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  • New Zealand panic as children fall ill in high numbers – experts warn of ‘immunity debt’

    Perhaps we did not become gods when we ate of the tree in the Garden of Eden and we depend on our context, not just our environment but our cosmos, for health and meaning. Keeping everyone home out of the vote-stealing panic of COVID-19 has deprived their immune systems of source material, so now they are getting summer colds and other fun diseases.

  • Foreign hit squad killed Haiti’s president, police say

    Someone set up this hit. If the usual scenario plays out, they will die in custody or shortly after being released on bail to highly-paid lawyers, who will leave them at expensive hotels where they will be found staring sightless at the walls an hour later. Clintons, China, or both? We know that China funded the Clintons so probably the latter.

  • Restaurant workers are quitting in droves

    Most likely, we are seeing them being driven out by illegals, who are willing to work for lower wages and worse hours since their real support network is provided by the American government. Look for everything to get worse as carnies try to take on normal desk jobs and do the usual mediocre, stoned, and sloppy quality to which they are accustomed.

  • ‘Housing is infrastructure’: Marcia Fudge’s vision for a HUD that serves the people

    Another angry minority gets elected to spend the money of the people supporting her for reasons of egalitarian class warfare, and decides to repeat the insane policies that caused the last big recession. Like all entitlements, this backdoor socialism will raise costs and lower quality.

  • Deforestation in Brazil will be hard to stop, no matter who’s in charge

    Written as a hit piece on the Right-wing, this article nonetheless makes the important point that deforestation is driven by economic development. The wealthier Brazil gets, the more forest gets consumed; the wealthier the rest of the world gets, the more it wants Brazilian hardwood for its condo flooring and beef from farmlands constructed from the former jungle. We need fewer humans.

  • Indiana gas station clerk is charged with murder of ‘shoplifter’ who took off with packs of Red Bull

    Modernity starts with deductive logic. If, as The Enlightement™ suggests, the individual human is more important than natural order, then we must protect human individuals. Consequently, we do not let people shoot those committing crimes randomly, but maybe we should. “Good to the good, bad to the bad” is a better morality than “good to all” which lets crime flourish. Kill the weak!

  • After street lights in an entire county were swapped to LEDs, light pollution got worse

    Future humans will look at us moderns as mental toddlers. The toddler reasons: LED lights good, so will improve any problem. Then he finds out that these lights have a different spectrum and generate more light emissions shorter than 500 nm, causing more backscatter. We will learn these painful lessons then forget them when someone else wants to make a career-advancing move with a “new” idea.

  • China deletes online forums of millennials who reject “work hard” ethic

    Across the industrialized world, people are tiring of jobs. It turns out that we cannot make a society out of a political and economic system alone; we need culture, and no diversity, or jobs turn into mindless mechanical procedure-following that bore everyone by wasting their time.

  • Patio furniture shortage tells US economic tale

    We are watching globalism fail in real time. Minor interruptions to the supply chain mean that things now manufactured abroad are failing. Globalism came about in the 1980s because unions, taxes, lawsuits, and regulations raised the cost of first-world labor to unsupportable levels. Luckily, since government protection of these things has always been the problem, the solution is simple: remove government.

  • Pentagon Sees “Increased Potential” for Nuclear Conflict

    Now the West sees the high cost of going to sleep under Clinton and ignoring the world after the Soviets fell. Left to their own devices, these insane third-world countries now have enough first-world technology to threaten us. Without unions, taxes, lawsuits, and regulations raising our labor costs, we could have left them in obscurity and gone on to do good things instead.

  • California exodus is just a myth, massive UC research project finds

    Data can fool you: in Texas, we see a steady flow of Californians. Most people there however react to raised costs in a business context, simply demanding higher wages or prices and passing the cost on to everyone else. The state has become a parasitism cult based on refusal to change.

  • Parents of daughters are more likely to divorce than those with sons

    The high cost of sexual liberation shakes out as we see that teenage daughters divide families, most likely over the issue of the sexual marketplace and sending out their daughters to the slaughter. The mothers take the side of feminism, where the fathers argue for realism, and this produces endless conflict.



  • ‘Lone shooter’ in Cobb County country club triple murder arrested

    More pointless race war activity camouflaged as crime, complete with a careful refusal to name the race of the suspect. Years of mindlessly repeating “diversity is our strength” has not prepared Americans for facing the cost of diversity, which is loss of cultural and social order, resulting in constant violence, corruption, vandalism, and resentment.

  • The UK may soon ban boiling lobsters alive in a landmark bill that acknowledges that crustaceans and mollusks, too, are sentient beings

    We know they are sentient beings; we, however, are predators, and in the natural order, we eat creatures below us. Laws are not the solution here. Culture provides a better framework, although all the other methods of killing these creatures are probably worse.

  • White police officer who broke black man’s leg jailed and banned from force

    The full story involves a police officer sent out to find “a number of black men who were wanted for violent crimes” and kicking the leg out from under one who side-stepped him instead of talking for a chat. The judge thought it was muh racism because that is how he gets the attaboys from the other goodthinker Leftists down at the club.

  • Charlottesville set to remove Lee statue that sparked rally

    The paradox of diversity reveals itself further. The heroes of one tribe are anathema to other tribes, but we must pretend that there can be one standard for the ox and the raven. Consequently, today we remove Confederates, and tomorrow other Whites, and finally, Whites are going to start tearing down those MLK statues.

  • Long-term urban emissions data show a decrease in high-income countries

    “Between 1975 and 2015, the global population increased by 80%…roughly 50% of the global emissions take place in around 1% of the global surface.” We have found your problem, humanity, and it involves heat islands and using up too much land, not climate change.

  • Twitter restricts account of expert who mocked China leader

    During the 1990s, it was fashionable to say that diversity was our future and therefore selling to minorities was more important than selling to Whites, and that developing business in China was more important than doing so in Europe or the USA. Now we see that sending our business to them means that they control us. We need to decouple from the third world and become 100% self-sufficient.

  • ‘The Entire World Grovels to the Jews’: Belarus Dictator Alexander Lukashenko

    We remember the Holocaust because it was tragic. However, the entire world grovels to the foreign simply because of self-hatred. Western Civilization — and its extension in the East — turned on itself because of constant class warfare, so we idealize the exotic and anything but ourselves, looking for answers there in a Xenophile Occupation Government (XOG).

  • Spain says non-consensual sex is rape, toughens sexual violence laws

    These brainless laws weaken measures taken against rape because they are based in consent, which cannot be proven or disproven. They will send some men to jail on the word of women, but after those tragedies get discovered, the courts are going to start dropping these cases unless there is other evidence, at which point we will be back at the notion that a legitimate rape involves violence.

  • Tensions high as White man arrested after racist rant against Black neighbor

    You can tell that we live in a moronic totalitarian society because it has criminalized speech. Unpleasant or not, calling your neighbor ethnic slurs is covered by the First Amendment for a reason; if you suppress such speech, those feelings get expressed with bullets. America will have to make a choice as diversity further tears it apart. What a stupid idea, diversity, or to abolish ourselves.

