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  • Swedes step up military contingency over Russian activity

    “For some time, developments have been moving in the direction of a serious security policy crisis in Europe, and it has accelerated in recent months,” Hallin said. “It is an illusion that tensions in Europe would be temporary.”

    She said Russia’s “main objectives are regime stability and strengthening its position as a major power. Preventing NATO enlargement in the vicinity of Russia is a top priority — and this is being looked at very long-term.”

    The NATO nations and Russia are all broke and trying to distract from their failure, just like the Chinese. This means that there must be war.

  • Record Federal Tax Collections Top $1 Trillion in 3 Months

    When the money keeps losing value, bringing in more only serves as a way to justify borrowing more and spending more. Socialism is like heroin: once you get on the train, you cannot get off until the big crash.

  • Helen Mirren ‘Jewface’ Row Over Golda Meir Portrayal Divides U.K. Entertainment Industry

    Mirren’s casting as one of history’s most heroic Jewish women has caused some disquiet. Actor Maureen Lipman (“The Pianist”) highlighted the discussion about what has been termed “Jewface” when she told a newspaper she “disagreed” with Mirren’s casting “because the Jewishness of the character is so integral. I’m sure she will be marvellous, but it would never be allowed for Ben Kingsley to play Nelson Mandela. You just couldn’t even go there.”

    If we have Black people being inserted into White history, there is no reason to stop from destroying other ethnic groups too, so Hollywood is going to do it.

  • Federal testing website launches next week, 4 tests per home

    Starting on Jan. 19, the website will provide tests at no cost, including no shipping fee, the White House announced Friday.

    This will end up being a tiny portion of the trillions that government and private industry have blown on this disease only for it to run its course like a seasonal flu, killing only those with multiple comorbidities. Then the vaccine lawsuits begin. The Democrats wanted to destroy the economy in order to control it.

  • Omicron Has Killed Certitude

    From Covid’s start in 2020, public and scientific authorities across the world said: “Trust us. We know what we are doing.” We now see that this unshakable, public-facing certitude was false.

    The dark end of the Long March through the institutions by the Left: nothing is trustworthy, setting the stage for civil war and regime change.

  • Police Departments Are Making Their Own “Cops” Videos Counteracting Police Brutality Depicted On Social Media

    Now, police departments across the nation are producing slick videos, pushing a “good cop” image after years of outrage over shootings, many captured on video and published to social media, and the resulting protests demanding accountability.

    Voters understand social logic like images and symbolic moments but not more complex things like statistics. If they did, they would realize that police killings are rare, but ideological killings like Ruby Ridge seem to be more common.

  • 270 health experts to Spotify: Joe Rogan’s Covid misinformation is ‘a sociological issue of devastating proportions’

    On the episode, Malone told host Joe Rogan that there had recently been an “explosion of vaccine-associated deaths,” and that hospitals are financially incentivized to label Covid as a cause of patient deaths. He also said leaders are using “free-floating anxiety” to “hypnotize” the public.

    No one believes the experts, media, and government anymore. It is like living in the Soviet Union at this point. If it is said in public, you assume correctly that it is designed to manipulate you.

  • Wiesenthal Center says Spanish TV interview with neo-Nazi “will encourage admirers”

    The prestigious Simon Wiesenthal Center, which specializes in the fight against anti-Semitism, has been strongly critical of Spanish television network La Sexta for its plan to give a prime time interview to Isabel Peralta, a young fascist from Madrid who is becoming an icon of the Spanish extreme right, with television support.

    When you have to enforce censorship in order to keep democracy from realizing that it failed, it is over. Your diversity has shattered any semblance of order and now people are interested in alternatives. Everything you to to censor and suppress this movement just strengthens it. We call that the “Streisand Effect” sometimes. You have just made the far-Right the hippest contraband on the black market, and you have made yourself uncool and stodgy in comparison. Then again, one might argue that the Wiesenthal Center, SPLC, ADL, and their like are the most anti-Semitic forces on Earth because they make their money by fear-porning elderly Jewish grandmothers.

  • The Gender Gap Is Taking Us to Unexpected Places

    In the early and mid-1980s, the share of liberals among male and female students was roughly equal, but since 1987, women have been more liberal than men in the first year of college.

    Along parallel lines, a Knight Foundation survey in 2017 of 3,014 college students asked: “If you had to choose, which do you think is more important, a diverse and inclusive society or protecting free speech rights.”

    Male students preferred protecting free speech over an inclusive and diverse society by a decisive 61 to 39. Female students took the opposite position, favoring an inclusive, diverse society over free speech by 64 to 35.

    Girls grow up faster in middle school and high school. By the time the late teens are hitting, boys are farther ahead, and they have seen the writing on the wall about how democracy takes from the stronger to give to the weaker, and therefore will always penalize anyone male, White, intelligent, sane, and healthy in order to take what they have and give it to the failing.

