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  • The Boomer Baffle Battle Book

    The Boomers replaced culture with politics, creating an environment of both Libertarian radical individualism and a Communist system of entitlements, supported by an addiction to the power necessary to create that Leftist Utopia through globalist market control. I say that, instead, WW2 propaganda awakened the sleeping 14A and made it our new global crusade.

  • The Lockdowns Weren’t Worth It

    Sweden was right all along, even if the “international community” whined and raged. When people get warned about COVID-19, they change their behaviors, and the infections start dropping before herd immunity is reached. Lockdowns just make everyone miserable and destroy the economy as a bonus.

  • Police in England ‘using Covid lockdown rules to halt any protests’

    The entire COVID-19 panic (which is how future people will see it) showed us our bureaucrats at every level going on power trips because they had been handed nearly unlimited power. All to justify mail-in voting so that an election could be stolen and China could take over the world economy.

  • Pentagon accuses Fox News host of demeaning U.S. military with anti-woman segment

    Like Obama, Biden has purged anyone who is not a good Communist from the ranks of the military. This means that the military will never have an official statement but to proclaim that diversity is our strength, then promote a woman, homosexual, minority, or transgender. If you are in the military, get out now.

  • The disinformation tactics used by China

    China has become the new “Baghdad Bob.” Whatever they claim is true is in fact projection; whatever they deny is in fact true. What do they wish to suppress? Knowledge that a new Cold War has come about after China crashed the world economy and hijacked the American election.

  • 60% of Dubai to be nature reserves, says Sheikh Mohammed

    The more land and sea that we set aside for nature, meaning that humans will not use it at all, the more natural species have the ability to live, play, hunt, forage, fight, and reproduce. That in turn means not only that we avoid ecocide, but that we continue to enjoy fresh air and water.

  • China’s Xiaomi Removed From Trump-Era Blacklist By US Judge

    Is there any doubt about for whom Joe Biden works any longer? China says jump, and he puts up a token resistance and then does exactly what they want. As long as they keep the checks flowing, Joe and the Democrats think they are smarter than the rest of us for knowing when to grab that free money.

  • Minneapolis City Council’s charter amendment to replace MPD with new department of public safety moves forward

    In response to lawlessness, Minneapolis police cracked down on lawbreakers, triggering events that became a pretext for Leftist riots. To appease the lawbreakers, lawmakers have reduced police presence and reduced the autonomy of the police department. Now the cycle begins again. We never learn.

  • Floyd family agrees to $27M settlement amidst ex-cop’s trial

    Believing in diversity now is like being a good Communist in the Soviet Union. Everyone says it in public, but no one except the insane and criminal believe it in private. As we see the rioters let go and payouts to criminals, it becomes clear that in democracy, evil always wins.

  • Announcer directs racist comments toward girls basketball team for kneeling during anthem

    This announcer got tired of the kneeling “struggle sessions” ritual and spoke up. If he wants to really scare the herd, he should try saying this: It is clear that diversity does not work for anyone. Racial antagonism they know how to handle; loss of faith drives them insane.

  • Noose hanging at job site targeted Black worker at NC electric company, lawsuit says

    Leftists replaced rule of law with rule by what people “feel” happened. Now the shakedowns will never end, which is fortunate because under the Biden economy, winning lawsuits and working for the government are two of the only remaining industries.

  • U.S. condemns China at UN rights forum for abuse of Uighurs, Tibetans

    If pro-China Biden allows his administration to follow this course, what does it tell us? China has no problem with us going after them for civil rights, because it will only strengthen them when we do nothing. America has gambled on the twentieth century order, but China has moved on to the twenty-first.

  • Road pollution affects 94% of Britain, study finds

    People should worry more about car and diesel exhaust than they do, since this surrounds us constantly and makes us subtly and pervasively ill. Like other “hidden elephants,” it is the big crisis in plain sight that we distract from by pursuing symbolic problems and non-solutions.

  • Racism now covert, says Indian Oxford student facing backlash over ‘racist’ social media posts

    Based Indian student posts humorous commentary about Chinese, doubt of the Holocaust narrative, and in favor of Hindu Nationalism. This freaks out the West, which wants its minorities to fall in line with the we-are-all-equal line of the Revolutions which after the Enlightenment™ brought us modernity.

  • Virus tolls similar despite governors’ contrasting actions

    It turns out that masking and lockdowns seem to do little to stop the spread of the virus. It turns out that the graffiti in Houston, “WASH UR HANDS,” probably expressed most of what we needed to do, but instead we savaged our economies and let China take over our politics. Panic is a bad drug.