  • UK to block visas for countries refusing to take back asylum seekers

    The UK advances a sensible rule by saying that they want to send back asylum seekers to whatever country they came through to get to the UK. If that country refuses, travel between the two nations effectively ceases. This stops those countries from passing the immigration buck to the UK, and will trickle down to the borders themselves, which are almost certainly going to become walled very soon.

  • New York governor declares gun violence a health emergency

    Unable to face the fact that diversity has proven to be a problem here just like everywhere else it has been tried throughout history, mentally crippled democracy politicians decide to blame guns instead. Soon we will be banning rocks and butterknives like the UK.

  • Defendants involved in standoff on I-95 in Wakefield refuse to cooperate in court

    Watch balkanization accelerate in real time. African-American separatists rather sanely note that the government of the United States does not represent them, even if it claims to be multiracial and tolerant. The breakup seems to be coming faster than we thought.



  • Nigerian kidnappings reach crisis point

    Our Leftist thought-leaders like the pathological neurotics at The New York Times tell us that the third world is full of culture, when in reality what defines the third world is an absence of culture, replaced by opportunistic individualism. Every country gets the government that reflects its demographics, and if most of its people are lower-IQ with low impulse control, expect third world status.

  • EU aims to create first ‘climate-neutral’ continent by 2050

    After the fall of the Soviets, governments learned to focus on indirect methods. Instead of commanding that something be done, write rules that penalize intermediate parties if they fail to do it. Where a totalitarian would command change, then, these governments make it happen through millions of words of rules, hiding the true extent of their power.

  • Personal Injury Lawyer Finds A New Practice Area: Suing For Kids Harmed By CRT In Schools

    The Left uses lawsuits to bankrupt anyone it does not like. How will they feel when the shoe is on the other foot? Most likely, they will find themselves facing massive expenses which will cause even Left-leaning voters to fear the rise in property taxes. It takes pain to make people comply, so bring on the pain and drive those Leftists out!

  • Global minimum tax spurned by 9 countries

    Biden proposed a global minimum tax in order to eliminate competition. If he does not, some country out there will slash its entitlements, delete most of its regulations, stop protecting its unions, quit with diversity, and become the new powerhouse by avoiding the self-destructive high cost market socialism practiced by the contemporary West.

  • Russian porn star and OnlyFans model, 29, falls to her death from 22nd story apartment after telling friends she was lonely and wanted to start a family

    It turns out that most humans simply want to have good lives. This means having a role in the community where they can be respected for what they do right, and can minimize what they are likely to get wrong. Modernity addresses none of this, turning us into wage-slave economic units, and the more people try to escape the more it destroys them.

  • Cornell course teaches black holes could be linked to ‘racial blackness’

    Society goes ideological when it becomes diverse because the majority culture has been abolished, and all that people have left in common is shared membership in an ideological system. Therefore, a cult-like trend toward rewarding anyone who expresses a belief in ideology — in our case, egalitarianism — produces a climate where ideology is all that we discuss.

  • FBI infiltrates group whose members wanted to test homemade bombs

    In law enforcement, having big high-profile busts advances your career. Agents go out and find hopeless people who they lure into committing crimes, empowering them in doing so, then arrest them and claim that they are protecting us all from the latest bogeyman. This is theater, not policing.

  • Ottawa to close about 60 per cent of commercial salmon fisheries to conserve stocks

    Again we hear about habitat loss in the face of rising demand. There are too many humans, and they will eat up everything left on this planet if we allow them. A sensible first step might involve ending immigration so that we can get back to our last sustainable populations here in the West.

  • 67 per cent of young Brits want a socialist economic system, finds new poll

    Only about one percent of people have any hope of understanding policy, and most of them are too cowed by social pressures to make sensible decisions. Just as in the 1950s, the average voters of the UK have decided that socialism is the answer, and will pay with decades of poverty and stagnation. Luckily that may end the entitlements system, which will also stop immigration, since they come for the free stuff.

  • China’s Tencent turns to facial recognition to root out late-night child gamers

    In a modern society, someone will always volunteer to solve your problems for you so that you can go further into soul-killing individualism. In exchange, they will demand more power over you than they should have, but if you are obediently conforming, you have nothing to fear. This is “freedom.”

  • UK billionaire rips affirmative action, says BLM caused ‘more bigotry’

    Arguing for absolute meritocracy, which does not take origins into account, this gentleman claims that positive racial quotas create resentment. As history shows us, he is correct, but society will face race riots when the achievement curve differs from the ideal of “equality.” There is no escape from diversity, democracy, equality, and socialism but to reject them branch, leaf, and root.

  • Madrid court rules far-right anti-migrant poster is legitimate

    Leftists have used human rights as a shield for their policies, claiming that criticism of them produces a fascist tendency. The more these policies fail, however, the more people are willing to hear the other side, and consider the unthinkable: that our experiment in democracy and equality has failed and can never succeed, and that instead, we will have to choose another way.



  • Teachers reveal what they REALLY do over summer in shocking anonymous confessions

    Immigration boosts people from lower jobs into careers they have no business doing. The people teaching your children now are not of the same quality as they were a generation ago, and this shows why they are both little Communist bots and personal disasters.

  • Biden admin launching ‘door-to-door’ push to vaccinate Americans

    Leftists understand only one model of power, which is mass conformity of behavior to advance the demands of a centralized authority, and depend on this to stay in power. Biden wants headlines about the numbers of people vaccinated, so is counting on guilt and pressure to make people take the injections. Under Leftism, there is no “normal” life left.

  • US does not support Taiwan independence: Kurt Campbell

    The party funded by China now seeks to achieve the Chinese goal of forcing Taiwan — the breakaway state of Chinese Nationalists — to join China, much as China has absorbed Hong Kong. Leftist governments generally are obsessed with eliminating alternatives to their rule, since they want to force everyone under their umbrella eventually.

  • Chinese social media giant WeChat shuts LGBT accounts

    China operates by a simple strategy to weaken its enemies. It encourages them to do highly destructive things, then limits those on its own shores, making it opposition weak while offloading its own genetic defectives to that opposition as their destructive policies make them dysfunctional and ready for takeover. It is like a fly vomiting digestive juices on its prey, liquefying its meal.

  • Why More Homebuyers Now Are Turning to This Much Riskier Type of Mortgage

    Having learned nothing from recent history, buyers have returned to the practices that caused the Subprime Market Crisis because Leftist government raises costs to absurd levels while making borrowing easier, encouraging reckless speculation.

  • Fish hooked on meth

    Our sewage treatment plants filter out some contaminants but not all, which means that in addition to pharmaceuticals, our recreational drugs make it into the water and harm wildlife. Why are people so miserable that they are doing all of these drugs in the first place? No one seems to ask or answer that question.

