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There used to be a time when things moved in fairly predictable ways, mostly forward while sometimes a little in reverse. Musicians produced expansive classical music and symphonies using a large variety of instruments. Later they did the whole thing on computers direct to your cellphone earpiece.

But now there are no more trends possible and the West is flailing because it has no direction. The trends kept us busy; without them, we are aimless. It is similar to raising a child on only one type of food, followed by a larger variety as it ages, then an even wider selection in restaurants, such that when the person grows up he will just end up drinking beer and eating popcorn while sprawled on a couch.

Trends die once we have explored all of the external surface variations possible. All that remains is the new trend to commit suicide using your method of choice, which includes suicide by music or by food.

When people talk about something trending now, it generally relates to a few words called sound bites, or short video clips of funny but irrelevant impromptu activity which generally just reminds us that we (Westerners) were trending as humans before, and we miss that.

One can take this a little further and show that Gods were trending a while ago, then humans started trending pushing (the Gods) onto the backburner and now Corporations are trending meaning Western humans are committing suicide by Corporation.

Another take could be to say that Monarchies trended a while ago, then Governments trended, after which Burocrats trended in Democracies, now entering a new trend where bureaucrats (like rats jumping ship), assimilate into suicidal vorporations because democracy’s demise is faster.

In summary, it can be surmised that the West is trending itself into a wall. But instead of enjoying their victory, the other more sane groups in the World despise this racist rule-based order and are getting angrier. In fact, they are looking down on Americans and Europeans with disgust, where a Muslim mother will easily advise her migrant son to groom/rape as many white (young) girls as possible. Africans are a little different, they will just treat you like a serf/slave meaning whites will have to work for them.

Africans can see second-hand democracy salesmen like England’s Johnson and America’s Biden coming a mile away. But they do see the last ripe honeypot to be milked, meaning the real “trend” today is that the West has become trendless while the rest of the World is eying its honeypot and working out a variety of new pied piper instruments of suicide to extract it.

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