  • US army halts gender neutral fitness test as women struggle

    We have gone so far down the egalitarian insanity rabbit hole that saying that pregnant women do not belong in combat, or that men and women tend to be biologically and physically different, provokes accusations of heresy. Nature is smarter and stronger than humanity, and that irritates the would-be tyrant in all of us.

  • Merkel’s party suffers defeats in 2 German state elections

    When cuckservatives appear, their fans realize that if they have a choice between two Leftist parties, they might as well vote for the one that promises more free stuff. Simultaneously, the conservatives stay home and stop following the news. No conservative will win an election in the future unless they are actually conservative.

  • China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and More Join Forces ‘in Defense’ of U.N.

    The John Birch Society told us years ago that the United Nations, like our attempts at national democracy, favored whatever plurality wanted simple non-answers instead of real solutions. Now we see a coalition of third world tyrants using the UN to hijack the West, which was silly enough to join years ago.

  • How a murder in Canada led to the unravelling of a CCP spy operation

    Thanks to our open society, our adversaries have penetrated us to the point where they own everything. Our business depends on China, so is controlled; our media has partnerships with them as well. Trump got it right: we must disconnect entirely from China, to which I add, “and all other forms of diversity, immigration, and globalism.”

  • Being told we can’t question ‘the truth’ of anyone who says they’re a victim is more evidence of the world’s mass derangement

    In egalitarian societies, only victims receive things from others, since that is necessary to bring them up to the level of “equal.” For this reason, everyone wants to be a victim, and they want to make truth optional so the cash-in can proceed. This is typical of Late Stage Democracy.

  • First study of all Amazon greenhouse gases suggests the damaged forest is now worsening climate change

    Human activities in the forest cause releases of methane and carbon, so they are blaming the forest, although they get the basic idea out there that we should reverse deforestation. What drives deforestation? Population growth. More farmland, logging, and mining will be needed as the population increases.

  • In 2018, Diplomats Warned of Risky Coronavirus Experiments in a Wuhan Lab

    The coronavirus has been with us for many years, probably long even before it was encountered by Chinese miners in bat guano at the bottom of a cave complex during 2013. The official narrative says that it came from a wet market; the truth looks more like it leaked — or was set free — from a lab in Wuhan, China.

  • Overseas demand for Israeli homes rising ‘through the roof’

    American Jews, seeing that this country has decided to commit suicide like all other egalitarian or democratic societies known to history, are preparing to flee to Israel. Nationalism works; you always have a homeland to return to. Diversity means that no one has a homeland, and when the collapse comes, everyone suffers.

  • I’m a tree hugger

    “If you’ve never hugged a tree, I strongly recommend it. Getting up close to one makes you appreciate their fantastic structure. If you were to set humans a challenge to create such a wonderful mechanism, they would never be capable of doing it.” This requires humility, not hubris, so will offend egalitarians.

  • Biden wants the Yemen war to end. One expert says his actions may be making it worse

    Biden wants the new forever war in Yemen to end by making deals with Iran, but Iran-backed forced have no incentive to make a deal. Consequently, he will fight a Late Stage Democracy war featuring mercenaries, small troop deployments, and tons of money showered on the political establishment.

  • Amazon removing books that frame LGBTQ issues as mental illness

    Normal means organisms that do not get a Darwin Award. That is, they mature, form families, and have offspring. Homosexuals and others have either biological or psychological differences leading them away from this path. Perhaps we should see them as part of our world, but one that like swingers needs to stay undercover.

  • Scientists may have solved ancient mystery of ‘first computer’

    Modern scientists have trouble understanding how ancient civilizations could have produced early computing devices, which appear to have been more common than we think. Perhaps we have read the past all along, and they were quite advanced in technology, which still did not save them from the ravages of democracy.

  • Cancer death rates rising near Fermi nuclear plant

    People oppose nuclear because it carries a high risk with it and its effects are invisible until they manifest in carnage that our medicine cannot repair. We need better energy technology, but we will not get it because the people capable of inventing it have dropped out and been marginalized by this unstable society.

  • Almost all young women in the UK have been sexually harassed, survey finds

    People sometimes hear words that offend them. The smart ones move on. The rest use it as an excuse to further demasculinize society in the hopes of reaching a moronic and mythic Utopia where we are all the same, since their fear of conflict and hierarchy is so great that they prefer incompetent uniformity.

  • Adam Habib uses N-word in meeting with London students, defends himself by saying it’s commonly used in SA

    The pendulum swings back after a summer of abuses. In reality, most minorities want nothing to do with African-Americans or any other minority group, and they want to displace them just like the Whites so that their own group can rule.



