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News (April 22, 2022)


You might ask yourself how you would know if you were living in a dying species. Species do not have a time-based lifespan so much as one based on adaptation. By definition, failing to adapt means you have no idea what you are not doing that you should be doing.

Living in a dying species means that everything seems fine until something goes snap and the whole edifice comes down like a falling building, company going bankrupt, aircraft disintegrating, or bridge collapse.

You do not get much warning. Things are fine until they are definitely not fine, and then you are reacting to a situation that has gone far beyond your ability to address it.

Why care about civilization? Civilization stability is what protects all of the work that you do that outlives you, including family, religion, art, knowledge, and defense of the realm. Without civilization stability, all of that goes away.

What does it mean to live in a dying civilization? Everything seems fine because the criminals will keep the basics of life intact, even if mediocre and spread thin. But everything is comically bad underneath the surface.

We call it clown world for its low quality and endless waste of time make-work activities hiding below the veneer. Nothing is really all that good, even our vaunted technology which glitches constantly and requires lots of maintenance.

This happens when people design a society around any principle other than “reward only those who do good.” If you reward people for just breathing, or for proxy activities like school or earning money, you end up with bad dwarfing good.

Bad simply means mentally disorganized. They have no purpose, therefore they seek tangible reminders of their power to make them feel better inside. It is as addictive as heroin.

When your society dies, at first you get the Voltaire and Jefferson types who are so besotted with their cleverness that they come up with circuitous labyrinthine explanations to justify what they believe or feel rather than know to be good.

After that, you get the entertainers who please the crowd by telling them what they want to hear, like the FDR, Carter, JFK, and Clinton types. They give way to something even darker.

That bend in the journey brings about the Boss Tweed people like Hillary Clinton, Jacinda Ardern, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, LBJ, Justin Trudeau, and Joe Biden. They view government as a business: they do favors, get favors in return, and laugh at everyone else for being too stupid to do the same. Their goal is to ensure that their party rules forever so the political machine can keep running.

Eventually these people rot out the core of the society by taking all wealth away from the functions and institutions of society and shuttling it into their own little in-group that is working to enrich itself as the expense of everyone else.

That gives way to your final stage, the Genghis Khan and Darius of Persia types who rule with an iron hand like Joseph Stalin or Chairman Mao and avoid what to them is a pitiable obsession with saving the mess like Hitler or Trump would try.

In the West, they stole your society under the aegis and pretense of civil rights.

With the advent of Irish immigration, society changed from having a goal to being geared toward accepting everyone and not having a dominant culture. That gave way to the struggle in the 1860s for the cosmopolitan cities to conquer the Anglo countryside.

In the 1960s, the government finally began to act on the power it had. The Fourteenth Amendment demanded that government ensure that all citizens had “the equal protection of the laws,” which government interpreted — as was intended — as forced equality. This gave government a charter to interfere in all areas of life, public and private.

Out of the 14A came HUD, non-discrimination, affirmative action, disparate impact, Section 1980 civil rights suits, Title IX, and many other forms of compelled tolerance and equality. These made government more important than individual discernment, and forced people into a state of conformist obedience in order to not be so controversial that they could not have jobs, homes, friends, and families.

In the end, government found a way to weaponize peer pressure, as always happens in Crowdism. The group is chaotic, but everyone wants a guarantee that they will not be attacked, so they form a sort of peace agreement where in exchange for mutual loyalty, they defend the group against any who know better, in the process enforcing a type of mediocre minimum productivity and allegiance to a “dark organization” within the society that like a cult, mafia, gang, sect, or clique works against the interests of civilization in order to assuage the fears of its members of being attacked or downranked by those who know better.

When social pressures outweigh hierarchy, or the habit of choosing the best based on achievement instead of what others think about them or some “meritocracy” that is a proxy for ability, you end up with what pleases the average, namely harmless but slightly edgy mediocracy that constantly stunts for attention in order to be both equal and noteworthy enough to be noticed above all the other grey equals.

This gives us a glimpse into the degeneration problem of societies: strong institutions make weak people by taking over the functions that those people should be exercising on their own. When society does something for people, they stop paying attention to the question of that task, and soon lose the ability itself.

In other words, when life is a question of adaptation, humans thrive; when it becomes a job, where the only goal is to please the manager with the optics that induce joy-joy feelings in the workplace, people stop caring about the goal and act only to the letter of their instructions without regard for what gets achieved.