  • German unity: Eastern states still lag economically, but catching up

    Thirty years after leaving socialism behind, East Germany remains so devastated by the experience that it still cannot match the West. Socialism, like the empire of Genghis Khan, inculcates people with such a hopelessness and directionlessness that they remain inert and passive, going through the motions without belief that it will matter for good or bad.

  • Trump sues Twitter, Google and Facebook alleging ‘censorship’

    Lawsuits rely on a lower standard of evidence, roughly “most of the data says this,” and instead of a named crime, financial damages. Trump might make this lawsuit work under consumer protection law, since these companies encouraged the perception that they allowed an individual to communicate with the world, and instead — in defiance of their own terms of service — they censored him for political reasons.

  • Plastic pollution problem may have more significant consequences than we think

    Democracy will make future generations hate it as they deal with the ongoing consequences of a toxic environment, but this study shows that plastics break down into the carbon that our climate change freakout people fear. Should be exciting when they realize how much of the modern lifestyle will go away with the plastics.

  • Eleven convicted of online hate towards French teenage girl who criticised Islam

    She performed the politically-correct criticism of Islam as an atheist who accused it of being a made-up sky-god fantasy. Had she criticized it because France needs its own ethnically French religion, she would have been the one going to jail. As it is, the hypocritical comedy of democracy convicting people for words and opinions makes it clear that democracy and equality promised but will never deliver “freedom.”

  • CCP buys media influence by paying millions to US dailies, magazines

    Communists frequently say that capitalists will sell you the rope needed to hang them. As it turns out, this rope may be made of media properties, because splashing a few million around guarantees that a message gets out from multiple sources simultaneously and then will be reported as gospel truth by subsequent stories from other media sources.

  • China’s gene giant harvests data from millions of women

    In additional to the potential for ethnic bioweapons, China may want to make custom genetic assassination tools, or simply to discover new medicines. More likely, most governments want the ability to identify all citizens by DNA, so that no one can escape their control.



  • Racial minorities ‘systematically excluded’ from geology and climate change sciences

    If few minorities show up in a certain science, it must be blamed on “racial exclusion” and “systemic racism” or it will be seen as a failure of the concept of equality. If people are not equal in ability and inclination, then diversity will fail from lack of compatibility; if they are similar in these ways, then there is no need for diversity.

  • Planting extra trees will boost rainfall across Europe

    Finally and slowly we discover that the natural solutions to our problems work better than the human ones. Perhaps across the board we will realize that we are not as intelligent as we think we are, and the rule of humans over Earth through democracy has been an unending disaster that most people simply refused to notice.

  • Why insisting you’re not racist may backfire

    When you accept the charge of racism as legitimate, it shows that you are concerned with the issue, which slots you into a binary: you are either “anti-racist” in the way designated by the progenitors of civil rights, or you are something else, which to an absolutist and messianic ideological like egalitarianism means you are a dissident. Better to say “‘racism’ does not exist.”

  • Ezra Klein Interviews James Suzman

    Hunter-gatherers worked fifteen hours a week; if we used our technology well, we could work fewer hours, but instead our society has created a culture of work because its egalitarian roots make it part of the worldwide revolt by workers. For ideological reasons, we grind away doing nothing for no purpose.

  • Women and girls may have higher risk of painful periods if they’re exposed to air pollutants

    We found out some time ago that the sugar industry demonized natural fats in order to make people eat more sugar food. In the future, we will find out that smoking has been demonized for the many health problems created by industrial pollution and the exhaust of our many internal combustion engines. Modernity is killing you because it considers nothing in the whole, only in a deductive sense.

  • Loss of biodiversity in streams threatens vital biological process

    The populations of creatures that break down dead biological matter are falling faster than others, which has dire implications, since that breakdown of organic material provides much of the nutrition for plants found in nature. Humans have taken over too much of Earth and poisoned too much of that.

  • Going undercover to infiltrate Chinese-American far-right networks

    China and its Leftist allies — all of them serve the same god, equality, which manifests in full form as Communism, despite starting out as democracy — want you to know that it is bad and awful that Chinese people who have experienced Communism now want to fight against it. Just give in to the takeover by China, powerful industry dependent on them, and neurotic Leftists instead.

  • Lithuania to build wall along Belarus border

    People who emigrate for more comfortable and prosperous life tend not to be the best, but to be among the worst, since they are looking for easy answers instead of doing the obvious and improving their homelands. If not pushed back, they will arrive in droves, consume everything, and then move on to the next target.

  • Cellphone radiation is harmful, but few want to believe it

    Modernity, based in the individual, operates by deduction or extending the principle of a single thing, rather than looking at the relative interaction of all things at a level above what the individual wants right then. Consequently, it constantly overlooks the consequences of its activities, leaving that for future generations to suffer.

  • EU’s ban on single-use plastic tableware, cotton buds comes into force

    Some sense emerges, but done in isolation like this, it only cripples the functions of society by not offering competitive alternatives. It makes more sense to design an across-the-board series of alternatives, put those into place, and then raise the cost of the destructive until people switch.

  • Germany arrests suspected double agent accused of spying for China

    Following the Soviet model, China has heavily penetrated Western intelligence services, allowing it to stay ahead of any moves made by those governments or any allied with them who share information. These are the moves of a country that intends to conquer the world before its unstable system fails.

  • Tensions Flare as White Supremacists March in Front of Philly City Hall

    If every ethnic group can have marches except one, it means that the defection of that one group from the diversity program means that the whole thing comes apart. As Whites awake to their ethnic interests, having seen every other group do the same first, they will demand White societies, which relegates everyone else to the same systems that failed to produce as well as White ones in the first place.



  • Jewish man abused twice in an hour on London transport network

    What do we do when different diverse groups hate each other? The diversity mavens have no answer, having blamed all of the failures of diversity on White “racism.” Increasingly we see that these groups do not get along, like this Black fellow aggressively criticizing a Jewish person.

  • Media blackout emerges after key Assange witness admits to lies

    Our free press has media blackouts? The same people who covered up the election theft, ObamaGate, IRS actions against conservatives, Central Park Five guilt, Hunter Biden’s laptop of horrors, Holodomor, and VENONA decrypts proving McCarthy right? It is like they are a social club where being a dogmatic Leftist gets one ahead, and anyone else is excluded, regardless of truth or consequence.

  • Readers reply: what’s the right response to a friend who says they are sending their child to private school?

    Leftist goodthinkers gather to admonish those who have left the reservation. In reality, anyone who can get their children out of public schools will do so in order to avoid encroaching diversity and social decay, but we cannot say that in public because it admits the failure of equality.

  • Oil firm’s plan to abandon 1,700 Gulf of Mexico wells could mean ‘environmental disaster’

    Our modern deductive mentality has us go searching for something that fits our linear needs, such as a need for oil, without considering the context or long-term effects. Consequently we do things like drill lots of wells without ever considering how these will be sealed up again half as well as nature sealed them for millennia.