  • The device that reverses CO2 emissions

    Your democratically-elected leaders have trashed your industry by bleeding it for tax money in order to keep entitlements — stuff paid directly to citizens, like social security, socialized medicine, welfare, and public schooling — from crashing. Now they have invented a new insane industry for you to fund.

  • Utah woman, 39, dies 4 days after 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine; autopsy ordered

    Every medical treatment has a death rate. This means that for a thousand people given the treatment, a certain number die either directly or indirectly from the results of that treatment. Vaccines have side effects. This is both totally normal and disturbing because it is an unnecessary vaccine to address a phantasm.

  • Chinese students in Australia fear reprisals at home if they speak out, inquiry hears

    China would love for you to take in more Chinese dissidents. Their children will become pro-China and work to help China take over your country. At least, this is what the USA found, after the people who left China in the 1950s gave birth to a generation which now helps the CCP infiltrate American industry and government.

  • Target announces departure from Minneapolis’ City Center, citing less space needed

    Race riots like the George Floyd “peaceful protests” this past summer tend to leave burned-out cities from which all respectable business flees rapidly. The liquor store next door tells us the skinny: all of the offices moved from the area, leaving behind only urban blight and no one to sell to.

  • David Rosenberg says Canada’s housing market in a ‘huge bubble’

    Democracies take money from business and individuals to pay for entitlements, which in turn raises costs, driving up the value of investments like real estate but reducing ready cash. Consequently, speculation takes over, and creates a massive bubble like the stock market before the Great Depression.

  • The University of Amsterdam wants to get rid of a research report on the cost of immigration

    Our democratic governments imported the third world both to pay taxes to fund the entitlements already due, and to vote for more government, since minorities — of any type: ethnic, cultural, sexual, racial — vote against majority interests. That is not working so well, and they are hiding the data.

  • Teen Vogue editor Alexi McCammond apologises for ‘anti-Asian’ tweets

    As diversity continues its decomposition, the old narrative of Evil Racist Whites versus Innocent Poor Minorities collapses, and is replaced by the war of all against all. Asians claimed a (mostly) African scalp here in retaliation for the ongoing violence wave of crime against Asian-Americans.

  • Poland to ban gays from adopting, even as single parents

    Using government to shape society is never a good idea, because when a crisis hits the votard sheep will flee to the other side, which will then use the same powers for its agenda. Better would be to abolish civil rights, effectively doing away with equality and allowing people to discriminate, causing society to sort itself.

  • Bronze age burial site in Spain suggests women were among rulers

    Modernity matches its ignorance with a corresponding arrogance required to justify acting on so little data and analysis. In reality, European aristocracy always had female rulers, but prefered the male when possible. Somehow everyone on the Left was simultaneously missing from class when they taught that one.

  • Royal Family ‘very much not racist’ – William

    The Left removes anyone who is not Leftist; the Right merely removes those who are anti-Rightist. Just like in political correctness, deplatforming aims to remove competing voices so that egalitarians can have a monopoly and therefore chide, bribe, and coerce the herd into supporting them.

  • Hong Kong’s rich confront Chinese socialism

    Everyone loves to hate The Rich™ because they have something that we do not and this situation makes us feel, well, inferior. However, when the rich flee, so does prosperity, since the people left behind by definition lack whatever competence it is that the rich can wield.

  • Judge tosses suit over ‘race-norming’ in NFL dementia tests

    Dementia testing uses IQ averages by race to measure decline in thinking capacity. If they did not, most of the Black players would qualify as having mental decline. We are talking about a ten-point gap here, but it explains most of the outcome differential between third world and first, as well as social class differences.

  • Economic benefits of protecting nature now outweigh those of exploiting it

    Nature provides the world in which our economics function. Without it, not only do our economies collapse, but we die from lack of air, water, and food. Overpopulation has caused humanity to use up too much of the land that nature needs to renew itself. Now that we see the costs, we can reverse that.

  • Research organisation declares India as an ‘electoral autocracy’

    Democracy ran out of room. Unable to address real problems — “hidden elephants in the room” — it pursued symbolic issues and free stuff for the poor and minorities, and consequently spent itself into oblivion. Without saying so, the world is pulling back from democracy in order to avoid following the West into the abyss.

  • Sen. Tim Scott: ‘Woke supremacy is as bad as White supremacy’

    Republicans keep arguing for a definition of “equality” that means treating everyone fairly, forgetting that equality is both method and goal. That means that the Left uses the term correctly, which means equalizing the position of all participants, something that requires taking from the successful to give to the rest.