Viewed in that way, jobs join other forms of proxy-based collective reward — unions, insurance, socialism, meritocracy — as terrible human systems that seem like wisdom until you see them applied over multiple generations, at which point degeneration kicks in and we become subsistence-oriented, resentful, and minimally effective people. Power is the enemy of strength. Smart leaders use power sparingly.

We now exist in Late Stage Democracy where government, industry, the Crowd, and media want to obliterate all competition, namely the organic processes of family, culture, faith, genetics, and experience itself.

A society of this nature is ruled exclusively by mass panics and manias as people who fundamentally lack direction go looking for the next big thing to use to draw attention to themselves so that they can justify having some of the wealth of that society redistributed to them.

That is the nature of a disorganized society. In an organized society, everyone has a role and goal and only those who are good are rewarded. In a disorganized society, everyone competes to show the narcissistic Controllers that they are obedient conformists, and consequently people rush between fads and fears without any consistency.

We make fun of the people who “support the current thing,” but their role occurs because of social disorganization arising from the equality which is necessary to render them into a fungible mass — a Crowd — which, since it lacks any organization, can be easily controlled.

Conservatives have always resisted the current thing because we realize that it is a substitute for actual organization and mental health. We focus on the time-honored, which requires a sense both of realism and of qualitative excellence to determine what is not only functional but also worth keeping.

Per the Dunning-Kruger Effect, this is invisible to most. They see only what right now will make them more popular in the peer pressure competition, and therefore degrade civilization further.

This is how you know you are in a dying society. On an Earth where there are no open spaces left and all economies are interconnected, this translates to a dying species. We either fix this or it is the end.


  • Exxon Ban on LGBTQ Pride Flag Triggers Employee Backlash

    Exxon updated company guidance on what flags can be displayed outside its offices, banning “external position flags” such as PRIDE and Black Lives Matter, according to the policy seen by Bloomberg News. Instead, the rule permits a flag representing an LGBTQ employees’ group that does not prominently feature Exxon’s corporate logo.

    In response, members of Exxon’s PRIDE Houston Chapter are refusing to represent the company at the city’s June 25 Pride celebration, according to an employee group email also seen by Bloomberg.

    Hint to business: anything you do to support one group will offend another. You were better off with a White America where everyone was a WASP and therefore you knew the cultural boundaries. Now you must support infinite niches, all of which hate each other.

  • US boosts supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine

    Officials say the change in policy is the result of several factors, including a desire to do more to help Kyiv following evidence of atrocities in the areas Russian troops occupied before retreating from the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

    There has also been a reassessment of the threat posed by Russia’s nuclear arsenal, a sabre that Putin rattled early in the war but one which analysts now believe he is unlikely to deploy.

    The West has figured out that this proxy war is winnable. That is, the Russian military has consistently under-performed and the problems look structural; the Ukrainians, trained and armed in advance by the West, are performing better than expected. This lets the US give Russia a black eye while not confronting the problem of China that Trump unveiled.

  • As Britain’s shale gas lies untapped, a despatch from a US state shows how fracking is thriving alongside unspoiled nature

    In Tioga County, says Mr Coolidge, there has been no evidence of earth tremors — which is generally true of fracking across America.

    Nor have there been any fracking-related health problems (despite opponents claiming a link between the extraction process and rare cancers among children).

    At this point, it seems like most of our media consists of narratives that cherry-pick details and then hype the heck out of a few details while ignoring the bigger picture. Fracking seems like a bad idea until you realize that some variety of this process has been going on since the 1970s.

  • Evidence suggests cancer is not as purely genetic as once thought

    According to the data, heritable cancers account for just five to 10 per cent of all cancers, Wishart said. The other 90 to 95 per cent are initiated by factors in the exposome, which in turn trigger genetic mutations.

    This was always the conventional wisdom: environmental toxin load causes the creation of cancer cells. The question is, which environmental toxins? Based on the increase in the use of internal combustion engines correlated to the rise in cancer as an everyday diagnosis, my guess is that we will find that those who live in environments saturated in car and truck exhaust are the ones getting brutal cancers.

    Consider also the air pollution issue:

    Wang and the team collected [fine particulate matter (FPM) found in air pollution] from seven locations in China and studied its effects on the main immune cells that defend against tumour growth — called cytotoxic T-cells (CTLs). In mice administered with lung cancer cells that were not exposed to FPM, CTLs were recruited to the lung to destroy the tumour cells. By contrast, in the mice whose lungs were exposed to FPM, the infiltration of CTLs was delayed — potentially allowing the tumour cells to establish in lung tissue.