  • Katy bookstore vandalized with racist graffiti ahead of grand opening

    “It wasn’t even your normal racial hate. It was deep racial hate,” said White.

    The hurtful words have been painted over now. White said it was thousands of dollars worth of damage, but she decided not to file a police report.

    No police report = fake “hate crime.”

  • German police use Covid-tracking data to hunt down witnesses to man’s death by tracking restaurant customers’ movements through vaccine passports

    Any power you give to government gets abused. Rule by your fellow citizen means rule by fear.

  • Armed man takes hostages at Texas synagogue, sources say

    A U.S. official briefed on the matter told ABC News the hostage-taker is claiming to be the brother of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, but authorities have not yet confirmed his identity. The suspect is demanding to have the sister freed, the official said.

    Siddiqui is incarcerated at Carswell Air Force Base near Fort Worth, according to the source. She had alleged ties to al-Qaida and was convicted of assault and attempted murder of a U.S. soldier in 2010 and sentenced to 86 years in prison.

    Diversity does not work. What do you when the diversity hate each other?


  • Harris Co. bans criminal history question on department job applications

    “A disproportionate number of them are African American and, increasingly, Hispanic,” Ellis said. “In 2015-2017, Black people constituted about 13% of Texas residents, but 27% of people in county jails (and) 33% of the people in state prisons.”

    More affirmative action.

  • ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity

    ACE2-K26R; which is most frequent in Ashkenazi Jewish population decreased the SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 electrostatic attraction. On the contrary, ACE2-I468V, R219C, K341R, D206G, G211R increased the electrostatic attraction; ordered by binding strength from weakest to strongest. The aforementioned variants are most frequent in East Asian, South Asian, African and African American, European, European and South Asian populations, respectively.

    It turns out that only some segments of some populations are at much risk from this stovetop pandemic.

  • Thieves Raiding Cargo Containers, Stealing Packages On Downtown Section Of Union Pacific Train Tracks

    A section of the Union Pacific train tracks in downtown Los Angeles has been littered with thousands of shredded boxes, packages stolen from cargo containers that stop in the area to unload.

    Thieves have been raiding the cargo containers, taking packages that belong to people from all over the country from retailers like Amazon, REI and others.

    Third world USA continues. They will install new locks or ship everything by air, you will pay an extra 20% markup, and the problem will be swept under the rug.

  • Biden didn’t mean to offend senators by likening them to racists, Psaki says

    Biden’s speech described last year’s Capitol riot as a “coup” attempt and alleged that Republican-led states are passing voting restrictions to reduce participation because of former President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud, which were rejected by courts.

    “At consequential moments in history, they present a choice: Do you want to be the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?” Biden said.

    Conservatives will only get anywhere when they stop panicking about being called “racists” and say that “racism” does not exist and everyone wants to be surrounded by people like them, not just in race but ethnicity, religion, and social class.

  • Global conflicts inflamed by election-seeking ‘hawkish’ politicians

    Publishing their findings in PLOS One, researchers from the UK and Australia point to examples across the political spectrum of both ‘hawks’ and ‘doves’ toughening their positions in the face of conflict.

    Blame the politicians, not the conflict caused by generations of a lack of political will to address these problems seriously. Most of them arise from diversity and are easily solved with repatriation.

  • Meta faces billion-pound class-action case

    Dr Liza Lovdahl Gormsen alleges Meta “abused its market dominance” to set an “unfair price” for free use of Facebook – UK users’ personal data.

    The more specific laws try to be, the faster they become obsolete; the more general they try to be, the faster they get limited by the courts. Our antitrust laws across the world had no vocabulary for companies whose products were free, even if that came at the high price of market monopoly and having your data sold. This may be changing.

  • Oldham child sexual abuse inquiry ‘concludes authorities covered up serious failings’ after girl, 12, raped

    Authorities turned a blind eye as the youngster was abused by a string of adult men, including two who assaulted her after picking her up outside a police station, according to The Sunday Mirror.

    This sparked a devastating chain of events in which the girl suffered more than 20 sex attacks by eight men in one night, including 15 rapes.

    Just one of those men, Shakil Chowdhury, now 55, was brought to justice – and handed a six year jail sentence for raping the girl six times in October 2006.

    When the voters rubber-stamp the fight against “racism,” authorities stop enforcing on minorities for fear of being seen as “racist.”

  • Wearing a facemask makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, study finds

    Dr Michael Lewis of the university’s school of psychology said that the study proved our preferences have changed over time – with face masks deemed to make a person less attractive before the pandemic.

    In other words, goodthinkers were afraid to admit the obvious because it would make them look bad or mean.