  • The Indian Muslim women ‘up for sale’ on an app

    Diversity works poorly everywhere, no matter what groups are involved, and how high-IQ or “nice” these groups are. In India, the remnants of a Muslim occupation are viewed correctly as not just threats to the Hindu religion and Indian culture, but to the genetics of India. After decades of warfare and terrorism, the Hindu majority wants the Islamic hybrids removed.

  • Scientists weigh up evidence over virus’s origins

    As with everything else, humanity remains divided in twain over the origins of COVID-19. The goodthinkers agree with the egalitarian narrative that it came from nature; those who have seen democracy for what it is — the war of the naturally unfit against the adapted — distrust such conclusions and recognize how useful this virus was in stealing an election and world economic power.

  • Israel looks to renew law that keeps out Palestinian spouses

    Brainwashed by the egalitarian agenda, Israel chose not to renew this law which prohibited Arabs from importing their spouses as Israeli citizens. This means that inevitably, the Arab vote will swing every Israeli election, and they will get their Obama and then Mandela. As high-IQ people oriented toward what is socially successful, this society finds it hard to turn down the peer pressure brainwashing.

  • 11 Districts Fall to Taliban in 24 Hours

    Historians will wonder what George W. Bush was thinking when he turned a successful blitz war into an occupation, since occupations always go badly for whichever side is more humanitarian. Trump refused to pull out American troops, knowing the carnage and Chinese or Russian takeover which is sure to follow, but like LBJ, Biden cared only about the optics of “peace in our time.”

  • Venezuela security forces continue killings, torture

    As the West flirts with neo-Communism, the aliens orbiting Earth must be wondering what has gone so wrong with our brains that we would deny the obvious examples of the failures of socialism before our eyes. The answer is that social pressures are so great that people, made desperate to sell themselves by a lack of culture and social order as removed by diversity, would commit suicide for fifteen minutes of fame.

  • Chinese-owned Nexperia confirms acquisition of UK’s largest chip plant

    While democracy slumbers on, tormented by fever dreams of symbolic issues like equality and “racism,” those who have removed the fug from their minds surge forward by systematically acquiring the territory they need to control the rest. When most of your population works for them or depends on their money, they will gladly vote in the CCP and consider themselves intelligent for doing so.

  • Open-plan office noise increases stress and worsens mood

    Any sane person upon coming to the modern West would observe that jobs appear designed as a type of prison and torment to render people into a state of hopeless and cynical conformity. Open office plans delight management because they can see at a glance who is doing make-work the hardest, but are brutal on employees, who hear every noise amplified by a big, echoing room full of loud idiots.

  • ‘Idea of commuting fills me with dread’: workers on returning to the office

    If you wonder why the West is so self-destructive, and why its people are not reproducing at replacement levels, consider that life for most is grim in a way that it never was in the past. People in the past knew hardship; now, people know tedium and repetition without purpose, just for the sake of having the optics of a busy, productive office even though nothing of the sort is happening.



  • China tipped to overtake the US economy, despite ‘unreliable’ and ‘faked’ data

    With its takeover of the American Left, China both massively weakened America and set itself up as a reasonable alternative. They need to do this for the same reason that they are faking the data: like all other socialist systems to date, Chinese Communism is unstable and must take over the world before it falls, or alternatives to it will exist and those will surge ahead. It must destroy the USA.

  • Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron throw support behind EU-China investment deal

    China offers politicians a deal that they cannot resist: perpetual power. Our modern oligarch-tyrants rule from within the bureaucracy, as was the case in the Soviet Union, but they have made a deal with the enemy to keep the controlled media and outsourced industry on their side. Bill Clinton made the same deal, thirty years ago.

  • Fauci says not getting a COVID-19 vaccine is a ‘political statement’

    For him, it is a political statement; for those who reject the narrative, not getting the vaccine is not a statement at all, but one in a series of anti-ideological behaviors. We do not believe narratives or symbolic belief systems; we believe in reality, and therefore we reject his needs to be in denial about the failure of democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism.

  • Paedophile ring sentenced in Germany

    Old school conservatives warned that sexual liberation would create a market for sexual novelty, driving people to ever more perverse extremes in order to get the same rush, high, thrill, or release that comes (ehehehe) with sexual activity. It seems this has occurred, since now we have pedophiles cropping up nearly everywhere. Was PizzaGate just metaphor, or more real than we want to admit?

  • State museum canceled book event examining slavery’s role in Battle of the Alamo after Texas GOP leaders complained

    Slowly the Right learns from cancel culture that politics has become a war of attrition. We cannot tolerate them while they attempt to rewrite our history and dethrone our statues; instead, we must delete their history in response and throw down their statues, forcing them to accept the reality pluralism: with diversity, you can have no culture, only the anti-culture of “all perspectives are equal.”

  • Incels are surprisingly diverse but united by hate

    We have been told endlessly by pedantic people that diversity allows us to have multiple perspectives and therefore break out of the brain-lock endemic to groups, ignoring the fact that such brain-lock reflects fear of adaptation, whether to new changes or old truths. Instead we see that diverse groups easily find the same brain-lock because they are under the same pressures.

  • Canada’s gender pay equity rules for many companies come into effect

    In the East, they mandated socialism directly, following the Genghis Khan method of autocracy; in the West, we let administrative agencies and politicians write rules for private business to follow, using it as a piggy bank for government agenda. Then we wonder why the costs have gone up so much that we outsource everything to China.

  • Flossing your teeth may protect against cognitive decline, research shows

    “Inflammation as a result of gum disease has been linked to other disease states, including cardiovascular disease, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.” What else causes inflammation? Stress, tedium, sugar, EMF, pollution, bad sleep… all of the factors of our pointlessly busy and directionlessly frenetic modern lives.

  • How your DNA may affect whether you get COVID-19 or become gravely ill

    “The disease-associated version of the gene is more common among Asians and Latino populations in the Americas.” Apparently that ancient coronavirus did not confer immunity, where the constant colds and flus of Europe may have.

  • It’s not certain rising wages will be enough to outpace inflation

    After this article prompted intense hammer rage, they changed the headline from a happy and blithely careless statement to a guarded one. With demand-side economics like the Left enjoys, costs go up and speculation increases, punishing the regular worker but benefiting international finance.

  • Most Voters Want Schools To Teach Traditional Values

    For most people, schools, like churches, serve as a functional implement in the act of raising children. They want kids to grow up believing in honor, morality, logic, and common sense. Unfortunately, you cannot have that in a diverse society where these things mean different things to different groups, so instead you get repulsive civil rights propaganda and simplistic Communist lessons of history.

  • Victims of California synagogue shooting can sue gunmaker

    The Left used this tactic against far-Right groups in the 1980s and now intends to use it to create backdoor gun control. When all the gun and ammo manufacturers are bankrupt, the laws protecting gun freedoms will no longer matter.