    We are killing ourselves through our reckless use of technology because our societies are disorganized without social hierarchy to enforce good judgment. Some people know better. Some are more competent. No matter what “we” as a mob want, “we” as a population do better by having the advantages of that competence and judgment in power instead of the trend-obsessed, neurotic ravening of the Crowd.

  • Zelensky Warns That Russian Ambitions Don’t End With Ukraine

    A Russian general said earlier Friday that Moscow wanted to establish a land corridor from Mariupol to Crimea and onward to the Russian-backed territory of Transnistria, a separatist region established inside neighboring Moldova with Moscow’s help, to support Russian speakers there.

    The statement from Maj. Gen. Rustam Minnekayev, deputy commander of Russia’s Central Military District, which aired on state media and drew no comment from the Kremlin, underscored one of Kyiv’s central rallying cries for Western support in its fight against Russia: that a revisionist Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, is trying to re-establish a Soviet-era sphere of influence that reaches deep inside Europe.

    Transnistria broke away from former Soviet Republic Moldova following its declaration of independence from the U.S.S.R. in 1991 in an effort to stay within the Soviet bloc. The Soviet 14th Guards Army intervened in the conflict months later on the side of the separatists and have stayed in the separatist region as what Moscow calls a peacekeeping force.

    After Georgia and Crimea, who could have any doubt? The West has been signaling hard that it is a democracy in its final stages for many years now; do not be surprised when those who hope to profit by seizing what others have become emboldened in their conquest. The only solution is a stronger West, which requires getting rid of diversity, taxation, red tape, and the 14A.

  • Pennsylvania elementary school rejects creating ‘After School Satan Club’

    The principal of the school had initially rejected starting the club but was up for a vote by the board before they shut it down.

    The Satanic Temple offers the program in select public schools as an alternative to Christian Good News and is meant to be educationally enriching.

    Satanism has always been satire of Christianity. In this case, it is satirizing the Tower of Babel we have set up with humanism, pluralism, diversity, tolerance, equality, democracy, and socialism. If we accept everyone in order to be good, we must accept evil as well, which promptly reveals that we are not good after all. Our philosophy is paradoxical because it confuses cause, intent, effect, and method.

  • The European countries where Australians can buy a house for as little as $1.40

    Towns and villages across Europe are stemming falling rural populations by enticing foreigners to move there through incredibly cheap housing, bargain rent and straight up cash handouts.

    Urbanization kills off populations. People move into the cities for opportunity, get ensnared by high costs, and have smaller families as a result. Cities need high costs in order to subsidize the huge consumer audience, many of whom are dysfunctional. That plus a few wars for democracy equals the end of a society.

  • Riots in Sweden a ‘direct result of mass migration’ legal philosopher says

    “Let’s be real here for a second. Even though in this particular case, there was a direct event that led up to it, which was the Koran burning… this is not something that is new to Sweden,” she said.

    “These riots happen very often. There are dozens of areas in Sweden, all over Sweden, where the police virtually lost all control. And that is with or without Koran burnings. And there’s a very simple reason for that … probably up to 80% of the [migrants] there come from radically different cultures, first and foremost, Africa and the Middle East.”

    She said these new migrants do not respect Swedish culture or Western customs in general – adding that in many cases Westerners themselves have shown they have little regard for their own culture or customs.

    Poor little zombie. She is still thinking in egalitarian terms like “culture.” The fact is that if you settle people next to each other, they interbreed, and soon you no longer have Swedes, but grey people with Swedish, African, Asian, Jewish, and Arab grandparents. Diversity is (genetic, ethnic, biological) suicide in addition to erasing organic culture by liberalizing standards in order to accommodate the different behaviors of different groups.

  • Wikipedia deletes entry for Hunter Biden investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners

    “This organization is only mentioned in connection with its famous founders, Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz,” said a Wiki editor identified only as Alex who additionally warned that “keeping it around” ran the risk of the page becoming “a magnet for conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.”

    Wikipedia is not State propaganda like Pravda, but Leftist social group peer pressure propaganda like The Washington Post and The New York Times. Do not trust it or other luvvy hugbox echo chambers like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Ancient skeletons reveal the history of worm parasites in Britain

    People In the Roman and the Late Medieval period fared the worst, with the highest rates of worm infection detected. The infection rates were similar to those seen in the most affected regions today.

