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Libertarian Goes On Shooting Spree, Alt Right To Be Blamed

It sounds all too familiar: a local man who has had a rough path through life has a dispute with a local law enforcement officer. Finally, he decides that he has had enough, and goes on a shooting spree.

Right now, the media is preparing to blame the Alt Right:

Matthew Riehl, the man accused of killing a suburban Denver sheriff’s deputy and wounding four others, is a veteran of the Iraq War who is also fond of posting alt-right memes on his Facebook account.

But if you read further, you can see that this is a dodge, since although he sympathized with some Alt Right ideas, he was a libertarian:

Specifically, the AP notes that Riehl in a December video called for “the firing of Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock” and attacked him “in highly personal terms.” Riehl also said that during that video that he would be running as a “libertarian” candidate for Douglas County Sheriff.

As always, Leftists look to any event as an opportunity to advance their narrative, even if it requires selectively choosing certain facts for their optics and ignoring the rest.

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