  • Justice Department declined to prosecute 82% of hate crime suspects investigated from 2005 to 2019

    Almost all of these were declined for “insufficient evidence,” which like in he-said/she-said rape cases proves common when the only “evidence” consists of one person claiming that an event happened. Most likely, almost all of these were fake, which means that they were attempts to shake down society for imagined racial grievances in order to turn a profit.

  • 300-year-old Maui petroglyphs hit with paintballs in apparent vandalism

    Minorities find out that turnabout is fair play. If you vandalize the artifacts of another group — history, statues, literature, speech — then expect them to do the same to you. Since minorities are protected by dubious “hate crimes” laws, expect more midnight raids by anonymous people to remove all of those murals, MLK statues, civil rights museums, and other blights of our racial cold war.

  • New Iowa gun law allowing permitless handgun carry, purchase takes effect

    As the federal government moves toward bureaucratic centralization in the Khan/Soviet style, the states rebel in an echo of the 1840s. If you think this is bad, wait until they believe that the current government was not legitimately elected; states will simply cease enforcing federal law and eject federal agents from their territories.

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis parts with Donald Trump in response to Surfside condo collapse

    The usual blue check marks praise Ron DeSantis for “bipartisanship” in his approach to this disaster, perhaps reading too much into a simple desire to help people victimized by Mafia concrete. Voters should remember that “bipartisan” means “Uniparty.”

  • Europe Makes the Case to Ban Biometric Surveillance

    We needed a Bill of Rights that, like the original, preventing a party from infringing on some rights, but this time it needed to target corporations including government. Privacy, data retention, and right to image might qualify here, since these are negative rights and not covert entitlements like the civil rights laws created.

  • Target, Walgreens make drastic changes due to increase in San Francisco thefts

    Watch the Floyd effect hit America hard. In response to a death in police custody, American cities legalized low-level crimes and defunded police in order to make life easier for African-Americans. This coincides with a 29% increase in homicides, similar to The Ferguson Effect a few years ago.

  • Over 20 police deploy to arrest man for Hong Kong protest flag outside window

    Tyrants never vary their methods. They rule by terror, so that ordinary people back away from ideas of any alternative or competition to the tyrant. Those in control seek to destroy everything but what leads to the goal of the tyrant. Political correctness operates this way, as do cancel culture and a compliant media which demonizes off-narrative opinion with “fact checks.”

  • Government dismisses all objections to Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage name changes

    Asserting dominance by erasing history seems to be a feature in common to all diverse governments, which are necessarily tyrannical because diversity abolishes culture, leaving only politics and economics to unite a society. The proposition nation, as unstable as Communism or National Socialism, turns to repression to avoid the noticing of how badly incomplete it is.

  • From Eton to Africa, land is being over-exploited

    The rare voice speaks up, invariably to no notice, about the root of our environmental problem, which is that humanity uses too much land for natural species to coexist with us. Ecosystems need space free from all human intrusion, and if we leave half of Earth for nature, human numbers naturally fall into line and nature can renew our air, water, trees, and animals without harm.

  • “Beat, Raped, and Left for Dead”: The Persecution of Christians

    Perhaps in this we can see the paradox of universalist religions like Christianity and egalitarianism. Humans form tribes in order to have differing views; the tribe supports those views, behaviors, and methods. Otherwise, the default human behavior absorbs them. For this reason, every belief system is tribal, and those which disclaim tribalism get eaten first.

  • The future of home ownership is Latino

    The “intelligent” people at our business schools see great growth in Hispanic home ownership, possibly as much as 70% of growth from 2020 to 2040. Like all modern thinking, this focuses on a single factor (we call this “linear thought”) and misses the context, namely that all of our wealth arises from a core population of heritage Americans and the way they do things differently than the rest of the world.

  • ‘Women wearing few clothes impact men’

    No one wants to admit that this guy is right, but immodest female behavior entices men to see sex as being on offer, and as a result, they increasingly aggressively take it. That in turn cuts out other men from the experience of a chaste family where high strength emotional bonds can form, and at that point, things take a dark turn.



  • New model shows greater likelihood, frequency of urban extreme heat events

    Zombots with degrees want to talk about “climate change,” but the data here supports the heat island hypothesis, which states that big concrete platters with concentrated heat-producing activity, like cities, displace jet streams. That removes the cooling effect and precipitation, causing the cities to become little ovens filled with angry people.

  • Yesh Atid MK appeals to designate Lehava as a terror organization

    As the Leftist world trend spreads, no one wants to be left out, fearing that the crowd and its media will turn on them or, worse, they will miss an opportunity to sell their products and YouTube channels. Consequently, governments across the world find themselves contemplating a ban of any “anti-assimilationist” or ethnic nationalist groups like Lehava.

  • Sheldon Whitehouse under fire for membership at all-white Rhode Island beach club

    What, really, is wrong with all-White clubs? Other groups can have clubs. If they do not have one, they can start one. The White clubs represent the past, so must be erased, and those who cannot create what those clubs have wish to simply seize it, even if in doing so, they ruin what made those clubs desirable: a certain standard of behavior and consequently, focus leading to quality.

  • Every time Bengal loses a traditional rice variety, it loses a little bit of its culture

    Loss of unique genetics destroys culture. We can admit that this is true with plants, but somehow our pretense draws a line at seeing it in humans, despite the grim fact that where diversity goes, culture as a series of positive preferences is replaced by negative culture, or a behavior standard of not causing offense. This creates a “cultural envelope” that includes all, therefore has no real standards.

  • Amazon destroying millions of items of unsold stock

    Modern people have made themselves so mentally addled that the obvious eludes them while they chase increasingly fanciful theories in order to justify their belief that the Regime and its System are working. You cannot trust moron employees to inspect items for damage correctly, so instead of risking a sale of damaged goods, you destroy them. All business operates on this principle.

  • Prime Day: the innovation that made Amazon an everything company

    Seventy percent of the adult population in America are members of Amazon Prime. When a company reaches monopoly status at this level, it will destroy its competition and then raise prices to the detriment of consumers. COVID-19 just helped destroy all of the small business which could compete with the handful of corporations — Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Loewes, Kroger — that now control most business.

  • Laurel Hubbard: First transgender athlete to compete at Olympics

    An obvious Baphomet waltzes out to compete as a woman despite having built its strength as a man. We are expected to celebrate this as “breaking barriers” and innovative, although our guts tell us that this in fact is a reversal. However, humans desire to be gods with power over nature, and so anything that advances our “equality” and rejects reality proves to be popular with the neurotics.

  • China’s Buying So Much Corn That Its Ports Are Getting Clogged

    Farmers by nature tend toward innovation, since they constantly adjust their approaches to production anyway. Socialism kills this by ensuring that everyone must do the same method in order to advance central control. Socialist economies tend to be unable to feed their people as a result, and China seems no different than the Soviet Union in this regard.