  • Magicians’ tactics found in politics and marketing

    In any confidence scam, you want to entice the mark — the guy you are ripping off — to take your partial description of what you promise as the complete description of what you promise. That way, he misses the downsides and buys the scam, at which point you head out before he discovers what was not said.

  • Hong Kong: China approves ‘patriotic’ plan to control elections

    Historians will record that China acted so consistently that if the occupants of Western liberal democracy had not been mentally befuddled by the constant diversity, civil rights, equality, and democracy blather, they would have noticed that the ChiComs always make anything but Communism illegal, then take over.

  • ‘Migrant president’ Biden stirs Mexican angst over boom time for gangs

    Both USA and Mexico suffer from proximity; a wall would make good sense. American drug money corrupts Mexican politics endlessly, and the flow of Mexicans to America distorts their economy. In turn, Mexican immigration adds to the diversity disaster consuming America. The twenty-first century will be one of separation.

  • Seattle police response times slower because of officer shortages, acting chief says

    After a year of non-stop riots with almost no support for the police from government or courts, officers are taking early retirement or moving to other careers too rapidly to be replaced. Maybe someday the citizens will realize that scams like “defund police” sound good until you consider all consequences.

  • FireEye CEO: Reckless Microsoft hack unusual for China

    The SolarWinds hack got exposed early in the aftermath of the corrupt election; this means that the forces responsible have to accelerate their data collection as the doors close on them. Maybe zombie Chris Krebs will appear to tell us again how this was the “most secure election ever” to raucous laughter.

  • EU lawmakers seek to declare bloc an LGBT ‘freedom zone’

    Globalism means worldwide color revolution. In the name of human rights and civil rights, the Left was able to take over America, since people are afraid to oppose something which sounds good and produces warm fuzzy feelings. Democracy has ended itself on this hill, since now we see democracy as another form of Communism.

  • Westerners are increasingly scared of traveling to China as threat of detention rises

    Trump revealed the rot under the glitz. He showed our democracy was corrupt, our media was propaganda, and that our industry was hollow. Then he poked China enough that they had a tantrum and revealed their true nature, which is the rebirth of Genghis Khan. Now the world is separating from China.

  • China’s officials play up ‘rise of the East, decline of the West’

    They tell you what they want you to believe, not what they believe is true. China is falling like the rest of humanity, having relied on Leftism as well, but wants to take over the world by making the West fall even faster before the inevitable implosion of yet another Communist system.

  • The wonder material we all need but is running out

    It turns out that with more humans, and many wanting first-world lifestyles, we are running out of everything. A sane solution would involve cutting entitlements and immigration so that populations naturally regulate ourselves, but democracy has done a one hundred and eighty degree turn and pursues the exact opposite.

  • Stanford Doctor Calls Lockdowns the ‘Biggest Public Health Mistake We’ve Ever Made’

    Lockdowns devastate populations, which is why the Left wants them: to exercise their control and smash resistance. Instead they have simply made people view their government as incompetent, since an ugly flu turned into a massive panic and that in turn destroyed our economies and political systems.

  • Color-coded passage: Why smugglers are tagging U.S.-bound migrants with wristbands

    They have to specify whether they are in coach, business, or first-class seating. Democrats have since the Hart-Celler Act in 1965 used changing demographics to steal elections, since minorities vote against the majority, and their rush to make this permanent has made American immigration policy into tragicomedic farce.

  • Female MP awarded Japan’s most sexist comment after casting doubt on sexual assaults

    Conservative politician points out that when you give a protected group absolute power, they will abuse it in order to advance themselves against all the other groups in the diversity dystopia. Somehow, this offends the Left, who simply want to destroy the majority, its culture, and its genetics.

  • Australian admits filming taunts of dying policewoman

    A good magician gestures with his right hand while doing something else with his left. The right hand is this meth-addled driver, but the left contains the truck driver, Mohinder Singh Bajwa, who was having a religious experience when he creamed four police officers with his out-of-control truck.

  • Late-Stage Pandemic Is Messing With Your Brain

    After a year of suspended animation, we are forgetting how things normally were. This by design opens the door to a “reset,” or starting out doing things differently, knowing that we will adapt to them, having forgotten how they once were. Expect the usual power-hungry wannabe Leftist tyrants to capitalize on this.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu: Court ruling creates danger of Israel being ‘overrun’ by ‘fake’ converts from Africa

    Unlike the navel-gazing West, Israel faces a daily struggle for existence, and so can afford to be sanguine about issues of race and genetics. They realize that every non-Jew in the country is a weapon against the majority, and are willing to get nationalist and fascist in order to resist this certain doom.


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