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  • Venezuela’s Maduro Should Be Tried for Ecocide

    Communist states have always been the most destructive polluters because they concern themselves barely at all with nature, and mostly with controlling human beings in order to achieve Utopian “equality.”

  • Black Business Owner Shot And Killed Burglar; Served One Year Awaiting Trial

    You know your society has gone insane when it prevents people from facing the consequences of their illegal, immoral, and dangerous actions. If we allow people to kill criminals, we will have fewer criminals. What you tolerate, you get more of.

  • Black homeowner had a white friend stand in for third appraisal. Her home value doubled.

    They miss the point entirely. By keeping Black home appraisals low, the city is sparing them the property taxes that they otherwise might be unable to pay, resulting in yet another round of race riots. White people pay almost all of the taxes because anything bad that happens to Black people is viewed as “racism.”

  • Michel Barnier calls for halting of immigration to EU

    Bureaucrats believe in the bureaucratic process and think they can make Utopia by it, but citizens of a majority culture will resist this in favor of quality of life. This enrages the bureaucrats, so they import foreigners to out-vote the majority, which then backfires by destroying culture and making instability.

  • French soldiers warn of civil war in new letter

    Democracy cannot stop itself from going down the path of bureaucracy because both share an origin in the assembly-line mentality of equality, which says that if you treat everyone the same way, as a material object to be completed, you achieve paradise. Now the long-term consequences have manifested.

  • Paris court tries anti-racism activist for statue attack

    The great Bill White once said that if you are attacked by a mob, you have to find the person who seems to be leading and take them out quickly, viciously, and completely. Paris saw what happened when America appeased the statue removers, namely that all statues will now go away, so is taking out that mob leader.

  • Neil Erikson gets 3 months prison for calling mohammed a false prophet

    To other religions, Mohammed is a false prophet, just like the prophets of those other religions are false prophets to Islam. Diversity cannot work, and the system is now in panic mode, trying to arrest and destroy anyone who notices that the system is failing, even though eventually the collapse will come.

  • Genetics of psychic ability

    One small study (n = 9) found a gene which correlates with self-reported psychic ability. If this turned out to be consistent, it would be interesting to breed these people with each other to see if such abilities could be developed, or if psychic ability would be demonstrated as mere woo.

  • China increases spending 500% to influence America

    Once Trump beat them back, China retaliated with an election theft and media blitz against all things healthy in America. They know that they cannot beat the West, so they want to subvert it so it steps aside and lets China take over the world, much as their ancestor Genghis Khan wanted to do.

  • Putin tells Red Square parade that Nazi ideas persist

    Nobody really likes the idea of living under Hitler and his repressive regime that got caught up in runaway symbolism. However, since diversity is failing around us and we are drowning in insane and idiotic people, his policies of nationalism and eugenics look better every day.

  • Ancient humans not to blame for extinction

    Island extinctions occur when too much forest is cleared for human use, mostly for crops but also for homes. Anywhere there are humans, the ecosystem no longer works as it did. The same applies to Earth: the more forest we clear, the less nature we have.

  • Wild donkeys and horses engineer water holes that help other species

    Ecosystems work on the principle of inequality: different species fulfill different roles, such as these large animals which dig water holes used by many other species, and within each species, animals compete for excellence, which removes deleterious mutations and improves population quality. Eugenics now!

  • Average New Zealand house tops $900,000 at end of April

    Leftist demand-based economics prioritize the individual and pass on social costs, but these accumulate where they are paid, such as in housing, driving up the property costs through the incorporation of property taxes and avoiding social disorder into the price. A generation could steal all the wealth this way: wait for the economy to boom, then drop in high taxes, so that the houses you already own become valuable and fewer people can afford them, driving up the number of apartments and lowering the number of houses for sale, making yours worth more.

  • Genomes Reveal Humanity’s Journey into the Americas

    Two groups of people came out of Mongolia and ventured into the New World. The first was replaced by the second in North and Central America, but not in the South. Hispanics are Asians, and will easily be absorbed by a conquering Chinese population, in whom any unique traces of them will vanish after a couple generations.

  • High-risk people to be prevented from having guns

    How do you legislatively backdoor gun control? Declare that high-risk people cannot have guns, and include in that membership in dangerous groups like neo-Nazis. Then expand that definition to mean having materials which are dangerous. Finally, expand that definition to mean having any materials which are not pro-Leftist. This takes only about a dozen years.

