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El Salvador Threatens Democracy

When Democracy messes up badly enough, the desperate populace will predictably turn to authoritarian rule. Democracy inevitably degrades through societal entropy into chaos. Chaos makes life miserable and unpredictable. People then cry out for the strong hand of order.

The people of El Salvador have been crying out for order. It was fulsomely and condignly delivered in the person of President Nayib Bukele. Bukele rounded up stone-cold MS-13 killers and almost literally stashed them in warehouses.

This reduced the homicide rate in El Salvador by a remarkable 70%. Crime isn’t fun when it no longer pays. Criminals want to go learn how to code about as much as the average Amerikan ne’er do well sponging off of a dole.

Criminals tend to be rational actors. They commit crimes because crime works like hell. It works like hell until a hard ass like President Bukele decides that it will not and then acts on that decision.

Amerikan President Joe Biden has been directed by his puppeteers to consider this a threat to democracy. This became particularly threatening to democracy when the Salvadoran president won reelection by something on the order of 60%. The Salvadoran Election could not have been less fair and orderly than Amerikan ones. Bukele was too busy lassoing tattoo-festooned narco-terrorists to get around to hiring Fanni Willis to throw opposition candidates into a prison.

Democracy is threatened when a democratically elected leader does the following:

  1. Diagnoses a problem leading to increased anarchy in his/her nation.
  2. Acts rationally and directly to solve the problem without regard to who has to inconvenience whom.
  3. Solves the problem with ruthless effectiveness.
  4. Is rewarded by a rational and appreciative people with an overwhelming reelection victory.

Just imagine the stuff that would hit the oscillating rotary device if a patriot like Nassim Bukele sank his teeth into securing Amerika’s borders and ports of entry. A lot of wealthy businessmen and progressive poverty-pimps already have. They perceive this possibility as a Boschian Tableau.

We see this in the US Senate’s desperate attempt to link perpetual open borders to military aid for both Israel and The Ukraine. Amerika can have indefensible national borders and the increased likelihood of a thermonuclear shoah-job. At the same time! All that’s missing is a maraschino cherry on top.

Nayib Bukele and all of the good this patriot has produced for his grateful nation is a result of the natural reaction of any group of people to weak and demotic democratic leadership. El Salvador and Chile both got lucky. Post-Weimar Germany and China after the fall of the last emperor fared less well.

Biden screws things up for long enough, and a strong and ruthless tyrant will inevitably rise to fill the numb suck-hole of a vacuum left by feckless and debauched elites. Amerikan tyranny will probably ensue.

Donald Trump is ridiculous and mild in comparison to what The United States genuinely needs to solve myriad problems and remain intact. Pray that we fare better in this regard than Russia did with the ascendancy of Lenin.

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