  • Quietly and over some objections, a national digital vaccine card has emerged

    The digital pass known as the SMART Health Card is voluntary and minimal by design to protect personal information. It has a person’s name, date of birth and the dates and brands of vaccination doses, all contained within a type of scannable bar code known as a QR code.

    And after a relatively quiet start, it has built momentum in recent months as more states and companies have signed on, making it something of a de facto national digital vaccine card.

    We have seen this before with Social Security cards:

    Social Security numbers were first issued in 1936 — “for the sole purpose” of tracking the earnings history of workers for benefits, according to the Social Security Administration.

    Until 1972, the bottom of the card said: “FOR SOCIAL SECURITY PURPOSES — NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION.”

    But Social Security numbers have since become a key method of ID.

    First it will become an acceptable form of ID in some places, then a required one at most. First it will be for COVID-19 vaccines, and later for other goodthinker regimens.

  • Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants

    In follow-up virus neutralization assays, cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid prevented infection of human epithelial cells by a pseudovirus expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and prevented entry of live SARS-CoV-2 into cells.

    Surely in thirty years we will not find that this study was paid for by the cannabis industry.

  • Mike Lindell says a bank is closing his accounts over fear of “reputational damage”

    When herd panic hits, the markets turn against “freedom.”

  • Anna May Wong Quarter

    Anna May Wong was the first Chinese American film star in Hollywood. She left a legacy for women in the film industry.

    Wong appeared in more than 60 movies throughout her career. In addition to her roles in silent films, television, and stage, she landed a role in one of the first movies made in Technicolor. She achieved international success despite racism and discrimination.

    Latest installment of the great diversity propaganda push has just hit with more coins featuring minority people you never heard about because their contributions were minimal.



  • California should abolish parenthood, in the name of equity

    As said before, egalitarianism is a virus. It demands greater levels of equality because its only explanation for all that is wrong is a lack of equality. It will abolish culture, race, class, ethnicity, religion, family, and eventually individuality itself in order to achieve Equality Utopia.

  • That Cloud of Smoke Is Not a Mirage

    Kat Frey, a 25-year-old copywriter who lives in Brooklyn, picked up the habit last year. “We’re having a very sexy and ethereal 1980s revival, and smoking is part of that,” she said. “A lot of people I know are posting pictures doing it. I’m doing it. It’s having its moment for sure.”

    People want back to the 1980s generally. They realize that everything post-Clinton just amplified all of our mistakes since the 1800s.

  • ‘You people are just vectors of disease to me’: Ferris State professor goes on curse-filled rant during lecture

    “No liberty (expletive) of an administrator is going to tell me how to teach my class, because I’m a (expletive) tenured professor, so if you want to complain to your dean, (expletive) you,” Mehler said in the video. “Go ahead. I’m retiring at the end of this year and I couldn’t give a flying (expletive) any longer. You people are just vectors of disease to me, and I don’t want to be anywhere near you.”

    Leftists hire other Leftists. Many of them are insane.

  • Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with ‘seditious conspiracy’ related to US Capitol attack

    The new indictment brings to light planning the Oath Keepers are accused to have done ahead of the Capitol attack, as they allegedly recruited members, stocked up on weapons and organized to disrupt Congress’ certification of the 2020 election. Prosecutors say they also continued to plot “to oppose by force the lawful transfer of presidential power” after the Capitol riot failed to block the electoral college vote, according to a Justice Department statement on Thursday.

    “We aren’t going through this without civil war. Too late for that. Prepare your mind, body and spirit,” Rhodes allegedly said in a November 5, 2020, Signal message. In December, Rhodes — according to the indictment — wrote of the electoral college certification that “there is no standard political or legal way out of this.”

    The new Leftist legal standard has dropped: if you support badthink, you will be charged any time a new convenient incident comes out. When they cannot find real defendants, they will round up anyone they can and con them into taking plea deals since no one has the money to fight these kinds of charges.

  • New study shows the toll industrial farming takes on bird diversity

    Although the former inner German border has lost its political implications after the German reunification, farms are still five times larger on the eastern side of the border compared to the western side as a legacy of the former farm collectivization in East Germany.

    “Surprisingly, we found that larger farms are not damaging themselves, but their typical characteristics tend to harm bird diversity,” Noack explains. “Larger farms have typically larger fields and create more homogenous landscapes with less diverse bird habitats.”

    “Our results show that the negative impact of increased farm size can be mitigated by conserving land cover diversity within the agricultural landscape. In practice, this could mean incentivizing riparian buffer strips, forest patches, hedgerows, or agroforestry.”

    Small farms leave some land for nature to heal itself. Big farms produce uniformity and destroy diversity. The same applies to big nation-states.

  • South Africa minister tells schoolgirls to ‘open books and close legs’

    “I told the boys to focus on their education and not sleep with girls,” she said.

