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Everyone Is Missing The Point

As the old joke goes, to be blind to history is to repeat past mistakes. In a time when mass opinion (demotism) rules, to pay attention to history means being ignored when you urge people to avoid repeating past mistakes.

However, people are driven by a defensive fear that translates into preemptive swatting at flies in their own minds. That is, they sort symbols into categories of “safe” and “unsafe” by how much these symbols threaten the mental state of the perceiver.

At that point, society inverts. It moves to means-over-ends thinking and starts banning various forms of “means” because the mental symbol, or engram, threatens the state of the mind of the perceiver. It eliminates methods it needs out of fear, and chooses from what is left, which reverses its course.

Those of us who are alive now are surviving a long-term collapse of Western Civilization, and trying to figure out whether we want to rebuild the ruins and then move forward from there instead of continue our current inertia, which no matter how hard we try, points toward decay.

Donald Trump, contrary to the media trope that he has become “boring,” delivered a massive speech at CPAC which is essential a declaration of war now that the world has seen what the Biden-Obama-Clinton gang will do if given power. He came to close to talking about restoring Western Civilization:

Change only happens if we plow fearlessly ahead and declare with one voice that the era of woke and weaponized government is over. That is our task. That is our mission. This is the turning point and the time for that decision because, as you’ve probably heard me say before, we will not back down.

He is addressing symptoms here: without socialist-style entitlements, government would remain small and could not become weaponized; without diversity, there would be no wokism, and socialism needs diversity in order to seize control through the vote and continue our decline.

He speaks of a means-over-ends solution, the border wall:

Under my leadership, we will seal it up and expand that wall till we have total control.

While no one (sane) can argue with that, for now Trump has to put on the grim truth about diversity: no matter what races and ethnic groups are involved, having more than one tribe in the same society destroys culture and eventually genetics. It is democide and civilization erasure.

He then issues his real war cry:

We will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the communists. We will throw off the political class that hates our country. They actually hate our country. No walls, no borders, bad elections, no voter ID. We will beat the Democrats. We will route the fake news media. We will expose and appropriately deal with the RINOs. We will evict Joe Biden from the White House. And we will liberate America from these villains and scoundrels once and for all.

He identifies the enemy as both communist and of the “political class,” a shorthand for those in the Tammany Hall Establishment (THE) who are approved by the Left and therefore eligible for election, appointment, or hiring to positions within the bureaucracy.

Unlike most American politicians, he groups the RINOs in with the Leftists, basically pointing out that they are transconservatives who have no interest in advancing a conservative agenda.

As he frames it, the populist movement stands against socialism and other forms of decline:

For seven years, you and I have been engaged in an epic struggle to rescue our country from the people who hate it and want to absolutely destroy it.

We’re now in a Marxism state of mind, a communism state of mind, which is far worse. We’re a nation in decline. Our enemies are desperate to stop us because they know that we are the only ones who can stop them.

In 2016, we took away the power of this corrupt political class. And we did more in four years than any administration in the history of our country, if you look at what we did.

At this point he mentions the key phrase: “a nation in decline.” This kicks off the theme of populism, which is that those in power have become disconnected from the people, the culture, and the spirit of the nation they serve and need to be removed, and replaced, for a national restart.

This might show us the core idea of populism, which is essentially the nation — a founding people, its culture, a future contiguous with its past, a spirit, an ideal — versus the nation-state. In other words, the State has become a self-interested entity at the expense of the people.

In this way, we see two kinds of revolutions. The individualistic revolutions like the French Revolution and the 1960s focus on how individuals feel excluded, where the populist revolutions speak from a sense of nation larger than any specific individual.

If you wonder why Leftists call Trump a “fascist” even though he neither advocates nor applies anything of the kind, it is this insistence on order and the spirit of the nation versus the demands of many individuals, the political establishment, and special interests which violate that spirit.

We can see shades of the [[[ BUCKLEYITE ]]] GOP in some of what he says:

Then there’s the racist DA from Atlanta, whose city is among the most violent and dangerous places per capita in the country. More murders than even Chicago per capita.

We are back to following the post-WW2 order here where Hitler and the Confederates are bad and we are good because we are not-racist. He is arguing backward, claiming that crime is the problem, not diversity itself, which abolishes culture, trust, and eventually, genetics.

Diversity is genocide.

Sadly, he is not alone in misinterpreting this issue. One of the most “extreme” “far-Right” organizations in the eyes of the media, American Renaissance, recently published this Black-centric focus:

America does not have a race problem. It has a black problem. The other races work, meld, contribute, study, and often intermarry. Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Lebanese. Given the huge size of the Latino influx, the low level of friction is remarkable. America is not on the brink of a racial explosion against any of the foregoing.

Blacks are very, very different. They are intensely hostile to other races and, it seems, incorrigibly so. Degrees and exceptions, yes, but the centerline is hatred. The racial attacks on Asians one reads of in the media are black attacks on Asians. Nor do blacks get along well with Latinos. They attack whites both in words and deed. Beating of whites is common, brutal, and ignored by the media. This fellow posts a monthly list of whites murdered by blacks. There is no sign that these will stop. Or be officially noticed.

Crime by blacks is out of control. There seems little to do about it. In the cities they kill each other in staggering numbers, 500 a year in Philadelphia, 700 a year in Chicago, 300 a year in Baltimore, and two or three times as many shot but not killed. The pattern repeats in city after city after city.