    Things changed in the Industrial period. Worm infection rates differed a lot between different sites — some sites had little evidence of infection, while in others there was a lot of infection.

    The researchers think that local changes in sanitation and hygiene may have reduced infection in some areas before nationwide changes during the Victorian ‘Sanitary Revolution’.

    It takes a long time for people to accept reality and change. Keep in mind that this in within the most successful human civilization; the others are worse.

  • Tennessee passes bill requiring drunk drivers to pay child support if they kill a parent

    The legislation, which has yet to be signed into law, requires DUI drivers convicted of either vehicular homicide or aggravated vehicular homicide due to intoxication to pay child support if a parent killed in a crash has any minor children. The payments would continue until each child reaches 18 years old and graduates from high school.

    A legal system styled after the ancient Nordic method, where those who caused injury were burdened with liens until the damage was paid for, might dissuade murder more than our current system where if we catch you, we effectively pay you through free living until your sentence is up.

  • Study explores academic success among Jewish girls

    Girls raised by Jewish parents are 23 percentage points more likely to graduate college than girls with a non-Jewish upbringing, even after accounting for their parents’ socioeconomic status.

    “Girls raised by Jewish parents articulate a self-concept marked by ambitious career goals and an eagerness to have new experiences,” said Horwitz, an assistant professor in the Tulane School of Liberal Arts’ Department of Jewish Studies and the Fields-Rayant Chair in Contemporary Jewish Life. “For these girls, elite higher education and graduate school are central to attaining self-concept congruence.

    “In contrast, girls raised by non-Jewish parents tend to prioritize motherhood and have humbler employment aims. For them, graduating from college, regardless of its prestige, is sufficient for self-concept congruence.”

    The values they attribute to Jewish people seem more like cosmopolitan urban values than those specific to any religion. Probably the study needs to be re-done controlling for zip code.


  • Brains and brawn helped crows and ravens take over the world

    Crows and ravens — part of the avian family of Corvids that also includes jays and magpies — underwent rapid global expansion, unlike other family members that stayed mostly within single continents.

    While their flying skills were key to their success, new research from Washington University in St. Louis also shows that big bodies and big brains played an important role in helping crows and ravens survive in the new climates they occupied.

    Using specimens housed in museums across Europe and the U.S., the scientists found that they have longer wing lengths, bigger body sizes and bigger relative brain sizes compared with other Corvids.

    In other words, a big-brained master race colonized the world and then formed local variants that fit the nutritional and weather conditions there.

  • 72% of six-figure earners are men, while 57% of workers making under $25,000 are women, survey finds

    “They bear the brunt of low-wage jobs, and those low wages translate to a lifetime of being behind when it comes to building financial security,” she added.

    The gender wage gap has remained remarkably stubborn for decades.

    Most women are working the second career so that they can raise children with their husbands or partners. We see here a statistical error elevated into dogma, just like the assumption of “equality” itself.

    We can see this in the drop in income after childbirth:

    The researchers used detailed survey results and administrative tax records that provide long-run data on earnings, birth and marriage dates and key characteristics such as education.

    “Across groups, wives become more financially dependent on their husbands after parenthood,” the researchers concluded, a worrying sign particularly in the U.S., where divorce remains common and policy support for families is weak.

    It never occurs to them that women have transferred much of their focus to their children, making them unavailable during many working hours, and that it takes two people to raise a child.

    In the meantime, from the first article:

    Many Americans agree it now takes a six-figure salary — at least — to get by amid today’s rising prices and economic uncertainty.

    That was always the point. The obedient get the money, and everyone else gets dominated, so that the System may remain intact in perpetuity. Over time it decays, but that is beyond the understanding of those who have created and supported it.

  • Secret Service claims it has ‘no records’ of who visits Biden in Delaware

    The US Secret Service has dubiously claimed to The Post that it has “no records” of visitors to President Biden’s two Delaware residences and therefore cannot divulge that information in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

    You cannot run Tammany Hall and have visitor logs.

  • 70% of country has been infected since pandemic began, official figures show as outbreak continues to shrink

    Office for National Statistics (ONS) analysts estimate that 38.5million people got infected at some point between April 27, 2020, and February 11, 2022, the equivalent of 70.7 per cent. It is the first time an official figure has been put on the overall incidence of Covid, following fierce debate about that number throughout the pandemic.

