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Periscope (February 4, 2019)

  • Liam Neeson says he walked the streets hoping to ‘kill’ a black man after family member was raped

    Diversity drives people insane. They know, instinctively at a gut level, that other tribal groups are waging war against them. This manifests in little slights like stealing parking spaces, criminal attacks on members of your tribe, and finally, in forming voting blocs who have a “nationalism for me, but not for thee” mentality. Diversity makes enemies of everyone. When someone you love is victimized by a member of your group, you need to find the exact person in order to take revenge. When it is another group, ancestral memory tells you that most of them will hide the perpetrator, and that this act was inspired by racial or religious animus, so the “prison ethics” response is to find one of them and string him up by his intestines. The fact that Liam Neeson has unleashed this interview and no one knows what to say shows us that the frame has shifted. People are admitting the open racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural hostility that diversity creates. We no longer have to lie, apologize, and then ignore the constant problem, grinding our teeth and wearing ulcers in ourselves. We can talk about it. The next step is a frank discussion about how to end diversity.

  • New York Tackled Subway Crime. But Is It Starting to Come Back? (non-paywall)

    That stupid “hard times make strong men, strong men make safe times, safe times make weak men, weak men make hard times” meme floats around every now and then and makes us all weaker. The fact is that bad decisions make hard times and we are wired to make such bad decisions. In other words, give a human group power over themselves, and they self-destruct. This is one of the lessons of history. New York became safe under the nearly gangster rule of Rudy Giuliani, but since then, Leftists have been trying to create what most people think they want, namely a Utopia without conflict. All that does is signal to the criminal element that it is more important for the herd to avoid conflict than stop crime, so you might as well commit a bunch of crime because it is a field day out there. The solution is to send a strong signal. You want to say, loud and clear, “we are not going to tolerate this nonsense anymore.” Leftist politicians cannot send that strong signal because for them popularity is more important than being right.

  • Insider leaks Trump’s “Executive Time”-filled private schedules

    “Today as always, men fall into two groups: slaves and free men. Whoever does not have two-thirds of his day for himself, is a slave, whatever he may be: a statesman, a businessman, an official, or a scholar.” — FWN

  • Israel begins construction on massive new barrier surrounding Gaza

    While American women, soibois, and minorities weep and howl over the “injustice” of a wall, people with experience in holding back ideologically-driven third world hordes are doing exactly what is needed. They are building walls and protecting their people from threats. Over time, people will forget what the wall was there, just as they forgot why borders, nationalism, and caste were important, but for now, they are kept safe.

    As always, we must remember Chesterton’s Wall:

    In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple principle; a principle which will probably be called a paradox. There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, “I don’t see the use of this; let us clear it away.” To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: “If you don’t see the use of it, I certainly won’t let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it.”

    As always, “I don’t see” and “I don’t understand” are ways humans deflect the task before them, which is analysis and learning of reality in order to adapt to it. They would prefer to hide in warm, smug, blithe, oblivious, and narcissistic denial, a state that the ancients referred to as hubris. When humanity decides to evolve upward again, the people who do not need to re-learn why walls exist will break away and go on to the future, and the rest of humanity will keep on its downward course of evolution toward being monkeys.

    Walls are going up all around the first world. We have learned the hard way that most of humanity is a disaster and our future lies in cutting them out and then re-applying ourselves to that which once made us great: learning, self-discipline, piety, clarity, excellence. All but a few live cursed lives because they lack the circuits to compute what they need to do to avoid living at a subsistence level in filth, poverty, and corruption.

  • Men who live on a main road are more likely to struggle to get an erection ‘because the toxic fumes cut off their blood supply’

    Modern society will kill you. It was always obvious that this stuff was toxic, but we needed it to be acceptable so that we could build great cities, raise huge armies, employ vast workforces, and pump up our stock portfolios since we no longer have a social order and therefore depend on wealth to keep us safe from the condition of the other 95% of humanity, namely subsistence living and parasitic violence. As the people who invented all this great stuff die out, and most of the rest of humanity returns to its primordial slumber of hunter-gatherer primitivism, the human population will drop naturally and may even do so in time to save some of our natural world from extinction.

  • Escort says she made up Trump dirt story to help win release from Thai jail

    The longer that this probe goes on, and the more it is forced to focus on conspiracy theories and tangential letter-of-the-law crimes instead of catching a big fish, the more people believe what Donald Trump said about the “deep state.”

  • EU hails social media crackdown on hate speech

    We live in democratic states. Any demand to crack down on “hate speech” — basically, propaganda for the non-Leftist side — means that these democracies are wholly illegitimate, since the basis of the concept of democracy is that people learn about issues and vote on them. If the voters go against the Left, and if we believe that mere words can infect people and control their opinions, then the Left is losing the propaganda war, probably because it has been in power now for most of the last two centuries and has failed to deliver on its promises, creating an ugly terminal velocity dystopia instead. That is what the use of the term “hate speech” tells us is true.

