control, your democratic leaders keep advancing their own careers by pursuing non-problems with greater zeal, just like the old Soviet way.

  • China defiant after EU warning over trade agreement

    Just like Reagan, Trump interrupted the pursuit of non-issues and called out the real issues, which now forces the political establishment to tackle them. Otherwise, these idiots would have kept being mediocre middle managers and selling out to China.

  • Africa has much higher mortality rate for very ill Covid patients

    COVID-19 skipped Africa for the most part, probably because of greater exposure to the outdoors and less exposure to media. It turns out that when it hits, as with other third world groups, it is more likely to kill, but still in line with the flu in carrying off the weak, diabetic, obese, and otherwise risk-prone.






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