    She added that her constituents in Limpopo “appreciated the message”.

    “They were even saying that they were afraid to say these things and thanked me for calling a spade a spade,” she said.

    Realistic advice causes conflict with the goal of equality, which in order to make people equal, must remove the consequences of their actions from consideration.

  • Why is it still considered OK to be ageist?

    Survey after survey establishes the same things: people over 50 find it harder to get job interviews (unless, perhaps, they are applying to be president of the US) and are more likely to be eased out of existing jobs.

    When you stick it to employers for healthcare-related costs, they will kick the older workers out to save money.

  • Baltimore state’s attorney indicted on federal charges

    Mosby, a Democrat elected to her post in 2015, is accused of falsely claiming twice to have suffered a work-related financial hardship from COVID-19 in order to request early withdrawals totaling $90,000 from her city employee retirement account.

    They catch the easy ones. The true pros know how to hide kickbacks and make out like bandits.

  • Guaranteed income experiment for Black women aims to tackle racial wealth gap

    In the early months of this year, 650 Black women across Georgia — a demographic hit particularly hard by poverty — will get some of that help. Payments of $850 per month will roll out over the next two years in one of the biggest guaranteed income experiments in the country. Some participants in the $13 million initiative may receive lump sum payments totaling the same amount they would have received over two years. For now, the process of inviting and selecting participants is ongoing.

    Democracy — a subset of egalitarianism — will always take from the strong to give to the weak. This means that if your group is perceived to be strong, you will pay out forever to keep the proles from rioting.

  • How the Left Alienates Jews

    Two years later, the Democratic Socialists of America seem determined to make the same mistake, one that’s common on the US left: offending Jews. This is a bad idea. It’s bad because Jews vote in higher numbers than the electorate at large. It’s bad because Jews have a long history of left-leaning activism.

    Back when they were the only visible form of diversity, Jews were made into useful idiots by the Left (this is the opposite relationship to what the Hitler fans describe). Now that more diversity has become available, Jews are getting thrown under the bus as the Left embraces the BDS movement.

  • The Real Revolution Is Underway But Nobody Recognizes It

    Workers are realizing that they are powerless to change a rigged system at the ballot box or by conventional means. The only freedom that’s still available is to quit and game the system to the hilt, or drop out into the informal economy, try one’s hand at the rigged casino of rampant speculation or give up the whole unattainable dream of the McMansion on the golf course and build yourself a micro-home on a cheap rural parcel and work your own micro-enterprise.

    They do not, however, blame the higher costs of everything and lower wages on diversity and taxes, which go hand-in-hand. These days, the black market is booming and so is under-the-table labor. Try asking your local contractor for a “cash price” and you will be amazed at how much is transacted off the books. Without the 30%+ bakshish for the taxman, life gets a lot better, and if you can live in a trailer, small house, van, or boat, you can avoid being a tax cow for the ever-growing dependent population.

  • Chicago’s “Race-Neutral” Traffic Cameras Ticket Black and Latino Drivers the Most

    A ProPublica analysis of millions of citations found that households in majority Black and Hispanic ZIP codes received tickets at around twice the rate of those in white areas between 2015 and 2019.

    Read on:

    Both red-light and speed cameras are distributed roughly evenly among the city’s Black, Latino and white neighborhoods.

    The data shows how motorists from Black and Latino areas of the city have consistently received a higher share of camera tickets.

    Much like with the crime data, we are dancing around the obvious here.


  • Americans are binge drinking themselves to death, studies warn

    Researchers at the CDC revealed this week a 12% increase in binge drinking over a six year period ending in 2017, according to data pulled from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

    People are miserable and bored but no one will address this underlying cause. Like in the late Soviet Union, officials will point at the behavior and assume it occurs like a lightning strike, not as a conscious decision to self-medicate as things get worse.

  • Symptoms of the New Variant May Include

    The Establishment has even lost the self-proclaimed “intelligentsia,” who are now making fun of the similarity between COVID-19 and seasonal flus and colds.

  • New theory proposes ‘forgetting’ is actually a form of learning

    “Memories are stored in ensembles of neurons called ‘engram cells’ and successful recall of these memories involves the reactivation of these ensembles. The logical extension of this is that forgetting occurs when engram cells cannot be reactivated. The memories themselves are still there, but if the specific ensembles cannot be activated they can’t be recalled. It’s as if the memories are stored in a safe but you can’t remember the code to unlock it.”

    “Our new theory proposes that forgetting is due to circuit remodelling that switches engram cells from an accessible to an inaccessible state. Because the rate of forgetting is impacted by environmental conditions, we propose that forgetting is actually a form of learning that alters memory accessibility in line with the environment and how predictable it is.”