  • Drag Queen Story Hour to be held at SC library, and not everyone is happy about it

    One can only conclude that voters do not read laws. The Civil Rights Act(s) made it very clear that if an individual wants to do something and it is not illegal, they must be allowed to do so, and government cannot enforce any standards. This means that you will have drag queen story hour and LGBT+ propaganda in your schools because that is what civil rights does. It abolishes any order higher than that of the individual so that any individual can do anything they want which is not illegal. The voters slept through this one, assuming that the law would bring about the changes that they wanted without secondary effects, because every narcissist — and democracy makes people into narcissists — assumes that the world will not react in any way other than how he intends, because he assumes that the world is within himself just because there is where he perceives it. Liberal democracy is dying as people realize that the herd rubber-stamped every horrible and destructive idea it could find in the name of individual freedom, and only now is slowly realizing that this freedom applies to others. Caught in their thought-bubbles of precedent and personal drama, the human hamsters alway lose with democracy.

  • Patriotic war film draws 8 million Russians as ties with West fray

    Russia needs to realize that it is Eurasia, not Europe. The three powers — Asia, Eurasia, and Europe — are only safe from one another when one power dominates all three. Since Eurasia and Asia are so populous, the West has held back in the postwar years, but it has become clear that this peace will not hold, especially as Eurasia and Asia watch their economies implode. Look for war on the horizon, and this will be a mass of warm bodies running at each other with primitive weapons while drones battle it out in the sky above. Someone who could see into the future would conclude, fairly, that secretly nerve-gassing all of Asia and Eurasia would not just be a moral move, but prevent horrors so vast that it is an imperative.

  • Muslims Form Community Patrol. Some Neighbors Say No Thanks. (non-paywall)

    Again with the voters having no idea what they are reading. You can educate anyone, but that does not give them the ability to understand; if they lack the raw intelligence, it merely gives them the ability to misunderstand more thoroughly and to be more arrogant in their conclusions. Diversity means that each group keeps its own culture or is assimilated into the mass cultureless grey cosmopolitan race herd. Not surprisingly, groups are resisting that fate, and so they are establishing balkanized neighborhoods called Chinatown where they fight off any foreign influence. Since only one group can rule, all are fighting against all other groups in order to achieve dominance. Diversity brings nothing but war.

  • Want to squelch fake news? Let the readers take charge

    If you really want to squelch fake news, give us the ability to filter stories in our feeds by domain ( and date. We run into fake news once, and we will filter out stories from that site. This will penalize those sites, and over time, they will go away and then their creators will go away as the business model becomes less lucrative. Social media fears to give us these tools because they would cut down on the appeal of social media, which is endless “new” (mostly old, stolen, reposted, etc.) content to keep the human hamster entertained and occupied. This means that fake news is popular with some of the heavier users of these services, but social media should ask whether these people are an audience that its advertisers want to reach. That they do not tells you that social media is desperate to kick up the numbers because fewer actual people use it than reported, by a huge differential.

  • Holocaust Paradox: Long Lives for Those Who Survived

    Break this one down: if the people who survived the Holocaust lived long lives, they were genetically healthier people. This in turn tells you that the Holocaust was carried out through labor camps and not extermination camps, and explains why all of the bodies found at captured camps were thin.

  • German town votes ‘No’ to street names

    “But mein good sir, outsiders have trouble navigating our streets without street names.”

    “Jah, Hans. And why would we want outsiders here?”

    The world is changing. People have seen that the rest of humanity is a giant FAIL. They would like to conserve what is not destroyed against the herd that does nothing but destroy, and this means that people in nice places do not want to see outsiders at all. This tiny news story is simply a clue of what is coming.

  • ANDREW PIERCE on the dozens of Brexit-blocking peers and MPs who have received millions from the EU

    As it turns out, the elites like the EU because it gives them money to maintain their estates. They then preach to the useful idiots, who conclude that since something is being “taken” from them — the dream of just waltzing across the Channel and traveling Europe on the cheap — that they must fight, fight, fight to keep the UK in the EU. They get played every time, these pompous and fatuous voters.

  • US stops all aid to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza

    Under Trump, the USA has gone back to having standards. Instead of supporting third world groups who kill people for no particularly effective reason simply because these third world groups are starving, we stop giving them money until they clear up their act. This causes the starving people to stop waiting for Uncle Sap to bail them out and instead, to put pressure on their local leaders with pointed questions about why everyone is impoverished yet the elite drive luxury cars and the mosques never need to have bake sales to fund a new roof.

