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Hard Lines in an Age of Quarrel

Humans have a pathology: we avoid what we cannot understand and pretend it is nonsense, instead seizing on what we can understand and making a world out of that. We are forever focused on certain details, pretending that they are absolute and objective truth, ignoring their lack of perspective of the whole.

This means that whatever is popular is probably wrong or at least mostly wrong, and this means that there is a better option elsewhere, so while we are smilingly endorsing lesser evils, we are missing out on the actual goal and defeating ourselves.

In the West, it has become increasingly clear that Leftism replaced Christianity as our religion, but both were too focused on individualism through moralism to get us to the functional thinking we need, therefore we are oblivious to our decline.

The average person thinks that we are not declining, but rising through a magical subset of the whole called “progress” where we measure our greatness by how popular we are in the judgments and desires of others.

Back in the real world, societies that lose their organic culture become held hostage by bureaucracies, and these do what bureaucracies do, which is address negatives from the past instead of seeking positives in the future. They become resentful, extractive empires.

Such empires ruin their people genetically. They do it at first by inducing the thoughtful not to breed, and then later by mixing in trace admixture and eventually full admixture, producing grey people with no particular talents or inclination because the genetic frameworks to produce them no longer exist.

As some have pointed out, the West is in decline and has been for some time, correlating with a certain coup de grace event:

In conventional terms, the United States peaked around 1965.

In 1965, America doubled down on the WW2 narrative which said that we were not Hitler because we were free, multiracial, tolerant, and hostile to anything so old-fashioned as culture and genetics. The second Scopes Monkey Trial happened in WW2, and the creationists won.

The anti-Hitler narrative required us to be the mirror image of the Nazis: they wanted one race, so we want many; they wanted order, so we want individualism; they wanted sacredness, so we want profanity. We rejected them like an angry child tearing up a letter from a doting but critical parent.

This does not mean we have to like Hitler or National Socialism; they were, after all, post-Revolution societies which means that they were built in the Revolutionary model, which makes them too paradoxical and toxic to even consider for serious thinkers.

Like many false hopes, they attempted to present an alternative, but could not escape the box of modernistic thinking, so simply recreated the horrors they hoped to escape. In this way, WW1 begat WW2 and an even greater crisis.

But as people may recall, diversity and socialism hit America in 1965: the Great Society (followup to the New Deal) and the Hart-Celler Act.

Since that time, not only have real wages become permanently stagnant, but American culture has died, replaced by consumerism and ideology, making us into the most bizarre Libertarian Communist hybrid ever generated, called neoliberalism by some but more properly globalism, i.e. global democracy.

After all, if you give any group of humans a choice, they will select subsidized anarchy because it appeals to the individualism — me first before the world and intangibles like culture, genetics, nature, and order — that lurks in the disordered and undisciplined mind.

The Hart-Celler Act was more than a change to immigration laws; it literally began a runaway chain reaction of population replacement:

Over the next four decades, the policies put into effect in 1965 would greatly change the demographic makeup of the American population, as immigrants entering the United States under the new legislation came increasingly from countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, as opposed to Europe.

Between the twin forces of socialism and diversity, propelled forward by its uniting of American Revolutionary rhetoric with Civil War era civil rights and finally anti-Hitler sentiments in the 1950s, America erased itself and became a “proposition nation” based on ideological obedience.

This means that we are deeply in the hole, but it is not a physical one; it is a mental one. Our heads, like Hitler’s, are programmed with Leftism and modernity, which is the social system which came after The Enlightenment™ replaced natural order with individualism.

What is individualism? It is the bourgeois concept of what the individual desires being more important than the whole of the world. Nature, culture, history, heritage, family, and most of all common sense are deprecated in favor of subsidized anarchy in the name of “reason“:

The Enlightenment did not discover reason (as though no one had ever been reasonable before the Enlightenment’s progenitors appeared at the turn of the seventeenth century); the religion of the Old Testament urged, “Come now, and let us reason together,” and the theologians of the Middle Ages devised scholastic inquiries that were monuments to rational inquiry. But the premises on which they erected those rational structures were inherited from authority, and especially the authority of the Bible or Aristotle, or both in tandem. What distinguished the Enlightenment’s reason was the breaking up of the authority of those premises, and the employment of reason as an authority itself, to persuade rather than to threaten.

