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What We Learned From Nearly Two Years of COVID-19

Sometime in November 2019, friends in port cities — New York mostly, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston — started reporting that they had contracted a weird influenza. Even more, the yearly inoculation appeared to be unable to stop it.

Everyone survived, but a few months later, the media-connected world panicked. We saw photos of Chinese medical staff picking up bodies on the streets, and heard about the sudden lockdown there and how the crematoriums could not keep up.

The world followed in lockstep, shutting down everything and reporting massive numbers of cases, although the CDC later admitted that only six percent of those had COVID-19 alone. Mass panic reigned.

A new phenomenon of horrible people looking for their fifteen seconds of power, Mask Karens, appeared in our cities, screaming and assaulting those who refused to wear the paper masks that we were told prevented us from infecting others.

Suddenly, all the world was Asia, where they wear those masks during flu season or when the pollution gets too high. Most businesses were closed, social interactions were taboo, and even family gatherings got the axe.

Not surprisingly, this produced the expectable ripple effects. Businesses closed and people were evicted. In came the white knight Government to solve our problems! It stopped the evictions and trotted out a vaccine.

Many of us refused the vaccine. We took one look at a product created in haste, with great financial rewards, in the midst of mass panic, and said “no way” on a categorical basis. Such things have a tendency to be subtly dangerous.

Almost two years later, the world is waking up. It turns out that many of those high case numbers were caused by suddenly reporting a backlog of cases, many of those cases were people exposed to COVID-19 but afflicted by other things, and that most of the sick and dying were obese and diabetic.

Even more, we saw that PCR testing, which amplifies DNA by cloning lots of it, can find just about anything because it is based on a statistical assessment of frequency of genes, which means that near-misses dope out as hits.

It turns out that very few people who were not already headed into the grave have died from this, and many ailments have been misdiagnosed as COVID-19. Increasingly, the “pandemic” looks like a mass psychogenic illness:

Baloh said the growing number of cases considered directed energy attacks is actually linked to “mass psychogenic illness,” in which people learning of others with symptoms begin to feel sick themselves.

As we sweep up the ashes and prepare to head into the global recession which has been made inevitable by our lockdowns, our governments head on a collision course with default, or declaring bankruptcy because of massive debt and even more massive obligations.

For example, we all know about the thirty trillion plus dollars that American government owes, but fewer still know about the money it also owes to keep LBJ/FDR era programs like Medicare, Social Security, and disability afloat.

Even fewer know that despite the recent “infrastructure” bill, actual infrastructure requires rebuilding a century of roads, bridges, pipes, wires, dams, and buildings. Tens of trillions go there as well.

Europe may be in an even worse mess, having cannibalized not just its infrastructure but its military in order to pay for entitlements, or free stuff paid for by government with loans taken out against future tax revenues.

While the Baby Boomers were around, the new rising population coincided with a leap in technology, and so it seemed like we could fund these forever, but those have both ended. Our technology is stagnant and our numbers are dropping.

This means that no matter what we do this election and the next, the governments of the West are headed into bankruptcy, and after that, our currency will be worth a lot less. We will no longer be wealthy, but more like South America.

On the plus side, your salary will be numerically higher; on the downside, you will be able to buy a tenth as much as you can now. Less will be available, too, since there is no point making luxury products widely available when few can afford them.

COVID-19 hit at a time when we all at a gut level knew that our civilization had become unstable and would be unable to address any real challenges. It is too busy going through the motions of the past to advance the careers of its members.