  • Growing up in dirty air ‘quadruples chances of developing depression’

    Some of this will simply be correlation not causation, namely that the underclass are a collection of genetic randomness and so they are awash in deleterious mutations which they make worse by inbreeding and punishing anyone who strays from the social norm of making poor life choices. However, dirty air means that we have made our society into a toxic dystopia. How did we sleepwalk into such profound disaster? Apparently, the voters wanted more cheap labor, so we made mega-cities instead of the network of towns that we used to have, where just about everyone could have a decent life. Look at how most of the world is polluted and you will see why it is a terrible idea to follow suit.

  • Obama lied about Syria ‘red line’, set Middle East back 20 years, top Saudi official says

    The true extent of the Obama disaster is only slowly being revealed. He was not competent, either domestically or in foreign policy. In fact, he was a salesman who scooted away before his deceptions could be revealed, and while the rest of the world knew, they said nothing because they like weak American leaders — when your competition has a weak leader, you become stronger through zero effort of your own — and because the American press carried water for Obama at every opportunity. If the Chinese engineered his election, they got themselves eight years of free rein since America had become totally incompetent and dishonest under the reign of our first gangster president. The KKK could not have designed a better first black president. He came in, achieved nothing, destroyed everything, and then left to be a celebrity somewhere else.

  • German finance minister attacks conservatives over ‘dishonest’ tax cut

    Bloated Leftists feign outrage over the Right wanting tax cuts, demanding that some other way of finding the money be discovered. The Right simply points out the obvious: none of us can afford our socialist-style entitlements — those are direct or in-kind payments to citizens, like free healthcare, pensions, welfare, and education — states. Government takes in money that society needs to thrive, especially families and culture, and redirects it into inefficient programs with paradoxical goals that waste most of it and enrich bad people like our current nu-elites. Whichever country cuts its entitlements state first will be the next superpower. That country will suddenly have more money flowing in its economy, will produce actual innovation instead of the quasi-innovation that the dot-coms applied to inventions from fifty years ago, and will take the lead over all these countries with broken economies that keep trying to make the underclass subsidized so that they vote Leftist, and when that fails, importing a third world underclass to do the voting that native citizens do not do enough.

  • Mi Hazánk Party Aims to Protect “Northern Civilisation”

    New political movements recognize that European-descended people must break free from the vast third world horde to the South and East. We cannot fix them; only they can do that, for themselves, and even if we do it, they will hate us for being condescending in their view. Europeans must go their own way and invent a better future for ourselves, because with the shackles of egalitarianism, the strong are constrained by the weak, and that makes us all weaker.

  • The age of neo-imperialism

    After WW2, people thought that the age of empires had ended with the demise of colonization and strong power systems. It turns out that this merely passed the baton to groups who are less stable and less responsible in their pursuit of regional or world domination. When the West backed down from its strong power outlook, it empowered the rest of the world to attempt to rise into the vacuum that was created, and this means war and misery for all.

  • Europe’s Future Is as China’s Enemy

    NATO was created to keep any single nation from dominating Western Europe, but now that the US is looking toward China as its future conflict of necessity, Europe needs to make a choice. It either stands with the US, or will find itself without protection from the unstable wannabe empires to its east and south. Eurasia will never be stable until it has knocked out one of its ingredients, either Asia or Europe. Asia will always try to play Eurasia against Europe. The next world war will be to conquer Eurasia and reduce the ability of China to project its power beyond its borders. As part of it, dual loyalties and divided loyalties will be revealed, and diversity will show why it is a thoroughly failed and discredited policy already.

  • Council of Europe: “The Institution of Sharia Law and a Theocratic Regime [Are] Incompatible with … a Democratic Society”

    Moron Leftists have realized that Islam presents a threat not because of Islam, but who is Muslim. Specifically, the mixed-race people to the southeast of Europe who have invaded in the past want to do it again because they have failed to restart their societies, and so war provides the only option for unifying them. Their method of war is as old as the third world: send immigrants to foreign lands and have them subvert the local population and begin, as is the Asiatic custom in war, to seize land and thwart the authority of those who rule those nations. When the instability hits critical mass the invasions begin.

  • Sandmann lawyer: Letters sent to New York Times, Today Show, 50 others may precede suits

    Back in the simple days, having someone write something nasty about you in a newspaper had few consequences. In the search engine age, it will cost you the ability to have a normal life and damage your career and earnings prospects. Journalists have been operating as if it were still 1920, and they are about to get a rude wake-up call that will bankrupt many of them. The writing was on the wall before, but this case will solidify the need for reporting to be factual and unslanted, and it comes just as journalists are at their weakest thanks to having saturated the market with clickbait. “What is falling, push!”

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