Biblical authority was a surrogate or proxy for that commonsense wisdom, and it was used to keep the herd from being destructive as it usually is. When it sufficiently detached people from reality, as Nietzsche pointed out, people stopped believing and started using it as a weapon against itself.

After all, if your dualistic religion says that Heaven is perfect and Earth is imperfect, therefore you should reject Earth and await Heaven, reality itself has become arbitrary. People are living for the pure symbol, not the complex cause-effect reality. Eventually they think themselves new gods.

We live in an age of quarrel because there is no agreement on what is real; in fact, individualism makes reality arbitrary based on the desires of the individuals, and in groups, individualists form “collectives” to enforce this anti-realism on everyone else; from that we get Leftism and classical liberalism.

To claw our way back to sanity, we will have to reject almost all of the assumptions that underly modernity, starting with the Big Lie of individualism. We will have to live (again) for natural order, which forks into social order, culture, history, myth, hierarchy, and the divine.

There are hard lines which separate the people who belong to tomorrow from those who belong only to yesterday. Leftism has made itself obsolete with the failure of globalism and democracy in populations that do not reproduce, are narcissistic, and are in the grips of a competence crisis of massive size.

Let us look at these hard lines. If someone cannot accept what we need to go to a better future, they are not ready to do anything but be told what to do. Their thinking is unclear. Unfortunately that means all Leftists and most conservatives:

  • Genetics (not Ideology): to escape modernity, one must start by realizing that we are not only not equal, but very different, and our degrees of intelligence and character reflect what we can perceive. Different races, ethnic groups, social classes, and even local areas have different average IQs and degrees of gumption. Failed populations show a high degree of mutation load, and the most successful show little. The smarter are stronger, healthier, more attractive, and live longer, in addition to being better at running things like businesses, militaries, charities, churches, and governments. We live and die by IQ; until we get smarter, we will be ruled by stupidity. Anyone who refuses to accept genetics, and instead argues for ideology — some idea like your origins do not matter so long as you believe in the sacred words of religion, law, ideology, or patriotism — is working to destroy us. Sadly that includes many conservatives of the “Lincoln” variety instead of the “Jackson” type, who tend toward a Calvinist sense of genetic determinism described best by William Blake: Some are Born to sweet delight, Some are Born to Endless Night. The only morality is function, and function reflects genetics; you cannot educate the bad or dumb into being good or smart. Either the best repress the rest, or the rest oppress the best.
  • Sanity (not Insanity): much like civilization is a struggle for order over the lack of order, human happiness is reflected best in sanity despite most having various degrees of mental fuzz from pathologies and mental health issues. The insane cannot be made sane, whether with medication, therapy, or religion. Insanity is in fact one of the greatest threats we face. Insane people do insane things. These usually involve hurting others, whether deliberately or not. Insane people are incompetent. They randomly do random things, since insanity is basically a narcissism and consequent randomness in the mind disconnected from reality. Our goal must always be sanity, but no one will speak of this simply because mental dysfunction is so widespread that the insane are an important constituency for any elected leader, a vital audience for any product, and a seemingly permanent part of any social group, workplace, or community, which means they must be “managed” instead of doing the sane thing, which is simply to exile, asylumize, or euthanize them.
  • Civilizationism (not Individualism): Individualism ruins human minds by focusing them on people and their desires, instead of looking at the whole: the combined parallel threads of nature, logic, humanity, and the divine. In this view, all things have their place and they work together in parallel to produce a result of order. However, that requires that people be willing to look at the whole instead of their own interests, as is the typical bourgeois approach. Civilizationism says that we do not say “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” but “do unto others as makes civilization thrive.” We get outside the personal and start looking at the whole picture. Individualism, the common trait of all third world nations, on the other hand demands that we look only at the interaction between individuals and whether or not it is fair or just. This removes any question of externalities.

Conservatives of today are not yet ready to face these. Political schizoids like myself see outcomes as more important than intentions, and therefore demand rigorous realism as a method of discovering what actually works, then maximizing that for the benefit of all.

This does not mean treating the group as a collective. No society exists which does not smash the dreams of someone. No society can make everyone happy. It is not our job to do so; our job is to maintain civilization, a mutual benefit whose value has been taken for granted.

At this point, democracy and its worldwide counterpart globalism have cleared failed, and it is time to move on to something else. These hard lines tell us where that begins, and what we can no longer tolerate if we wish to survive.

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