  • Record rise in US wholesale prices over the past year

    When you shut down an economy, raise taxes, and hand out a stimulus, this effectively disrupts business and further replaces it with Government as the primary economic actor. That suits wannabe tyrants like Joe Biden and Barack Obama just fine, but eventually, one runs into the same production problems that plague socialist states. Like moths to a light, humans gravitate toward equality, and get burned every time.

  • New evidence of early SARS-CoV-2 infections in the United States

    Friends of mine on all three coasts got the weird heavy flu late in 2019, but after a few days, bounced back and went on with life. Another wave hit six months later, and many including the elderly lived to tell the tale. At this point, even most normal people — those not media-zombified — took off the masks and resumed normal life. It took the law another year to catch up.

  • Police called after swastika painted on Edmonton mosque

    Back in the 1990s, Bill Clinton was sure that racists were burning down Black churches at an epic rate, only to find that these were all frauds or coverups to thefts. The same will be found to be true of almost all of these “hate” crimes, but will not be announced, and certainly not on the front page like this article!

  • For years US Army hid, downplayed extent of firearms loss

    So how is that diversity and rainbows military panning out, America? Just like in the third world, we now have problems with gangs, rape, pregnancy, and theft in our military. The Chinese must be laughing hysterically at the thought of the transgender mixed-race soy army surging over the borders to complain at them.



  • Hundreds of schools in England sign up for anti-racist curriculum

    The Left really has one strategy: panic the herd, demand change while people are too scatterbrained by social fear to think clearly, then adopt overly-broad and ideological solutions instead of realistic (or even practical) ones. One touchstone event lets them steal a thousand battlefields while everyone else is busy taking society at face value, namely working jobs, paying taxes, and buying stuff.

  • San Jose City Leaders Approve Sweeping New Gun Control Measures

    Another backdoor attempt at gun control, this new measure demands that gun sellers videotape every purchase, knowing that this will raise costs as they have to hire new staff to do this. In the meantime, most crimes involving guns are committed with unregistered and illegal weapons, often brought in over the border from Mexico.

  • Iran’s ‘ghost armada’ of 123 sanction-busting tankers is selling black market oil to China to bankroll its secret nuclear programme

    China follows a simple plan favored by people with negative thinking, which is to weaken everything but what it wants to happen while pushing for what it desires with punishments for dissidence and rewards for obedient conformity. It wants a nuclear Iran to weaken Europe and threaten Israel so that China can offer protection to its new pacified vassals.

  • Soil from asteroid shows it has ingredients for creating life

    If life on Earth arrived from space, then there is more of it out there, and while we screw around with this endless bickering over making peasants equal, other species will get to a point of stability and eliminate us as a threat in the way villages used to burn witches (schizoids, perverts, criminals, and retards). The cull is coming, whether by asteroid, pandemic, or alien invasion. Awake yet, humanity?

  • Former B.C. chief says unmarked graves near Cranbrook need more context

    Need more proof that your media is just corporate entertainment shilling outrage for shekels? “‘There’s no discovery, we knew it was there, it’s a graveyard,’ Pierre said. ‘The fact there are graves inside a graveyard shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.'” They were marked with crosses, but those rotted away.

  • Large amounts of mercury discovered in Greenland’s glaciers

    This article serves to remind the average person that pollution can travel many thousands of miles in the air and be deposited far from where it was created, not to mention sticking around for however long it takes to break down, unless it is an element and therefore in its final form. Humanity is in this together, and the only real solution is to have less humanity, which forces us to have better humanity.

  • Japan urges Europe to have stronger military presence in Asia to tackle China

    Japan aimed for quality, China aims for quantity. Had we let Tojo take out China in WW2, it would have kept the Chinese population lower and avoided not just an ecological crisis-tragedy but also a certain war. As it is now, China and its unstable system are a ticking time bomb. It is trying to take over the world before it follows the empire of Genghis Khan into internal collapse…

  • Here’s why it will be harder for many Black families to recover from the pandemic downturn

    Black Americans have less savings and wealth than White people on average, which means that they suffer from the Sino-Industrial takeover that was the most recent panic-trend pandemic. If the trillion dollars a year that we spend on this and the $22 trillion spent so far have not changed this condition, it must be something in how Black people live, and we should accept that this is their choice.

  • Al Sharpton eulogizes white Arkansas teen shot by deputy

    Sharpton and others are using this as a platform for their criticism of heavy policing, since that finds more African-American crime than Asian or White crime, and only somewhat more than Hispanic crime. Whenever you see people crossing tribal or political lines and hear that term “bipartisan,” think “Uniparty.”

  • U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Andrew won’t get vaccinated

    He points out the obvious, which is that if you apply care to what you put in your body, it makes no sense to take a vaccine developed under massive profit motive during a herd panic. Humans should fear our herd tendencies more than anything else, since when those hit, we chuck our common sense and logical faculties out the window in order to do what pleases our social audience.

  • ‘An incredible day’ as Lee statue removed in Charlottesville

    We get the usual emoting from the Left, hiding the fact that these statue removals signify that America is an occupied country and the democratic experiment has ended. This means breakup and war, since no nation can exist under South Africa and Xinjiang conditions without self-destructing. Democracy, aided by diversity, has destroyed yet another good place and made it a bad one.

  • School boards become battle zones

    This is what cultural fracture looks like. If we leave it up to the Hart-Celler Act voters, America will become South Africa; the rising movement of heritage Americans slowly finds itself realizing that civil rights here, as in South Africa, was always designed as White genocide, and so they are pushing back at the local level to displace a parasitic federal government that now supports diversity as it once did industrialists.



  • Fury as New York prosecutors DROP looting charges against HUNDREDS arrested during riots last summer

    In its early stages, the Left wants tolerance; eventually, it declares itself the party of tolerance, and justifies eliminating everyone else. We now have two-tiered justice in America where Leftists and minorities face no consequences but conservatives are persecuted. This will end badly for police, who are going to find themselves increasingly under fire from radical groups if they enforce on either side.

  • Domestic Mass Shooters: The Association With Unmedicated and Untreated Psychiatric Illness

    Most mass shooters exhibit symptoms of undiagnosed and untreated mental illness, suggesting that the West has the psychological crisis warned of by Galtonians and Spenglerians. No amount of gun control or cracking down on “extremists” — incels, White Nationalists, Muslims — will change this, since the people willing to conduct suicidal crimes tend to be ready for self-destruction.

  • People No Longer Believe Working Hard Will Lead To A Better Life

    Better lives get given to those who join the Leftist gang and find a niche within the government bureaucracy, whether working directly for it or in roles it has created in private industry, but not to those who merely work harder. Leftist over-government has ruined yet another once-thriving place, but humans are too weak to resist the social impulse toward communalist movements.

  • Citi: World economy seems trapped in ‘death spiral’

    This “circular reference death spiral” occurs when industries rely on the same indicators to plan their actions, therefore unconsciously collude, producing similar market conditions and therefore, a fragile and repetitive market. Biden hopes to steer this off by raising oil prices, but more importantly, no one has any ideas and nothing really makes money; they are just fighting over audience tracking.

