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DiversityWatch (September 9, 2023)


  • Charles Darwin University students told to ‘reflect deeply’ on their career choice if they oppose the Voice

    Obey our diversity dogma or starve.

  • Highland Park responds after criticism over ‘poverty simulation’ event

    In the name of equality, we decided on meritocracy through education, which means testing people on past scenarios and rewarding those who apply the “current” (really: past) procedures the best. Now they have no idea how the other half lives and sign up for poverty simulations so they have something to discuss at luncheon.

  • The afterlife of Christopher Hitchens

    Beware of identity politics. I’ll re-phrase that: have nothing to do with identity politics. I remember very well the first time I heard the saying “The Personal Is Political.” It began as a sort of reaction to the defeats and downturns that followed 1968: a consolation prize, as you might say, for people who had missed that year. I knew in my bones that a truly Bad Idea had entered the discourse. Nor was I wrong.

    People began to stand up at meetings and orate about how they felt, not about what or how they thought, and about who they were rather than what (if anything) they had done or stood for. It became the replication in even less interesting form of the narcissism of the small difference, because each identity group begat its subgroups and “specificities.” This tendency has often been satirized — the overweight caucus of the Cherokee trans-gender disabled lesbian faction demands a hearing on its needs — but never satirised enough. You have to have seen it really happen.

    From a way of being radical it very swiftly became a way of being reactionary; the Clarence Thomas hearings demonstrated this to all but the most dense and boring and selfish, but then, it was the dense and boring and selfish who had always seen identity politics as their big chance.

    It turns out that this was prophetic. Identity politics means every group is a special interest working against the mutual interest. Diversity tears societies apart.

  • China’s concerning new strategy on human rights: unite the world behind a ‘selective’ approach

    On the one hand, they have tried to rally developing countries behind the idea that the “right to subsistence” trumps concerns over other human rights.

    Other times, the government has justified its dictatorship as an expression of traditional Chinese “Confucian values”. These emphasise the importance of duty and social harmony over individual rights.

    Now, however, the government has formed a coherent ideological strategy in response to this criticism. China is seeking not merely to resist but to dismantle a foundational idea of the post-Cold War international order – the universality of human rights.

    China is simply ahead of the curve. Universal human rights means dominance by parasites. Like all egalitarian ideas, it is a death-trap for the unwary, and as democracy fails in a miasma of debt, declining populations, endless wars, rotted cities, transsexual activism, and drug use, we are realizing how serious the “death” part of that statement is.

  • Spanish prosecutors accuse Rubiales of sexual assault and coercion for kissing a player at World Cup

    The law is an ass. Technically, this was unwanted sexual touching, thus sex assault. But no one wants to live in a society where a kiss is a jail sentence. We need a sense of proportion here.

  • UArizona teaches nursing students to ask 3-year-olds about their ‘gender identity’: report

    Democracy is fetishistic; it has a paraphilia for egalitarian Utopianism to conceal its contrarian individualism. When a trend starts, it only stops when the horrors are revealed too late to do anything real about them. Just bury the dead and move on.

  • Study links epigenetic changes to historic trauma in Alaska Native communities

    Another dubious study designed to justify shakedowns, this one most likely confuses epigenetic changes caused by lifestyle with PTSD. Ending diversity — repatriating these people to Mongolia — ends the problem.

  • ‘Monstrous births’ and the making of race in the nineteenth-century United States

    Another superstitious study confuses some cases with all cases and uses that to assign cause to what is really a detail.

  • Girl’s father threatens to kill headteacher for enforcing abaya dress ban at French school – after his daughter twice ignored the rule

    These rules strike me as ridiculous attempts to try to force diversity to work when it clearly does not. Students should be in uniforms at this point, since most people can barely dress themselves.

  • Police are called to auction house amid fury over Nazi flag which was hoisted in window to promote World War Two sale

    We are ruled by a fear of symbols because we fear that the WW2-era order was never good and is failing. We should fear this because it is true.

  • Coca-Cola’s CMO on Sidestepping the Culture Wars, Navigating AI and Boosting Events Over Ads

    Coca-Cola’s marketing aims to target all consumers while avoiding the appearance of endorsing or criticizing any particular group, Arroyo said. Internal messaging guidelines clearly delineate which topics Coca-Cola marketing should and shouldn’t touch, he said, though he declined to elaborate on specifics.

    “Whatever is your political preference, whatever is your religious preference, whatever is your sexual preference, we welcome absolutely everyone. But a different thing is to make a statement that basically favors one against another. It is not our job to enter that,” he said.

    As we said here in the past, under diversity all marketing is niche marketing. The big companies are avoiding this if they can, especially after the Disney and Bud Light debacles.

  • US has no basis to lecture anyone on democracy after efforts to remove Trump from the ballot, says Hungary’s foreign minister

    Diversity divided the USA yet again. Now the post-WW2 order fails, since consumerism has become job-slavery and equality has become education-slavery, with diversity rising to mean constant internal division and rule by special interests. We told you equality was a Big Lie that led to civilization collapse.



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