    Push something out of our environment for a short while and we lose track of it. This enables humans to memory hole anything but the current situation, creating a bias toward the present and against the past and future.

  • Your Bubble is Not the Culture

    My family is a bubble. We have a host of in-jokes that no one else will get, and a bunch of tastes that many others do not share. We regularly eat a dish called “tuna quiche,” which brings us joy even as it causes others to break for the nearest exit. This dynamic holds true on a larger scale, from religious communities to pop-culture fandoms: Most bubbles are a wonderful way to unite people through shared experience.

    Many cultural critics live in an unrepresentative internet bubble. Much of the current divergence between elite discourse and popular preference can be reduced to a simple heuristic: Most critics are on Twitter; most consumers are not. If you examine the coverage proclaiming the end of Harry Potter or Lin-Manuel Miranda, or castigating any other wildly successful cultural product or personality, you’ll quickly spot a pattern: The only evidence they tend to cite is an assortment of tweets.

    We connected up the world only to find that people talk to those like themselves and assume that everyone else does the same. This becomes a problem when those online are a relatively small group that does not represent the general population because the general population is out doing stuff instead of floating around on the internet.

  • Your gut senses the difference between real sugar and artificial sweetener

    Having discovered a gut cell called the neuropod cell, Bohórquez with his research team has been pursuing this cell’s critical role as a connection between what’s inside the gut and its influence in the brain. The gut, he argues, talks directly to the brain, changing our eating behavior. And in the long run, these findings may lead to entirely new ways of treating diseases.

    “These cells work just like the retinal cone cells that that are able to sense the wavelength of light,” Bohórquez said. “They sense traces of sugar versus sweetener and then they release different neurotransmitters that go into different cells in the vagus nerve, and ultimately, the animal knows ‘this is sugar’ or ‘this is sweetener.'”

    How easily we can be short-circuited by a few strong nerve impulses.

  • Why are Caucasians vanishing in TV commercials?

    In the United States today, the White population (not including Hispanics) is 57.8%. In real life, Caucasians are still in the majority, but now on TV and the Internet, they are swept under the rug like trash. Blacks comprise 14% of the U.S. population but appear in 50% of commercials. White actors now appear to promote health insurance, gold, loans, and some medicines. Moreover, if a White person appears in a commercial, he/she is usually old, sick, a freak, or at the very least, an appendage to a Black partner. If there’s a doctor on the screen, he’s usually Black, while the patient is usually White. Caucasian young men appear in only 4% of the commercials!

    Equality works its path of devastation but if you ask the average White person, they will demand more “civil rights”!

  • Major Depressive Disorder Predicted by Three Measures of Insulin Resistance: A Dutch Cohort Study

    Cox proportional hazards models indicated that higher triglyceride-HDL ratio was positively associated with an increased risk for incident major depression (hazard ratio=1.89, 95% CI=1.15, 3.11), as were higher fasting plasma glucose levels (hazard ratio=1.37, 95% CI=1.05, 1.77) and higher waist circumference (hazard ratio=1.11 95% CI=1.01, 1.21). The development of prediabetes in the 2-year period after study enrollment was positively associated with incident major depressive disorder (hazard ratio=2.66, 95% CI=1.13, 6.27).

    Bad cheap modern food makes people bloated and pre-diabetic, and this creates havoc for their mental states.

  • FDA wants race, ethnicity factored in administering COVID drugs

    The document, which was last updated in December, also notes that “[o]ther medical conditions or factors (for example, race or ethnicity) may also place individual patients at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19.”

    A recent notice from the New York state Department of Health detailing the criteria for individuals to receive oral antiviral treatment stipulated that “non-white race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should be considered a risk factor” due to systemic health and social inequities which have “contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19.”

    They always want to redistribute wealth and shatter the founding majority so that Leftists can rule in perpetuity. They have not thought past that point, including that ruling a mixed-race grey third world nation will not have the same cachet as ruling an Anglo-Saxon USA.

  • SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination-Associated Myocarditis in Children Ages 12-17: A Stratified National Database Analysis

    For boys 12-15 without medical comorbidities receiving their second mRNA vaccination dose, the rate of CAE is 3.7 to 6.1 times higher than their 120-day COVID-19 hospitalization risk as of August 21, 2021 (7-day hospitalizations 1.5/100k population) and 2.6-4.3-fold higher at times of high weekly hospitalization risk (7-day hospitalizations 2.1/100k), such as during January 2021. For boys 16-17 without medical comorbidities, the rate of CAE is currently 2.1 to 3.5 times higher than their 120-day COVID-19 hospitalization risk, and 1.5 to 2.5 times higher at times of high weekly COVID-19 hospitalization.

    For boys, the risk of taking the vaccine outweighs the risk of COVID-19 hospitalization.