    But the true number of people infected is likely to be even higher because the estimate does not cover the first surge of infections in spring 2020 and excludes this March and April, when cases hit record highs following the emergence of the BA.2 variant.

    Reacting to the report, Professor Francis Balloux, an infectious disease expert at University College London, said he believes actual incidence is closer to 90 per cent.

    In other words, herd immunity was the answer, and most likely the lockdowns, vaccines, social distancing, and masks simply got in the way. The problem was always that the elderly in retirement homes are served by poor people from immigrant backgrounds who live in clusters with low hygiene and therefore bring in the infection, at which point the elderly who would have normally died from the regular flu die from COVID-19, creating a statistical bubble. Others got hit because they had genetic susceptibility to the virus.

  • It’s the French election this weekend — here’s what Wall Street expects to happen

    In the final day of campaigning ahead of this weekend’s second-round vote, polls showed Macron with a 57.5% lead over Le Pen’s 42.5%.

    Should Le Pen win, however, markets could be in for a shock amid rising uncertainty around France’s domestic and EU policy.

    Under France’s electoral system, presidential powers are largely dictated by parliament. The ultimate victor’s ability to govern will therefore be determined by legislative elections in June, and with little parliamentary popularity, Le Pen could face an institutional impasse.

    They are afraid that she will win and therefore are hitting us up with double layers of fear porn that amounts to complaints that the system is not ready for change. Well, get it ready for change then, because the old way of doing things has failed.

  • Major retailers boost Black female entrepreneurship as employment gap lingers

    As of last year, 17% of Black women in the U.S. were in the process of starting or running new businesses, according to the Harvard Business Review. That outpaces the 15% of white men and the 10% of white women who reported the same.

    Yet, only 3% of Black women reported running mature businesses.

    And the traditional workforce unemployment rate remains high among Black women, at 5.5% in March, compared with overall U.S. unemployment of 3.6%, according to the Labor Department. The unemployment rate among Hispanic women during the same period was 4.2%. For white women it was 2.8%.

    This amounts to a government-created subsidy, based on the 14A logic behind affirmative action, that compels businesses to spend absurd amounts of money to enforce a government diversity program. Get rid of the 14A and diversity goes.

  • Stroud council to recommend Blackboy clock is removed

    A 248-year-old clock which has been described as an “offensive racist relic” should be taken down, a council has said.

    Diversity means you must heap your own history on the pyre and burn it down in order to appease foreigners who will hate you until you are extinct because their people sold them into slavery or they came here for opportunities their homelands were not competent enough to provide. Diversity is suicide and genocide.

  • CNN+ will shut down at the end of April

    The prior management team’s vision for CNN+ runs counter to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s plan to house all of the company’s brands under one streaming service. Some CNN+ programming may eventually live on through that service. Other programming will shift to CNN’s main television network.

    The Right wing woo on this one was wrong: they are trying to get people to move from Roku and smart TVs to having only one online service in which they can get many channels of content. This is not CNN failing; it is CNN redesigning its monetization model.

  • Biden Admin Unleashes ‘Total Transformation Of Government’ With ‘Equity Action Plans’

    The White House recently noted that on his first day in office, President Joe Biden “signed Executive Order 13985, Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government” which “directed the whole of the federal government to advance an ambitious equity and racial justice agenda” focused on creating “prosperity, dignity, and equality” for underserved communities.

    This parallels what John F. Kennedy did was affirmative action. It is vote-buying: when minorities depend on government for votes, they will demand even more government. In the same way, government employees and union workers formed the basis of the Leftist movement until it could get enough media power and diversity to snooker regular people too.

  • Obamas to Leave Spotify, Seek Podcast Deal Elsewhere

    It has talked with multiple big networks, including Spotify, but the Swedish streaming giant declined to make an offer, according to three sources familiar with the discussions.

    Spotify shares were little changed at 9:50 a.m. in New York trading.

    In other words, no damage was done to Spotify by letting this podcast go elsewhere, which means that much as in the case of Netflix, they are finding the problem is not so much Right-wing opposition but general lack of interest by both sides.

  • Still more secret migrant flights, why is Biden keeping this off the books?

    Staffers are disturbed by the secrecy of the operation, and the prospect that they are participating in a human-trafficking operation, the whistleblower says.