  • ‘Sexuality is part of life’: German churches bless gay couples in defiance of Vatican

    In a society based on equality, everyone starts with nothing. You cannot have a unique position because that would be unequal, so we all become identical fiscal production units who are interchangeable parts for industry and bureaucracy. At that point, every person wants his fifteen minutes of fame, and can gain it by doing something that both destroys culture and affirms the egalitarian narrative.

  • Army of fake fans online boosts China’s global messaging

    Tyrants of all stripes love social media because you can have as many supporters as you have phones or bots. Much like private Search Engine Optimization firms submit fake reviews, followers, and fans, so do foreign powers because it works in swaying the herd. This is an inherent weakness of democracy, and makes narrative control on the internet necessary.

  • Forests the size of France regrown since 2000, study suggests

    As more land has been set aside, forests have appeared and then created ecosystems on a great deal of it. This tells us how to save ourselves and our natural world from the human onslaught: set aside half of Earth for nature.

  • Animals to be formally recognised as sentient beings in UK law

    Another step forward from humanity that consists of restraining humanity. The next step will be to stop dealing with any society that does not adopt similar rules, and hopefully the same for forests, animals, wetlands, and rivers.

  • Queensland Police Service unfairly hired women to meet gender targets, CCC finds

    Arrogant White people designed affirmative action with the idea that Whites would always be in control, but could hire minority pets in order to make them “assimilate.” As it turns out, affirmative action instead takes over, and now White males find it nearly impossible to get some types of employment.

  • Nearly a fifth of Earth’s surface transformed since 1960

    The more we modify nature for our own ends, the more we have negative feedback loops with climate, pollution, ecocide, and disease occur. A smarter move would be to leave natural land as it was back in the 1930s, and to reduce our population to fit the remaining space.

  • Irish Travellers racially abused after Channel 4 Dispatches

    No one wants diversity. These groups represent the ultimate unwanted diversity, living a nomadic lifestyle and moving temporarily into little villages and towns where the petty crime rates then skyrocket, leaving behind slum campsites for someone else to clear. Repatriation is the future.

  • Māori party co-leader ejected from parliament after performing haka in racism row

    One note. Every minority group has only one note to play, and that is the cry of “racism,” since this transfers power, wealth, and fame from the majority to the minority. Diversity does not work and we will have to end it in the near future.

  • Government introduces bill to strengthen university freedom of speech requirements

    UK politicians fire back against cancel culture and political correctness, knowing that by giving protection to free speech, they enable expensive lawsuits against the protesters interrupting it and anyone who gives them money.

  • High BMI linked to increase risk of testing positive for Covid-19

    Nature is killing off fatties in order to pare off the extra human population. If the vaccines kill off the gullible and counter-revolutions kill the dishonest, our species might have a hope and a prayer.

  • The Far Right Is Ready For a Slice of Real Power in Sweden

    Slowly the West awakens to the facts of the failure of diversity, the dysgenic nature of entitlements, and the utter failure of democracy. Struggling under the load of lots of morons who vote for “free” stuff, it now will have to attempt to gain control of itself before democracy spends it into default, recession, and then, war.

  • WHO needs new powers to control future outbreaks, report says

    Bureaucrats — like Darius and Genghis Khan — love centralized control, ignoring the fact that it is less responsive to local issues away from where its elites live. At this point, humanity cannot have faith in more control by proles. We need not bureaucrats but honest kings.

  • Dunkin’ employee accused of throwing fatal punch after customer allegedly used racial slur

    Last summer created a mental impression among minorities: if you can claim that something “racist” (“racism” does not exist) was done to you, it is a get-out-of-jail-free race credit card for any crimes you subsequently commit. This guy needs to get the rope, since he obviously intended to exploit the situation.

  • Tony Blair rails at ‘woke’ culture

    Diversity makes “woke” culture, because without minorities to constantly claim grievances and demand guilt blood money, political correctness would have remained solely pointed at advancing crypto-Communism. The real truth is that Leftism is obsolete, since it had a couple centuries to prove its worth and brought collapse instead.

  • Inflation speeds up in April as consumer prices leap 4.2%, fastest since 2008

    Leftists like demand-based economies, which reward money being readily available, whether through quantitative easing, entitlement payouts like the stimulus, or lowered interest rates. This in turn lowers the value (purchasing power) of money, whether through inflation or deflation, and makes nice lifestyles unattainable for all but the Party elite.


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