  • Reducing air pollution: Policies that pay off

    They show that the health objectives can be met by combining two measures: replacing all inefficient wood heaters by modern pellet stoves, and reducing personal motor vehicle traffic within the conurbation by 36%.

    People would not drive so much except that diversity has created so many ruined areas in cities that commuters and others drive around them and refuse to leave their cars for anything but a destination. Alienation has high costs.

  • Sightings of Galveston’s ‘ghost wolves’ are on the rise.

    But these aren’t typical coyotes. Sporting reddish-brown fur and a slender build, they have been genetically linked to the rare DNA of endangered red wolves not seen since the 80s. The discovery, made years ago by a local resident, spurred a groundbreaking genetic study that aims to determine the prevalence of the rare red wolf DNA, or “ghost alleles” that researchers thought had gone extinct.

    Populations get absorbed by more generalized ones over time, leading to creatures that bear some of the original traits but none of the abilities.

  • Psy-ops are a crucial weapon in the war against disinformation

    Mikael Tofvesson, head of the new agency’s operative division, says aggressors are increasingly trying to sow division by targeting areas of public concern such as crime, Covid vaccinations, the government’s response to the pandemic, and immigration. “These are low-intensity campaigns that are constantly in operation, and when a specific issue is in the news the activity increases,” he tells me.

    All the Leftists of the world are following the American template: if your citizens start to dissent, blame it on foreign powers, and use your excuse of needing to protect democracy in order to stifle non-conforming voices.



  • Boris Johnson: The Gambler by Tom Bower review – the defining secret

    There is yet more evidence that Johnson scarcely believes in anything. After an argument about education, his first wife realises with horror: “Oh God, he’s got … no ideals.” Oliver Letwin comes to see that Johnson was “politically light, there was no ideology”. And of course there are the wildly oscillating positions on Europe. Bower reminds us that Johnson, who headed a Vote Leave campaign that falsely warned that Turkey was poised to join the EU, had made a TV documentary in 2008 advocating Turkey’s accession to the EU. Even once he’d committed to Brexit, he argued that it made no sense for Britain to leave the single market – a position he would casually jettison once it suited him.

    In other words, he follows the Clinton model. He looks to see what is polling, especially what is feared, and tunes in to that, then does whatever advances him. It would be tempting to blame him but with voters constantly inflamed by the media, neurotically ridden with fear, and agitating for change of unrealistic scope, a politician works with what the voters have handed him.

  • Forging Revolutions from Anthills

    The social organization of ants is complex, as is that of termites and bees, because these “social insects,” according to Wilson, are genetically programmed from birth. An ant does not think, does not learn, does not evolve; it is a product of Darwinian evolution, programmed so as to preserve and then perpetuate its genetic inheritance.

    There is nothing polemical in these observations; it is accepted in the scientific community that living beings are shaped by evolution. Within the Darwinian camp, however, anthropologists hold that human beings are determined by their social origins and their culture, while animals are determined by their inheritance.

    Almost all of our politics and cultural studies break down to whether can accept genetic determinism. Some were born to be kings, others janitors. Socially, this is unacceptable, but reality is bigger than human socialization. Do we accept our world or retreat into our own fears of social insufficiency?

  • Montreal’s vanished landscapes are at the heart of two new books

    Vanished landscapes figure prominently in two new books on Montreal — one on a major archaeological site preserving the vestiges of the former Parliament of Canada and the other on the role of photography in the fight to save heritage.

    We might view Western Civilization as a vanished landscape or palimpsest, an ancient design covered by a modern blight that can be removed to let the old and true ring out again.

  • Strong evidence shows Sixth Mass Extinction of global biodiversity in progress

    By extrapolating from estimates obtained for land snails and slugs, Cowie and co-authors estimated that since the year 1500, Earth could already have lost between 7.5 and 13% of the two million known species on Earth — a staggering 150,000 to 260,000 species.

    Loss of biodiversity can result in a lack of resilience presaging the collapse of ecosystems, which will then show us a real domino effect as they fail upward toward the global ecosystem.

  • A universal flu vaccine may be the next big mRNA breakthrough for Moderna, Pfizer

    They want to make this into an industry. It turns out that giving government free money to hand out for healthcare just makes Big Pharma parasitic, as critics of Obamacare warned years ago.

  • The Data Are Pointing to One Major Driver of America’s Murder Spike

    As a result, there’s no way to say for certain that newly purchased guns helped fuel the homicide spike. Less than 3 percent of the guns traced in the 2020 data set were connected to homicides.

    The whole article talks about the horror of guns, then once you are past the point where most stop reading, off-handedly admits that it does not have the data that it claims to be using to derive its conclusions. This is just propaganda at this point.

