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DiversityWatch (October 30, 2023)


  • Mosque chairman who praised Hamas leader advises CPS on hate crime

    Allowing your enemies to censor the speech of your people is not a good idea. Democracy should be overthrown for this crime alone, one of many.

  • Russian money has completely corrupted the British establishment

    Voting makes people insane and retarded. The votards slept — which requires willful denial, as if you hate everyone else in your society — through the rise in campaign costs, knowing (by logical deduction) that this would mean that lobbyists of every type would have more power. Now a number of foreign powers, big corporations, industry groups, communist NGOs, and hostile ethnic groups control and own our politicians; the Russians are just the most visible, with the Chinese — who gave the Clinton campaign its start with big bags of cash — the shadow presence everywhere. Everyone notices the Jews, but few think about the Arabs, who are everywhere with their oil money.

  • Russian universities instructed not to talk about negative trends in country

    As democracy winds down, the totalitarians are going to win because increasing authority is going to be the only way to keep Regime Change away. Natural selection favors those who survive, and the “fascist” — this term is wrongly used for totalitarian or authoritarian, and most of the “fascists” are in fact neo-communists — are going to be those survivors. We might blame China and Russia for their media controls, but to take the beam out of our eyes first, our media is absolutely controlled, just by social conformity to the opinions that one needs in order to get promoted instead of direct government intervention.

  • Some striking UAW members carry family legacies, Black middle-class future along with picket signs

    Our constant union programs are intertwined with our constant diversity problems, much of this going back to when airhead Lincoln “freed” the slaves without repatriating them to Africa. Diversity does not work; in workforces, it just intensifies the conflict.

  • Why the Kremlin will fear Dagestan’s anti-Semitic mob

    The Soviet Union and ChiComs used diversity in their propaganda against America and the West, basically claiming that all cops were in the Klan and Black people were mistreated like slaves. Then the Communists managed to poison themselves with diversity, which meant that in both China and the USSR, Muslim breakaway groups were engaged in acts of terrorism, sabotage, and low performance at official tasks. The Kremlin sees an echo of that in the sudden outburst of mobs killing them Jews, who were both favored and disfavored in the Soviet Union depending on which decade it was.

  • New partnership law to be considered by Latvian parliament

    Instead of supporting gay marriage, Latvia does what we encouraged the US to do all along: allow people to register partners who can share medical decisions and healthcare plans. That was what the original gay marriage proponents talked (incoherently) about from the start.

  • Why Aren’t the Arabs the ‘Colonizers’?

    The PC agenda is third world versus first world. It does not want to hear about how the Moors, Huns, Mongols, and Muslims invaded Europe, setting off the crusades and later, colonialism. It also does not want to hear about how Israel was occupied by Muslims for centuries before the British yeeted them.

  • In Mississippi, most voters will have no choice about who represents them in the Legislature

    Your skin is your uniform? It also determines your vote. With diversity, many elections are uncontested simply because the demographics determine the vote, which is what the Clinton-0bama-Biden Tammany Hall gang are counting on when they import millions more third world people.

  • Met to increase intelligence gathering in London schools amid Gaza tensions

    With diversity — of any form: ethnic, racial, cultural, religious, class — you get constant surveillance, propaganda, and censorship because diversity of any form is inherently unstable and tends toward extremes. Want the good life? Avoid diversity (as well as other insane stuff).

  • Illegal border crossers surpass 10 million since Biden took office

    Diversity votes Leftist. This is why the Irish pushed the Hart-Celler Act back in 1965, and why the Clintons, 0bama, Bushes, and Bidens wanted the continued third world invasion of the USA.

  • Keeping Stanford’s speech free

    Stanford newspaper editorial board suggests that accountability in free speech means that your views are debated, not that you are doxed, deplatformed, canceled, beaten, or killed as the Left would prefer in its defense of diversity.

  • Why Trump’s Drastic Plan to Slash the Government Could Succeed

    Everyone realizes by now that government is out of control, and that bringing it back under control will stop its relentless subsidizing of failing diversity programs.



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