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Equality Creates Misery (Why The Modern West Is A Life Failure Support Network)

On paper, equality seems like a good ideal: everyone just gets along because they all have the same starting point and basic privileges.

In reality, equality shifts the burden of civilization onto the individual, allowing government to take a role dedicated to non-issues while society disintegrates. Because individuals are presumed equal, they must prove themselves, which invariably takes the form of obedience tests administered by the rest.

This creates a situation of constant discontent: no matter how well one does in life, someone else has done more, and because we are all “equal” (in theory) this height could be attained. This makes people into obedient little scribblers and filers who seek out authority for a chance to demonstrate obedience and be rewarded.

In this way, like a bad parent replaces reality, society replaces reality as the arbitrator of what is true, important and good. As soon as this becomes centrally defined, the parasites zoom in on that and start fiddling with the definitions to reward themselves at the expense of the others. What else would parasites do?

The modern West now resembles a Life Failure Support Network (LFSN): people are discontent with what they have, and looking instead for ways to seem more important than they are, because the symbol of value becomes value itself when a crowd can be found who assess it as value.

Social media provides a clue to this transformation. Hundreds of millions of people, bored at their jobs or alone and drunk on the weekends, try to make themselves seem appealing and “different” by what they post to these sites. No matter how seriously they discuss any topic, the underlying message is the same: make me important.

In the same way, our public culture has shifted to one of victimhood and narcissism and people take to the airwaves to justify the gap between what they (in theory) could have achieved, and what they have. No one is content and everyone hates the system and wants to work around it, but they cannot admit that — starting with to themselves — because to do so is to feel the stigma of failure.

This creates the cultural component of LFSN, which is that every person in the group is accepting to others, so long as those also feel like life failures. They get together, rationalize and justify failure, and then blame an appropriate scapegoat, which is inevitably: capitalism, the Rich™, the whites, the Jews™ and the ever-popular bogeyman, “conservatives” (by which they mean anyone who is not Leftist).

Equality creates this mess. Under a caste system, each person knows roughly his abilities and can maximize those by being good at what he was born to be. He does not worry about rising above his station because it is not an option, therefore he does not need to feel bad about his achievements relative to those of others. Even more, money is not conferred onto people through their ability at making money, but through their fitness to lead society, and so it is tied to a role of service instead of seen as a reward for being better.

Under equality, we have promoted the ditch-diggers of the world to office jobs where they are glorified clerks. They can act through the motions, but lack the intelligence at applied judgment of former times, which is why a wave of incompetence is currently suffusing the West. Even in that false station (hubris) above their actual station, they feel insecure.

To compensate for this, we choose people by singular abilities — like being able to write code — and select them as our new idols. This merely makes everyone else feel bad, and produces dot-com billionaires who show an appalling lack of wisdom and taste in anything but their product.

Everyone else just gets on social media, vents their frustration, and finds sympathetic voices. All the time, the West drifts farther from reality, and more into its own Ego, which is an empty and self-hating place because it has no purpose, and therefore can discover no meaning or beauty in life.

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