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How To Tell Reddit About Their Failed Censorship

Apparently, they are having a public question and answer session with their lawyers:

As you’re probably aware, we recently rolled out an update to our content policy which explicitly disallows promotion of hate on Reddit. It’s been a few weeks since the roll-out, and we want to check in with you and see what questions you have around enforcement of this new policy. To do that, we’re holding an AMA in r/modnews with our General Counsel, u/traceroo, on Monday, July 20, starting at 9:30am Pacific.

This means that now is a good time to hit Reddit with hard questions about censorship namely how despite claiming to remove “hate speech,” they constantly delete conservative, traditionalist, nationalist, human biodiversity, and race-related content.

9:30 AM PST is 11:30 AM CST and 12:30 PM EST, if memory serves.

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