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An Abyss Separates Us

French poet Jean de la Fontaine elegantly illustrated the human condition through his Fables, one of which named “The Wolf and the Dog” involves a famished wolf who spotted a well-fed guard dog and conversed with him, since the dog was too healthy to be an easy prey.

The guard dog tells the wolf to leave the forest and come work for the dog’s masters in return for abundant food, shelter, and the occasional pat on the head. The wolf seems almost convinced but then notices the dog’s collar.

“What is that?,” he asks the dog.

“Oh, that,” says the dog. “It’s just my leash… my masters tie me up when they don’t need me to guard their livestock.”

The wolf is horrified: “You mean you are not allowed to run the hills and go wherever you like?”

“Well, no, but what’s so important about that,” says the dog. “As long as I’m fed, sheltered and looked after?”

And the wolf replies as he backs away, “I don’t mind spending some of my days on an empty stomach and would never surrender my freedom for any treasure.”

There are two kinds of people whose respective worldviews clash for dominance: those who value the immaterial and those who value the material. The latter seems to be the more popular side.
Both camps are on radically different wavelengths.

“What’s wrong with the vaccine passport?,” they say. “What are you afraid of? Why wouldn’t you show others that you’re safe? Are you afraid of being traced? Well, newsflash, honey, your cellphone already allows you to be traced! Ha Ha! Wanna go live in the woods? Roflmao! We are just numbers, bruh! Don’t you have a social security number? Then you’re already a number! laughs hysterically Now excuse me while I adjust my triple mask, bigot! …Ok, look, don’t you wanna get back to normal? Don’t you wanna be able to travel, visit restaurants, go shopping, have a job and get a car loan? Just show them your damn vaccine passport and you can have all that! A little compliance is but a small price to pay to go back to how things were! Why are you such a hard headed anti-vaxer Nazi rolls eyes?”

It is virtually impossible to argue with the pro-vaccine passport people and vice versa because we simply are two distinct kinds of people and such people cannot agree on anything because their priorities are radically different. Those against the vaccine passport and microchips inserted in our bodies are merely arguing for individual freedom and the right to be free to make decisions concerning our own bodies.

The pro-vaccine passport people want to delegate agency to technology, which is in turn, managed by corporate entities who in turn manage/own our governments. The level of trust on display is astounding, because most of these same people who blindly trust huge anonymous corporate entities with our wellbeing, have trouble trusting or believing in God. Oh, they do trust Allah and Buddha, just not the Christian god, but I digress.

Ironically, the “my body my choice” mob suddenly change their rhetoric when the issue is not about !the right! to slaughter unborn babies, with the pro-vax people basically saying the government (and its corporate sponsors of course!) knows best, that we are babies and we don’t know how to make good decisions, therefore the task of ensuring our survival must be delegated to the all-benevolent state in loco parentis.

These people (the pro vaccine passport types) do not want to consider that the passport is a proxy, a method to filter out the compliant from the non-compliant, most probably for later punishment by this world’s corporate overlords. Those obedient will have their vaccine passport to show and will be left to placidly graze the corporate fields of consumerism.

At the same time the passport will serve to designate those who do not carry it as de facto diseased, to be avoided, shunned, and persecuted, even though no proof exists that they are either ill or are voluntarily spreading any disease. If you do not have a vaccine passport, you are a criminal. Period.

Our corporate overlords assume we are just like them, evil inside and out, and intent on harming others by spreading contagious illnesses like Covid. Not even AIDS patients were required to show an ID saying they were HIV positive, so what’s the fuss about COVID-19 vaccine passports? There definitely is more than meets the eye here, but pro-passport people don’t want to hear about it and discard it as some “Right wingnut conspiracy theory.”

Vaccinated people are being told they might still catch COVID-19, they need to still use facemasks, and that their vaccine might not protect them from virus variants, which indefinitely extends the atmosphere of world hysteria and collective fear gripping the world. Fauci himself when asked if he wants to do a pathogen test, answered that since he has no symptoms, he doesn’t see why he needs to test himself.

The mainstream media saturated us with articles stating that one can be positive to the disease and present no symptoms (ie, asymptomatic). So which one is it? Every scientific study is rebutted by a newer study, and therefore, “the science” is never settled, sending us into ever deeper levels of doubt overlaid with even more layers of fear and insecurity.

Fear keeps the herd compliant, prevents it from using its common sense, and pushes it to impulsively ape whoever celebrity is currently on TV. It will start going to astrologers and fortune tellers. Reason evaporates, replaced by complacent resignation to whatever doom unfolds before our glazed eyes. And this doom is of our own making, since we are simply not willing to use our brains anymore to solve problems our ancestors have managed to outlive with far less hysterical measures.

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