  • School investigates use of antisemitic imagery in yearbook

    Years of pressure by the now-distrusted Regime agents in media and education who post an inflated Holocaust narrative instead of the more prosaic reality, plus an obvious preference in media for New York style secular Jews, has gotten us to a point where normal middle school humor includes anti-Semitism. Diversity keeps decaying and no one knows how to resurrect it.

  • Germany withdraws platoon from Nato mission in Lithuania

    Apparently many Germans, having seen the diversity crisis that Hitler warned about come to pass, have begun openly singing pro-Hitler songs on the birthday of the former dictator. The powers that be will crack down on this, but they will have trouble suppressing its popularity, since the crackdown only makes it seem more legitimate.

  • Early migrations of Siberians to America tracked using bacterial population structures

    The experts still have no idea how populations of humans survived in Siberia and Europe during the last great ice age, but they can now track when Siberian offshoots arrived in the Americas. During the 1990s it was taboo to mention the Asian origins of “Native Americans,” but mainstream science is slowly catching up with human biodiversity.

  • Flag parade marchers sing ‘death to Arabs’

    Those who want their nations to survive increasingly choose mono-ethnic states so that they do not go the way of South Africa, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, and Ethiopia. If you want a healthy and happy nation, it must first have a single ethnic group continuous with its founding group, so that you can have a culture and not a forgery of a nation made only of government and economics.

  • Lapid condemns Flag march slurs: ‘This is not Judaism and not Israeli’

    Jewish Leftists hate Jewish nationalism as much as White American Leftists hate heritage America. So much for the ideas in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; it becomes increasingly clear daily that what we are seeing is not a Jewish conspiracy, but a typical democracy collapse, in which some Jewish people but not most have a pivotal role.

  • Jamie Dimon says JPMorgan is hoarding cash because ‘very good chance’ inflation is here to stay

    Smart money says that Joe Biden will do what Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter did, which is to create demand-side economic structures based on fast loans and government as the central industry, at which point a permanent malaise means lower value to money. Paradoxically, the solution is to hoard cash, knowing it will buy less but can buy things of value, where loans will cost more over time.

  • Crayfish behave more boldly after exposure to antidepressants

    Antidepressants resemble other modern “solutions,” namely looking linearly at one part of a complex system, drawing an overly-broad conclusion, and then finding data to support it while ignoring context. One wonders what they are doing to humans, since as more people are using antidepressants, sleeping pills, and mood stabilizers of late, we see more random violence and unexplained destructive acts.

  • America’s national parks face existential crisis over race

    Leftists declare a crisis when they want there to be one so that Leftist beliefs can be injected into a new institution. The national parks are doing just fine with their mostly-White audience and workforce, since this is the group that historically has cared the most about the forests and their creatures. The ideal Leftist outcome would be more affirmative action jobs; this is just another diversity shakedown.



  • Pentagon gets ‘woke’

    Leftist administrations seek to destroy the careers of anyone but Leftists, which means that soon only Leftists are in power, and they advance the Leftist agenda in order to get the right headlines so that their careers can continue advancing. This parallels the developments in the later years of the Soviet Union.

  • Beijing tells Nato to stop hyping up China threat

    Just like gun control in America, Chinese media control seeks to remove from us anything that we can use to defend ourselves against them. In reality, China will like any nation seek to control the world if it can, because only then can it be free of competition.

  • Men make more extreme choices and decisions, find scientists

    Without the male impulse toward boiling down the matter to its core and making forward choices based on preference instead of backward-looking deduction and rationalization, human groups find it hard to make decisions except those based on precedent or panicked, “the horse is gone so slam the barn door” reactions.

  • Microsoft exec: Targeting of Americans’ records ‘routine’

    America adopted The Patriot Act in order to keep our diversity from killing us; to save the village of freedom, we had to destroy it. Only by constant monitoring can they keep track of the many threats walking among us. Now that they have the power, they use it for careerist reasons, looking for conservatives to bust so that they will shower in praise from their Regime overlords.

  • Joy Reid says opponents of CRT are ‘steeped in white nationalism’

    Leftists think this approach is clever, but all it does is make ordinary people turn toward White nationalism, since anything else means accepting the insane Leftist agenda. You have given us no option. Our only future lies ahead through nationalism and hierarchy, instead of behind with democracy and equality (the opposite of quality).

  • Winston Marshall says internet mob targeted Mumford and Sons bandmates

    Cancel culture and internet SJW hate mobs finally hit mainstream consciousness when they attack not only a popular musician, but a Jewish young man with relatives who died in the Holocaust, all for the sin of praising an Andy Ngo book that reveals the destructive tactics of Antifa and other Leftist herd-empowered attack dogs.

  • Britain’s great pension divide revealed

    Public pensions — those offered through government — provide notoriously generous benefits, but this has come with a cost, namely the bankrupting of governments in the West as they simultaneously produce a new ruling elite of those who work for government or as a result of government regulations. We are closer to the Soviet system than we ever imagined.

  • Bronze Age: how the market began

    Future historians may see how the rise of commerce slowly devastated ancient civilization by giving rise to a new class of people who were good with mercantile business, but only at the expense of having awareness of anything else. Loathed by the aristocracy, these became the early middle class, although most of us are middle class now as shorthand for “not super wealthy but not working poor either.”

  • Nearly half of Texas voters have returned to their pre-pandemic lives

    Narrative collapse happens fast, and once it became clear that COVID-19 deaths almost exclusively consisted of people with average of 2.7 comorbidities each, states like Texas and Florida recognized that this was a political operation and not “science” and bailed out. Their citizens experience normal life, while the rest of the country hides in wartime mobilization conditions and paranoia.

  • Fungi embrace fundamental economic theory as they engage in trading

    Instead of the socialist model Leftists tell us that plants use, they negotiate from self-interest based upon principles of economics and mutual defense and propagation. The same applies to tribal groups, since each person in the society will be part of a hierarchy, but the existence of that hierarchy protects all and guarantees their contributions live on after death.

  • China’s Xi Jinping Tells Party Members Marxism, Socialism Should Be ‘Life’s Purposes’

    When people tell us what they are, we should believe them. Xi Jinping wants to run a Genghis Khan style empire where all exist to serve the emperor, and the emperor unites them all with an ideology of mutual religious, racial, and social tolerance, as the Khan did. Then he can project his control further than ever before, and… well, he has no idea, but that way, he stays in power.

  • Waking just one hour earlier cuts depression risk by double digits, study finds

    You might have seen those horrible Right-wing extremists discussing rising early, like at 6:30 AM or so. It turns out that those who rise early with a sense of purpose and meaning to their lives experience less depression than those who resist the day because they see it as pointless servitude to an empty and meaningless universe where the bad humans always triumph over the good ones.