    “The charters are not on our paperwork, not on the [air-traffic] breakdown, not on the schedule, not on the flight plan. They’re not listed anywhere.”

    He is importing more voters. Three-quarters of all diversity populations — including “White” diversity like Southern, Irish, Eastern, and Mediterranean Europeans — at a minimum vote for the Left. The more of them he imports, the longer his party and its political machine stay in power. Tyrants always import foreigners to vote against majority interests, since the tyrant wants to take over the majority and use its carcass as a means to stay in power perpetually.

  • Open Letter from Former Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security, and Cyber Officials Calling for National Security Review of Congressional Tech Legislation

    The National Security Establishment reveals itself:

    In the face of these growing threats, U.S. policymakers must not inadvertently hamper the ability of U.S. technology platforms to counter increasing disinformation and cybersecurity risks, particularly as the West continues to rely on the scale and reach of these firms to push back on the Kremlin. But recently proposed congressional legislation would unintentionally curtail the ability of these platforms to target disinformation efforts and safeguard the security of their users in the U.S. and globally. Legislation from both the House and Senate requiring non-discriminatory access for all “business users” (broadly defined to include foreign rivals) on U.S. digital platforms would provide an open door for foreign adversaries to gain access to the software and hardware of American technology companies.

    In the name of protecting us against Russia, they want to continue to use our social media as a propaganda organ.



  • Fannie Mae says the US will enter a ‘modest’ recession in 2023 as inflation hits a 41-year high

    Fannie Mae economists predict the US will enter a ‘modest recession’ next year as inflation hits a 41-year high of 8.5 percent, with multiple banks also expecting the economy to tank.

    The company says part of the reason is the Federal Reserve’s effort to raise interest rates, which could scare people away from taking out home and business loans.

    Easy loans increase economic activity but it is mostly speculation. The real cost here is the rise in taxation plus the hampering effect of more red tape and ideological imperatives, exactly as it was during the Carter years.

  • What is ‘Web3’? Here’s the vision for the future of the internet from the man who coined the phrase

    “Web3 is really sort of an alternative vision of the web, where the services that we use are not hosted by a single service provider company, but rather they’re sort of purely algorithmic things that are, in some sense, hosted by everybody. So it’s like, it’s very peer to peer, right? … The idea being that all participants sort of contribute a small slice of the ultimate service,” Wood said.

    The big point is: the services that we use are not hosted by a single service provider company. We were better off before six big companies controlled the entire internet, yet without that control, the profit model never would have worked. Markets tend toward monopoly when competition becomes expensive, and government taxes, lawsuits, red tape, affirmative action, and so forth raise those expenses, to the delights of those who are already big enough to survive that economic fever.

  • County Paid $885,000 on the Vaccine Contract after Hidalgo Decided to Cancel It

    County records show that shortly after County Judge Lina Hidalgo announced on September 8 that she intended to ask the Commissioners’ Court to cancel the controversial contract, the County rushed through a payment of $885,000 on September 16 covering all of the contractor’s outstanding invoices. When the County made the payment, the invoices had only been pending for about two weeks. Few County vendors get paid that quickly.

    Diversity Democrats caught with their hand in the cookie jar yet again.

  • Construction mafia creates crisis by derailing infrastructure projects

    Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry (BCCEI) operations manager Lindie Fourie said the problem of intimidation, extortion and violence on construction sites has reached crisis levels and requires an urgent and collaborative response.

    Wherever social hierarchy does not exist, proles band together in cliques, gangs, mafias, and cults to steal everything they can, leaving everyone else impoverished. This is by definition the behavior of the prole, that which simply consumes and leaves ruins behind.

  • Girls excel in language arts early, which may explain the STEM gender gap in adults

    “We find girls are better in English than boys in grades three through seven,” said Anya Samek, an associate professor of economics at the Rady School and one of the study’s co-authors. “Because girls are more likely to do well in language fields early in life, they may find themselves more inclined to choose them for majors and careers. Thus, women may be underrepresented in STEM in part because of their cultivated talents achieved earlier in life.”

    About half of my favorite novelists are women. There may be more afoot here than these people are willing to realize. In my view, STEM is a nice but blockheaded field that requires being systematic; the more complicated stuff has no nice narrow channel boundaries.

  • Netflix sheds subscribers for the first time in a decade

    Netflix said its decade-long run of subscriber growth ended in the first quarter and admitted it was becoming “harder to grow membership” in many markets, sending its shares plunging 25 per cent in after-hours trading.

