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Democracy Loves Drama

People ask why conservatives do so poorly in democracy, but to find their answer they need not look far, since democracy is based on the idea of equal reason, which is required for the insane belief that people in groups make better decisions than your best thinkers.

Of course, for a long time, society has nominated our “best” thinkers and gotten it wrong. What good thing can one say about a society that thinks Toni Morrison, Karl Marx, John Lennon, and Richard Rubin are “geniuses”? Obviously morons nominate other morons to lead them.

Leftism is egalitarianism, but Rightism is order, which requires a sense of realism and appreciation for quality over quantity. Democracy by its origins in egalitarianism is inherently Leftist, and so it leans against conservatives by nature.

It also rewards drama. People vote for social reasons. They do not realize that they are doing it, and maybe a few percent avoid this, but most vote with what their social group thinks is the grand solution to everything, which means scapegoat/utopian thinking.

A more practical view says that there is no one solution to everything, and that all problems and solutions are known in some form, so all we can do is build up the good and steadily lose the bad, knowing that we will never have Utopia or paradise on Earth.

In fact, although dualistic religion is nuttier than granola, religion serves a vital role by reminding us that most humans are retards and that we will have no paradise on Earth. Life by its nature is imperfect and full of risk, which is part of its method, so it will not change.

This tells us that nothing good comes of trying to solve problems like poverty, crime, addiction, obesity, sloth, and stupidity. All you can do is promote those who avoid these and let the rest pass on, as they tend to do if left alone, to leave us in peace.

Leftists naturally excel at drama because they take human social interactions at face value. At least, the majority do; their leaders are cynical, and know that life is manipulation and you never take anything at face value, especially if said by a human.

Consequently, they delight in inventing fake problems by claiming that there is a crisis in one of those unsolvable areas — poverty, crime, addiction, obesity, sloth, and stupidity — and restyling it as a quest for equality, justice, help, health, motivation, or education.

That enables them to take in lots of money, win elections from the clueless suburban votards who think “that sounds nice” and pull the lever without a second thought, and get themselves and their families plum jobs with either government or its contractors.

If your parent is a congresscritter, you can expect to make a nice easy upper middle class living by sitting on the boards of various companies that make money by selling things to government or its dependents.

If conservatives want to counteract this, they too need to create drama, but about real things. Civilization falling, Chinese incursions, and the failure of diversity work better than claiming that everyone needs Jesus, Russia is at our throat, and racists are bad.

However, Conservatism Inc consists of those who still believe the television propaganda out in the suburbs. They read it in The New York Times, so it must be true. They react to what others tell them, being nerdly engineer/economist types, not cynical lawyers and media.

As you often read on this site, the battle begins in our minds. We have to purge tardsanity like taking things at face value and believing in equality and diversity from our thought patterns entirely before we can begin to win anything.

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