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Leap Into Life (#23): Biden Just Replaced Black America

Apparently this one did not occur to people recently, but the falling Biden numbers among African-descended voters show that the Black community has figured out a simple fact: while using one hand to promote Blacks as the image of America, with the other hand guys like Clinton and Biden have been replacing Blacks with Hispanics.

Perhaps Biden never outgrew his original visions of the “concrete jungle” that diversity America would be, despite being diversity itself, but like most poor whitish — as an Irishman, he is of mixed race — people, they focus their rage on the symbol of their displacement, namely the poor Negroes.

Even people who spout off about how great diversity is are leery of driving through a Black neighborhood. They program it into Waze or their GPS to avoid these areas unless they are already in a police chase, at which point driving through a wall of gunfire improves their chances.

Human biodiversity fans will point out that in tropical areas, like those from which Blacks originated, high microbial parasite load means that people die young. Therefore, if your genes have survived, it is because your ancestors got out there and bred early and often, and you will do the same because your genes program you to do so.

The same is true of non-human species as well. No, not The Irish; the species in question would be the various beasts of the field and jungle who also follow the rule of early frequent reproduction. Their sex often looks like rape. They fight each other constantly. This allows them to breed early and often.

Tropical populations are wired for this stuff, and the higher the microbe load, the rapier and more violent they tend to be. The only ones who exist today are the ones who were willing to fight, rape, steal, and so on to survive. Like is common among the lions of the plains, the males lounge around waiting for a fight or chance to reproduce.

This means that much of what White people complain about with Africans are in fact natural behaviors for tropical groups. Still, this upsets people; the endless violence makes diversity look bad, and diversity is how the Left needs to gain control. To that end, they are replacing Blacks with Hispanics for the lower rate of violent crime.

They also get a few average IQ points as a bonus. Unfortunately for our Black population, the Hispanics are pouring across the border by the tens of millions, and will soon take over most jobs available formerly to Blacks. Affirmative action and EEOC discriminate against Whites, not in favor of Blacks, and so Hispanics get the same benefits.

Western governments realize that their economies are dead in the water without cheap labor. Unions, high taxes, regulations, and red tape ate up all the excess that our technology produced, so without a constant stream of warm bodies to do the grunt work, the industry will faceplant.

White people and whitish people like their office jobs, high salaries, and the ability to hire maids, contractors, lawn guys, and janitorial staff at a pittance per hour. The Left knows better than to admit to “racist” attitudes, so instead it simply invites in a replacement stream of warm bodies, and Black Americans will lose out big and they know it.

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