    Separating from the Right-wing woo: Netflix was always a pocket, or the business opportunity between a new property becoming available and the market adapting to it. That pocket existed because Big Hollywood did not have a streaming service but wanted the network effects of having all the content in one place, so was willing to make licensing deals with Netflix. As Big Hollywood launched its own services like Hulu, Disney+, and HBOMax, it was less willing to license to Netflix, so Netflix tried to emulate HBO and LMN and make its own content, but for a unique brand, namely SJWs and minorities. These groups turned out to be less numerous and less interested than predictions suggested, which meant that Netflix made a crucial error and is now heading into the dustbin of history. It has nothing to do directly with “go woke, get broke” but is indirectly related in that people do not want to pay for that kind of content, or at least, few of them do.

  • The Right’s Forever War

    Undone by events in any case, conservatism found itself in the intellectual wilderness between the Great Depression and the New Deal, its politicians too out of touch with the popular mood and its intellectuals too self-consciously marginal to command mass support.

    In other words, once we got income taxes, the entitlements state, and rising civil rights, the Right could no longer reconcile what it wanted with what the country had become. Rather than go radical, it cucked. This was interrupted by WW2 and resumed in the 1960s.

  • Cross-racial study of 1.87m vets shows wide disparities in dementia

    Among the 13% of participants who were diagnosed with dementia over the course of the 10-year study, the researchers found that rates were markedly higher for Hispanic and Black veterans than they were for whites: 99% and 55% respectively. These results reinforce previous research that showed elevated rates for both groups.

    Rates for Asian veterans have not been as widely documented and in this study were 24% higher than for whites. Among Native Americans, the rate was 8% higher than for whites, a finding that enhances prior research that has focused on smaller, geographically limited populations and has shown conflicting results, according to the researchers.

    Tropical people are not designed to last as long. Success in the tropics consists of breeding early and abundantly because eventually parasite load dooms the person in their early forties or fifties. This is why both Asians (including the mostly-Asian Amerinds) and Africans have lower rates of old age health across the board. This theory differs with r / K theory because it is not about resources but parasite load. Life in the tropics is more abundant, but that means that the bad grows as well as the good, and much of that bad is parasite load.

  • Germany, scapegoat of the Ukraine war

    German media are also jumping on the bandwagon. Not a day goes by when Berlin is not shamed publicly, without critical journalists asking members of the German government why we are not finally giving up Russian oil and gas, and why Germany is not supplying Ukraine with all the weapons the country has requested. It is an increasingly annoying and utterly superfluous spectacle.

    Germany has always been the origin and leader of Europe. When it does not take on that role because it is neutered by postwar democracy, everyone suffers. Even more, everyone thinks it will be funny and clever to blame Germany for yet another world war. We do not have to like Hitler to admit that he was right about democracy and diversity; we should get beyond both him and Stalin by rejecting equality as well. We need social hierarchy and aristocratic rule.

  • Genes can affect our nutrient tolerance

    The study found that small genetic differences affected the flies’ ability to use the energy of various nutrients.

    Eat what your ancestors ate. Also: small genetic differences have big results in behavior, abilities, and tendencies.

  • Prestigious $30K federal scholarships doled out almost exclusively to progressive students

    Of the 58 scholarship recipients announced last week, only three have any connection to Republican politics. At the same time, five recipients have connections to Democratic politics, while an additional 35 more list a progressive cause as their primary area of advocacy.

    The primary interests of the 35 progressive-leaning students granted the award in 2022 included environmental justice, “menstrual equity,” transgender rights, Latinx political engagement, diversity and inclusion, intersectionality, gun control, and the “gendered impacts of uranium mining.”

    Leftists only promote other Leftists. This is the basis of the Crowdism that forms Leftism, their political machines that enforce it, and their social attitude where only egalitarianism is seen as good and everyone else is evil. It is a mafia that acts like a religion but uses informal means to communicate, so cannot be regulated or controlled like government or economics.

  • Texas Republicans target Houston ISD over ‘vaccine passport’ for COVID sick leave

    This academic year, Houston ISD is offering 10 additional days of paid sick leave to employees who are vaccinated against the coronavirus but test positive during the school year. Unvaccinated staff, however, must use personal leave time if they are infected.

    More of the Leftist shakedown: obey or pay.

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