  • Russia, Ukraine: Russian Forces Redeploy Westward as European Security Talks Falter

    In the near term, Russia is most likely to adjust its military posture by stationing more troops in its western regions and/or escalating the Donbas conflict in an effort to pressure the United States into additional concessions. A Russian military incursion into Ukraine is less likely, though still possible.

    In the big picture, this is just another shakedown by a “second world” nation.

  • Earliest human remains in eastern Africa dated to more than 230,000 years ago

    “Unlike other Middle Pleistocene fossils which are thought to belong to the early stages of the Homo sapiens lineage, Omo I possesses unequivocal modern human characteristics, such as a tall and globular cranial vault and a chin,” said co-author Dr Aurélien Mounier from the Musée de l’Homme in Paris. “The new date estimate, de facto, makes itthe oldest unchallenged Homo sapiens in Africa.”

    Wait until they find out that many of their discoveries are from humans who re-entered Africa, and that modern humankind is much, much older than they thought.

  • People Thirsty to Reverse Their Coronavirus Vaccination Love This Wacky ‘Treatment’

    A few months ago, a channel popped up in the anti-vaccine recesses of the fringe-friendly social media platform Telegram and began extolling the virtues of the “Niatonin Protocol,” a daily regimen of high doses of niacin, butyric acid, and a few other supplements.

    A general suggestion is to bone up on your B-series and D vitamins in an effort to rebuild your immune system.

  • Has the Great Barrington Declaration been vindicated?

    It argued that these restrictions, which clearly infringe on individual freedoms and rights, were nonetheless justified in the name of “the collective good” and “the collective right to life”. This allowed them to pre-empt any criticism of the new Covid consensus: if you’re against any of these measures, you’re against the collective interest. And so thinkers like us, who have always criticised neoliberal individualism and argued in favour of progressive state intervention, suddenly found ourselves accused of being libertarians or outright “Right-wingers”, just for taking a critical stance of governments’ response to the pandemic.

    Even more, has this passive aggressive bullying tactic been used against us all along to get us to accept insanity like equality, democracy, socialism, and diversity from fear of being socially harmed by our perceived opposition to the collective? Humanity needs to grow up and get over social fear.

  • Quebec to impose a tax on people who are unvaccinated from COVID-19

    The government is still working out the amount that will have to be paid, but Legault said it would be “significant.”

    “All Quebec adults who refuse in the coming weeks to at least get a first dose, will be getting a bill,” he said.

    Government deals with media-fanned “crises” because the voters will panic and retribute, which gives politicians the justification they need to approve whatever shuts down the fear. In this case, there are two fears: fear of the virus, and fear that the already-high taxes for failing socialized medicine programs will rise even further. The solution? Attack the outsiders, protect the goodthinkers. They are the ones who vote for these tools after all.

  • Why the Catholic Church Is Losing Latin America

    The reasons for this shift are complex, including political changes that reduced the Catholic Church’s advantages over other religions, as well as growing secularization in much of the world.

    People go to the church for a socially-acceptable form of social conservatism so that they can resist the tide of decay. With its emphasis on the equality of all souls, Christianity finds itself unprepared to deal with the need to set hard limits, since that would leave some souls out in the cold. Instead it chose suicide.


  • The Great Resignation is not as great as headlines suggest, says historical data and a deeper analysis

    Since April 2021, the share of nonfarm workers who quit their jobs has been at some of the highest levels recorded by the bureau. In all, nearly 33 million people left their positions over this period, or over a fifth of the total U.S. workforce.

    They must explain it away:

    That would mean about 33% of the total nonfarm workforce quit jobs last year.

    Again, that seems like a lot, but a huge swath of the labor force does this every year. In 2019, for example, about 28% of the U.S. workforce quit.

    In 2019, people were quitting to move up. Now they are quitting to move into self-employment so they can work on the black services market or leaving jobs to take care of children.

  • Monetary policy widens the gulf between poor and rich economies

    But rather than a rerun of the severe downturns we saw in 2020, the outlook is one of high global inflation and rising interest rates, with severe risks for the more vulnerable emerging and developing economies.

    The third world attacked the first with a series of demands for more funding. As the first world retreats, it devalues its currency to make itself less appealing, while ensuring that the actual value of third world aid drops.

  • Children develop prejudice at an early age

    De Bruin looked at various diversity ideologies and found that children whose parents lean strongly towards a multicultural ideology were less prejudiced, whereas a ‘color-blind’ ideology did not have a positive effect. Multiple conclusions on the influence of parents can be drawn here. “Simply not discussing it, “color-blind parenting” has a counterproductive effect and isn’t a very good idea. The child will start to feel uncomfortable if you don’t talk it, because they do notice the differences and may come to see them as scary or negative.” According to De Bruijn, parents should be encouraged to discuss ethnicity and racism with their children.

