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Freedom’s just another word… for commerce

For 20 years the Brownies have spread their festive cheer in the Marlowes Centre, aimed principally at the elderly and disabled. But this year there is a new tree and more mobile trade stalls, so the carols have had to be sacrificed.

It is increasingly apparent that ‘health and safety’ legislation is becoming a hazard to British customs, traditions and heritage. It contains the ‘catch-all’ regulations which can be zealously over-applied and exploited by those of the ‘liberal Left’ for distinctly illiberal purposes.

One wonders why the ‘mobile trade stalls’ were permitted to expand to such an extent that just 100 bodies in one area might block the fire escapes.


Freedom means the ability to do whatever you want.

Because that reduces society to a ruin, we keep it in check by insisting you pay for it.

In turn, that means we translate freedom as “the ability to conduct commerce — however sleazy, depraved, stupid or crass — wherever you want, whenever you want” and of course the ability to take advantage of that commerce.

Freedom’s just another word for commerce, because when we started overthrowing aristocracy, tradition, etc. we also overthrew culture, and in doing so, descended into chaos.


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