We are about to enter a whole new world. As part of the post-mortem of how COVID ended Western government and world hegemony, we should look at what we have learned in the past eighteen months:

  • Everything goes wrong at once. Our brains wire themselves for a single event causing us risk; in reality, patterns of dysfunction propagate because they require fewer resources than doing things right. These have a certain length of time they can operate before failing, sort of like Communism or rent control, and when the time is up, they fail simultaneously across the board, much as apparently our local government and industry supply chain did.
  • Every interaction is a risk. Many of our people still live mostly indoors and rarely venture out simply because any interaction with others presents a risk. They may have a freak out if you are not wearing enough masks, become offended and start a racial or gender incident, or be in a mental fog of depression and frustration that causes them to run you over.
  • The real warning sign is the birthrates. When people stop reproducing, it means that they have no hope in the future or that the rest of their species will figure out the problem. Prole-rule is dead not because it makes bad decisions, but because it will categorically refuse to address them.
  • Function depends on fewer people than you think. While many people have jobs, in every office, a couple people hold all the knowledge and talent required to make the workplace function. When these retire, die, or stay home, everything disintegrates faster than one might think.
  • The experts are self-serving. If a society has culture, which comes from having only one ethnic group present, the myth of public servants working for the public good remains mostly true. In a mixed-race egalitarian society, all that matters is your own career, including fifteen minutes of fame, so experts do whatever they can to arrogate maximum power to themselves while subjugating everyone else to the highest degree possible.
  • The experts are incompetent. Voters transformed education into an anti-poverty program, which required dumbing it down, which means that only the mindlessly obedient get ahead at this point. This group produces the Anthony Faucis and Angela Merkels of this world, who always know the right thing to say but are blind to long-term problems and panic at unforeseen circumstances.
  • Politicians are ruled by fear of controversy. When the vote carries no consequences, the voters have the attention span of goldfish, and react dramatically to emotional and exciting events like scandal while sleeping through long-term threats. Consequently, politicians avoid addressing long-term threats entirely, and get ahead by sticking with conformity to past precedent as much as possible.
  • The vote is hijacked. We see this more in local elections: once diversity constitutes more than a fifth of the population, it becomes a terminal swing vote, which means that every political contest goes to those who oppose the majority, namely the Left.
  • Corporations pursue trends. Just as when SJWs seemed a hot item and the first round of firms went PC or “woke,” the new generation of mixed-race Americans and minorities wants woke firms, so you will get anti-White bigotry from these firms until you threaten their bottom line.
  • Democracy killed the West. For two centuries, democracy has steadily inverted itself, replacing “freedom” with a demand for loyalty to democracy, which turns out like all egalitarian things to be loyalty to bureaucracy and centralized control. Now neo-Communism can take its final form.

History will record that megalomania took over the West, but it was the solipsism of individuals and their lust for power, not that of Hitlerian dictators or Georgian kings.

In groups, humans converge on individual demands shared by all, which inevitably becomes some of of anarchy with subsidies plus the ability to take home whatever they can carry. Left up to the vote, civilization reverses itself entirely.

Life offers us two options: either we perceive the world in the context of the external whole, or we focus only on the human group (the collective or consensus). The former are realists, the latter egalitarians.

When the egalitarians take over, the first thing they do is to systematically make noticing reality taboo. They do this by claiming that doing so hurts the most vulnerable — poor, minorities, women, homosexuals, retards — and therefore is 100% objectively, absolutely, and universally bad.

In realist theory, we recognize that such groups are harmed by their position which is in turn a result of what they are. Nothing can be done for them; we can only sacrifice ourselves, and end up with nothing.

Grim realist nihilists like myself take this further and point out that most of humanity is a mixed bag, but there are always some who are bad, and society either loses these or they take over because for them, there is no possible purpose except to take over in order to protect themselves from possibly being noticed as bad.

The classic West arose because it was both realist and transcendent. It aimed for accepting the world as it was, and then maximizing what was there, driven by a belief that nature and the gods were providing the best possible option.

Given that we are here in the first place, they are likely correct on both counts.

After The Enlightenment,™ the West dedicated itself to the idea of individual choice, justified by the notion that we all have (equal) “reason,” despite evidence to the contrary.

It took several centuries for that to sink in, with each generation expanding the franchise in terms of class, wealth, ethnicity, and finally, race and gender. Now that everyone is equal, we are a great mob that cannot make decisions.

This means that the West is done. As with other things, COVID-19 simply revealed this fact, not so much by the damage it did, but by our hysterical and illogical response to the pandemic and what it revealed about our ineptitude.

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