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Ideological Rifts to Watch in the Democrat Primaries

With primary season officially kicking off for the American left wing, and every looney liberal extremist is rushing to throw his or her hat in the race. While Democrats have made some gains in the House throughout our last election cycle mostly due to shifting demographics and really dumb Never-Trumpers, the collective of different political factions is on pins and needles at this point. Though we often see the left as a unified and diverse group, there are many competing groups with heavily clashing ideologies. Let’s look at some storylines of impending left-wing civil war as we try to figure out how long these groups can stick together.

The Elites vs. The Anti-White/Men Agenda

“No more white men!” is a rallying cry of many liberals in this age. Blaming their problems on the straight white man, the greatest of all oppressors, an effect of the systematic radicalization of liberals into thinking that to the extreme that they believe nothing will change until we stop electing white men in office. But unfortunately for these types, the Democrats are owned and controlled by white men. And though neither has made a formal declaration, the current front runners of the Democrat primary (Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders respectably) are white men. White men just happen to be better at raising campaign funds and winning with moderate voters.

In the last cycle, we saw blacks stay at home when had another white-against-white election. Hillary wasn’t enough, even with all of the media hysterics, to drum up the turnout that was seen under Obama. It’s likely the DNC is going to do its best to rectify this. But if Bernie is screwed over again like last time, don’t expect millennials to make an impact. It will be difficult to field a candidate that can sweep both demographics and still pick off moderates, as Obama did not do a great job in convincing whites that minority candidates will serve their interests. Moderates and Neocons will not vote for a woman (see: Sarah Palin).

Jewish Donors vs. The Anti-Israel

With Jihadis like Ilhan Omar and other newcomers from freshly Muslim-Majority districts infiltrating the Democrats has come vitriolic Anti-Israeli sentiment. Few candidates have yet to stand up to them, but it’s only a matter of time before these donors recognize the threat posed and pay off the elder Dems to correct this. While no Sacracens have yet announced Presidential candidacy, the response to these radicals will have a heavy effect on their voter bases. If you tell Omar to shut up, you lose voters, but if you allow her madness to continue, you lose donors. This will be a very difficult terrain for the Democrat nominee to navigate.

Hispanic Catholics vs. The Anti-Religion Crowd

Written about at greater length recently, the religious devotion to the Catholic faith that is possessed by most Hispanics will be put to the test by many of early the early Democrat front runners. With Whore-of-Babylon Kamala Harris flagrantly attacking the Knights of Columbus charity as “Anti-Women’s Rights” and others pushing for a late and even post term abortion, the Democrat paradigm has been so pulled to the left that it’s close to being impossible to maintain any open religious beliefs and still join the ranks. Will the Hispanics choose looser borders over Jesus Christ? Time will tell.

Billionaires vs. The Bernie Bros

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks who has declared presidential candidacy, is already feeling the wrath of decades of class-warfare propaganda. Harassment and threat of boycott is being maliciously lobbed at the man, with no regard to his legitimate working class roots or his companies “we won’t kick out shady blacks doing heroin in our bathrooms” policy. Many, mostly Bernie Sanders supporters, do not want anyone with massive campaign cash or an astronomical net worth to run for President. Bernie may be the ONLY candidate with a modest enough salary to appeal to this demographic. No billionaire can win this primary given that there is already a billionaire in the office and the idea of two candidates that are good with money scares the shit out of liberals. But Biden, Kamala the prostitute, Corey Spartacus and others will also have trouble with this crowd given their campaign contributions, the latter taking millions from Purdue Pharma, the evilest of all industries.

The LGBT vs. The Muslims

While this probably won’t have much effect in the presidential election cycle, it’s interesting to wonder how long these groups can co-exist. In the unlikely event that a Muslim candidate emerges, it will be interesting to see how the LGBT responds to a faith that shows absolutely zero tolerance to homosexuals. An LGBT candidate would do the same to the Muslim population, though Trump’s “Muslim Ban” comments may be ultimately the surmountable factor.

The Urban vs. The Rural and Suburban

Only Joe Biden has shown concern thus far for white working and middle classic Americans. The rest plan on banking on free handouts, identity politics, and changing demographics. But as Hillary has learned, you can’t overlook the rural states and expect to win red states or even hold the blue states that should be a shoe-in. It’s hard to imagine Spartacus Booker or Kamala the prostitute to make any headway into these voters, as things did not turn out well the last time they voted for a brown candidate. Perhaps they’ll be betting it all on the changing demographics of Texas (more on that shortly).

Hillary’s Money vs. Everyone

Nobody wants Hillary to run for president, but she has money and the DNC is poor. Thus, she will try to buy her way back into relevancy, and her power over the media and journalist should not be underestimated. She cannot win with moderates and that will not change. But her friends in the intelligence agencies have set up a nice storyline with the Muller investigation, one she will campaign on in an effort to convince people that she was always the president. It will be the first time she campaigns on something that she actually believes.

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