  • NY pols push for healthier foods at taxpayer-funded facilities

    While the thought behind these laws is admirable, the real purpose of them is to make political careers, and each time we use government to do what culture should do, we weaken culture. Politicians need to make their careers on saying NO to anything but what is immaculately sane and stop trying to make names for themselves with bold, symbolic acts that create a nightmare of red tape and regulations.

  • Controversial anti-terrorism law wins voter approval

    In theory, these laws seem sane and good, but they will be used mostly to round up Right-wingers, and they dodge the real problem, which is that diversity always produces race war and this is the cause of almost all terrorism in Europe. End diversity, end the problem.

  • ‘This is not science fiction,’ say scientists pushing for ‘neuro-rights’

    Some have noticed that manipulative algorithms and methods of advertising result in intrusion into our thoughts and erosion of our faculty of choice. They reason that internet companies should not do this, but banning it through government sidesteps the fact that culture should be making these decisions, and it has been erased by diversity.

  • Naftali Bennett: Stop US Aid, Slash Israel’s Military Budget

    Newly-minted far-Right conservatives in Israel state the obvious truth: American aid to Israel manipulates Israel, and Israel supporters lobbying in the USA weaken the USA, which will surely produce some kind of angry and misdirected but not entirely wrong backlash. Let each power rule its own sphere and stay friends through trade and collaboration, not payments.

  • Omar forces a difficult choice for Jewish Democrats

    Fear of both being accused of “racism” and supporting nationalism dominate the choices of most American Jewish voters. After WW2, they determined that they would never again allow nationalism, and pushed hard for diversity, only to find out now that most of the diversity wants to make them even more dead than Hitler would have. Leftism has betrayed Jews just like it betrayed Whites.

  • Victoria government in ‘secret’ negotiations to obtain ‘permanent emergency powers’

    Across the West, we see politicians using COVID-19 as an excuse to seize emergency powers for themselves and to transform society so that those powers become permanent. Most people cannot handle power, and will seize more of it simply from desire, then become enslaved to it by the need to maintain control. The One Ring from Tolkien? It could well be.

  • $4.5 million accepted by family of man killed by police

    Police, overtaxed by the incessant crime wave that is diversity conflict, find themselves often faced with entirely unreasonable armed suspects, and so they have become a bit trigger-happy. In turn, neurotic politicians and voters then pay off the suspects, which causes many minority criminals to want to misbehave so that their families end up wealthy after the funeral.

  • Saturated Fat

    After realizing that much of the scientific conclusions on diet were wrong because they were the result of paid lobbying, contemporary dieticians find themselves endorsing more traditional diets, which are high in meat and vegetables but low in carbohydrates and fruits.

  • Britain’s Raab Says EU Should Stop Treating N. Ireland as ‘Separate Country’

    The European Union, smarting from the defection of one of its cash lolcows, plays dirty by trying to split Northern Ireland from Scotland, despite the Northern Irish population being ethnically Scottish. Brexit looks like the smarter choice more and more every day.

  • Mental health toll from isolation affecting kids on reentry

    Without constant indoctrination into denialism, kids start to sense how weird, unstable, and self-consumptive this time really is, and this makes their mental health take a hit. Their parents continue to try to manipulate them into accepting the Narrative so that they can be successful in the short term, even if this means that they go quietly insane in later life.

  • U.S. and UK embassies in the UAE face backlash after flying rainbow pride flag

    Democrats, like all Leftists, specialize in signaling and optics, mainly because like every snake oil salesman and con man on the face of Earth, they know that they need some aegis of respectability behind which to hide so that they can work their scams. This comical absurdity reveals how much democracy has driven American voters, politicians, media, and academia insane.

  • The U.S. Is Increasingly Diverse, So Why Is Segregation Getting Worse?

    Some questions answer themselves. The more people experience diversity, the more they want to get away from it, and to live in ethnic enclaves for their own group. The Clinton-era dream of a United Colors of Benetton type existence fades as it becomes clear that we evolved ethnic tribes in nature for a reason, and that reason has not gone away with credit cards, cell phones, and civil rights laws.



  • The Myth of a Majority-Minority America

    Despite having once been a good magazine, The Atlantic concludes that because some people are race-mixing, diversity is working and the one-drop rule is “discredited” (any time you see this word, you know that you are reading Soviet-level propaganda). In reality, the broken neurotics of all races are outbreeding to try to address their underlying mutational issues, and everyone else is withdrawing.

  • Biden and Jimmy Carter’s CIA Nominee

    A fairly detailed history of Biden and the CIA shows something interesting: he supported anything that would weaken the country or make the CIA stronger, but nothing that would strengthen the country and make the CIA weaker. Most large empires fall when their intelligence services or military seize control from a self-destabilizing, broken democracy. Much of our CIA may work for BlackRock and China now.

  • Gates Foundation commits $2.1 billion to advance gender equality

    The “scientific management” mental midgets have been with us for centuries, and they always default to the same ideal: total bureaucracy. Make everyone equal, including in behavior, and erase things like culture, physical differences, intelligence differences, faith, family, and tribal unit, and people become this fungible force which can act out the will of the bureaucracy, as Genghis Khan intended.

  • Employed individuals more likely to contract the flu, study shows

    When you live in an age of denial, commonsense truths become so demonized that it requires scientific studies to “validate” them so that normies can briefly accept them. Cramming people into large offices with recirculating air and shared spaces makes it more likely that they pick up the flu; on the other hand, that makes them more resistant to future flus.

  • Houston water fee hike approved by city council

    Dying minority-run city Houston, having lost to corruption all of its previous funding for water system infrastructure, levels a brutal cost increase upon its citizens so that this money too can be appropriate by the corruption. Diversity means that votes are ethnic head-counts, so when you get enough of it, you get cynical minority candidates who steal everything.

  • Nuclear Weapons Make World War ‘Impossible,’ Kremlin Spokesperson Says

    The Kremlin wishes to believe this, but has never repudiated the Soviet-era strategy of using tactical nukes, which is the most likely way that a conflict could escalate to full-scale nuclear war. Perhaps our lack of global conflict has allowed too many unfortunate situations to self-perpetuate, and now we are locked into mediocrity through an absence of conflict resolution.

  • Russia records around 428,000 excess deaths during pandemic

    The so-called (discredited, maybe) “pandemic” seemed to mostly kill off the sick, elderly, weak, and obese. We did not hear about it devastating homeless populations, but lots of people with other comorbidities went away. This means that the next few years will see fewer deaths because the truly vulnerable will have already died.

  • Insect Experts Will Change The Name Of The ‘Gypsy Moth’ And ‘Gypsy Ant’

    More social status stunting from our institutions shows just how many useless bureaucrats these agencies employ. These people have nothing better to do than pay attention to outrage media, most of which leans Left, and then adapt its strategies as their own in an attempt to ride the next social wave of change like in the 1960s. All of this is self-serving and hollow.


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