To differ gently from this view here, America does not have a Black problem; America has a diversity problem, which manifests not only in race but in ethnic group. America functioned as a WASP — Nordic-derived Western European — society, but less so with integration of Irish, Italian, and slavic groups.

With the mainstream of racial diversity, including Amerinds (Mongolians), Hispanics (Mongolians), and Africans (who are mostly Bantu captured in the ethnic wars that roiled Africa centuries ago), the ethnic conflict between mixed-Whites and WASPs exploded into its final form.

In fact, we might see the introduction of racial diversity in the 1960s as the triumph of the trace admixture Europeans (Southern, Irish, Eastern, and Mediterranean Europeans) over the full Europeans. This is nothing more than a race war declared by the rest of the world against Whites.

Blacks stand out because they have tropical behaviors. In the tropics, you die young from parasite load because no winter kills off the microbes and creepy-crawlies, so you had better be ready to fight so that you can breed early and often before the jungle kills you.

Many of those behaviors, translated into Western European society, hit on our taboos. Violent sex is seen as rape, gang warfare as crime, and assaults on outsiders as anti-social, but these are the methods by which one survives in the tropics and are ingrained into tropical people.

If we look at the most diverse city in the New World, we see that diversity problems persist in the behavior of races other than Blacks:

Several studies in recent years have shown the Bayou City at the top of the list for ethnic and racial diversity. The city has no ethnic majority and nearly one-in-four residents are foreign born. In fact, Houston today mirrors what demographers forecast the U.S. population will look like in four decades.

The latest report from WalletHub shows Houston is the most diverse city out of the 501 municipalities researchers examined. WalletHub looked at diversity across five categories: socioeconomic, cultural, economic, household, and religious. The report examines additional factors such as industry diversity, income, age, religious affiliation, education, language, worker class, and marital status.

According to WalletHub: “By 2050, many shifts will happen. For example, while non-Hispanic whites are expected to remain the largest ethnic group, they will no longer make up a majority of the population. But America’s transformation is more than skin-deep — it’s economic, too. Not only have waves of immigration changed the face of the nation, they’ve also brought in fresh perspectives, skills and technologies to help the U.S. develop a strong adaptability to change. Economies generally fare better when they openly embrace and capitalize on new ideas. Conversely, those relying on old ways and specialized industries tend to be hurt more by changes in the market.”

With double the national average, a corrupt mayor and city council, a failing school system, constant flood from obsolete infrastructure, and high rates of property crimes, Houston shows us the future of America in 2050: a mixed-race low-IQ high-crime corruption-ridden third world country.

Diversity destroys prosperous nations and leaves ruins behind. Those groups never rise again because the original people who could found and maintain a complex civilization have been ethnically replaced by outbreeding, leaving a group that can only keep a subsistence existence going.

We are fighting here for Western Civilization, and it requires its founding ethnic group of Nordic-derived related populations from Western Europe. This means we have to “peel the onion” from most recent changes back to our error, and in that direct start moving forward again.

What did us in was not some shadowy group or Satan, but a cascade of errors resulting from our adopting the “Big Lie” of equality at the behest of the middle classes, who wanted to remove kings in order to increase profits:

My belief is that we are dealing with a complex adaptive system (CAS) that represents an intelligence, due to the amount of variables accounted for, that is on a trajectory towards negative outcomes that appears to have malignant intent (because it produces a negative feedback loop) but it is actually powered by incompetence in the individual actors due to the incentives acting upon their lives.

Our society headed toward “negative outcomes” when it started by rejecting an obvious truth of reality, which is that people are not equal in abilities or character, and that we need social hierarchy in order to suppress the inner human crazy and let exceptional common sense rule us.

To fix the mess, we have to start at the outside of the onion, peeling off Affirmative Action, immigration, the Deep State, and entitlements. Trump is not ready to do this; he is the first step and must be followed by more extreme Right leaders.

However, Trump has one thing in his favor: his plan will succeed, and by doing so, it will start people moving back away from their current Leftist inertia, since everyone they see in media who is succeeding is Left-leaning.

At that point, we can get in more Right-wing leaders to do what is necessary, namely reparations-with-repatriation for all non-White groups, including trace admixture Whites like the Irish (especially the Irish).

We will need to ultimately reject socialism, then get to the point of rejecting equality, and through that to remove utilitarianism, pluralism, pacifism, and ultimately individualism, gearing our people toward eternal truths instead of merely self-interest and bourgeois convenience.

Trump touches on a simple fact that people are realizing: our leaders hate us and scorn. They do so out of wounded pride, enraged at how they have to dumb down everything they say to get an audience to accept it, and in frustration at how they require symbolic issues to get the slumbering electorate to act.

They hate themselves for depending on us, and they hate us for being successful — and therefore, not entirely manipulable yet — despite their efforts to thwart us. They want a society where you either join them or are poor and powerless.

In their view, the voters are insane. As a group, this is true. Our scumbag elites turn out to be completely right on that front. This makes them give up on ever having a good outcome, so they focus on buying votes and fixing what they can. Even Nancy Pelosi did some good things.

Generally our society is marked by frustration and hopelessness concerning its long-term possibilities, which makes people greedy, defensive, and motivated mostly by an impulse to destroy. Our leaders are no different; this mental transformation is the high cost of democracy.

The world opposes us. Unless we get our act together, remove the foreign, end the socialist programs, and get better leadership, they will overwhelm us. This is the moment when we either stand for Western Civilization or accept our destruction and the self-hatred for our weakness that comes with it.

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