Furthest Right

Israel: home of the new new right

Ben-Gvir claimed a liberal, anti-right wing double-standard was at play. How else can one explain the decision to allow a gay pride parade in Jerusalem, or to allow far-left activists to hold protest marches in Hebron, while Israeli patriots such as he were barred from marching through Israel’s second largest Arab city?

An appeal to the principles of a liberal western democracy is ironic coming from an Israeli fascist, much more so from one who if he and his ilk had the way would expel all Arabs from Israel, on the way to making Israel gentilerein and forever a rogue state relegated to the eventual dustbin of history.


Correct me if I’m wrong here:

If you make a state to preserve the Jewish people, as a religion, culture, language(s) and heritage(s), why would you want gentiles or contrarian values in that society?

Israel is the one nation on earth with an actual purpose. An actual nation, with united heritage, religion, culture, language, customs, values.

Why is it OK for others to tear that down, but not for those who see its value to defend it?

It doesn’t pander, I suppose.

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