    Clueless graduate student wants us to indoctrinate our children in diversity in order to avoid prejudice, which children develop in a vacuum if not relentlessly brain-washed by insincere adults.

  • Fungi found to regulate host gene expression of a plant through the use of miRNAs

    To that end, they conducted sRNA sequencing on both the fungus and the trees that had been infected and also looked for instances of in situ miRNA transfer. They found that the fungus did indeed transfer some of its miRNA to the roots of the trees. And as a result of that transfer, the fungus was able to maintain its infection of trees—but more importantly, such infections actually helped the trees to do better at gaining soil nutrients. They found that trees with fungus infections removed had more trouble pulling nutrients from the soil than those that were infected. They also found that if they added more fungi to already infected trees, the tree roots performed even better than those that had been infected naturally.

    Different organisms come up with useful bits of biological code and transfer it, in part out of a parasitic relationship and in part through the strange Will that animates all life to make it forever refining itself but never static.

  • Why More Americans Are Saying They’re ‘Vaxxed and Done’

    But Democratic talking points about the severity of COVID and the need for commensurate caution remain valid and not only for the sick and elderly. Ironically, they are especially true for the unvaccinated—a disproportionately Republican group that has seen their hospitalization rates soar this winter to all-time highs. About 9,000 Americans are dying of COVID every week. Preliminary state data suggest that more than 90 percent of today’s deaths are still among unvaccinated people. This year, COVID is on pace to kill more than 300,000 unvaccinated people who would, quite likely, avoid death by getting two or three shots.

    He transitions from this to talking about social costs from people being out of school and work with infections. This article might be described as rationalization propaganda, or having a conclusion in mind and selecting a string of potential fact matches in order to bore, browbeat, and humiliate the skeptical into conformity.

  • Frequent Boosters Spur Warning on Immune Response

    Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency. Instead, countries should leave more time between booster programs and tie them to the onset of the cold season in each hemisphere, following the blueprint set out by influenza vaccination strategies, the agency said.

    Big Pharma pushed flu shots very hard because they weaken the immune system and make people dependent on shots every season. Now the official experts have gotten in on the action and want to stop us from having random vaccinations and boosters, and instead to set up a yearly windfall for Big Pharma.

  • When this pandemic ends, the dodgy data and flawed forecasts of the doom-mongers may emerge as the greatest scandal of all

    The true number of new infections was more likely to be closer to 45,000.

    The whole thing was faked, all the way down, by self-important people trying to catch their fifteen minutes of fame and power from a mass panic.

  • Infrastructure bill includes “drunk driving” kill switch in all new cars; some worry government will abuse it

    One thing is for sure: cars will cost a couple thousand bucks more, with more money going out for repairs when the kill switch flakes out at an inopportune time.

  • Gene discovered in Georgia water a possible global threat

    It was previously believed that agriculture was a driving factor in the spread of MCR. Nations such as China and India use the colistin antibiotic in livestock. Colistin is considered a “last resort” antibiotic because it can kill infections that other antibiotics cannot. Its frequent use means that some bacteria are becoming resistant to it. This means that if people or animals contract a strain of colistin-resistant bacteria, there are potentially no medications that can treat their infection. They face extreme, invasive health measures and possible death.

    We received a small pocket of time in which modern inventions could have made a better life, and instead wasted it on pandering to human expansion, since rejecting the desires of an individual is seen as socially unacceptable. We are in a runaway chain reaction caused by our inability to have any social order other than what the individual wants, the individual gets.

  • Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents

    They knew all along that there was an easy cure, but it would not make anyone much money nor shut down an election. It also appears that it is likely that the US funded the research that produced this virus. How in bed with China are our leaders? It seems that they have already decided that conventional wisdom is to merge with China in a global system of commerce and civil rights.

  • Rise in autoimmune diseases linked to processed foods in western diet

    More than 4 million people in the UK suffer from at least one autoimmune disease, with scientists suggesting environmental factors as a catalyst in the worldwide rise – around nine per cent each year.

    Cases began increasing around 40 years ago in the West and have now begun emerging globally, Lee told the Observer, such as a recent increase in inflammatory bowl disease.

    Vinuesa supported Lee’s hypothesis and called attention to the Western diet of fast food that lack nutrition and affect a person’s microbiome, which are microorganisms in our gut that affect bodily functions.

    Another modern miracle fades with high costs for all.

  • Childhood development researchers call for ‘anti-racist scientific method’

    Iruka and Bruno also outline four ways to “bring proactive anti-racism into the scientific method.” These steps include viewing “Black children in a holistic way” and examining whether scientific “measures and tools are culturally relevant and meaningful.”

    We will undo the remaining functional aspects of society in order to make it open to all races, just as we undid most of them to make it “equal” to all social classes. Genetic determinism, or rule by over-socialization; which way, Western person?



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