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DiversityWatch (October 29, 2023)


  • What Legal Immigration Brings: “Staple a Green Card to Their ’Kill the Jews’ Signs”

    Ann Coulter started speaking out about the problems of third-world diversity back in 2009, approximately twenty years after our writers here first started pointing out that pluralism, diversity, pacifism, and tolerance are logical impossibilities and represent illusions favored by skittish neurotics who are beta-tier in W.E.I.R.D. society but get no credence anywhere else. Now Ann tells us how the Left came to realize it had created a monster as 100k assorted third world peoples march through London screaming for world Jewish genocide.

  • ‘First Amendment right to speak’: ACLU sides with Trump in gag order challenge

    Every third world group starts raising their voices in unison calling for TOTAL JEW DEATH, and suddenly even the neurotic and bumbling American Left figures out that it had better support options to minority totalitarianism. They are too late, of course, but in democracy, they always are.

  • Elon Musk’s Starlink to provide internet to aid organisations in Gaza

    Musk is about to learn that in diversity, there are no neutral or color-blind positions; you are either with the third world in its quest to dominate the first world and take all that it has, or you are a “racist.”

  • Feds: Hundreds smuggled illegally into U.S. through Albuquerque stash houses

    Illegal immigration has unleashed a massive wave of human sex trafficking, modern slavery, and other abuses which can occur because all participants have agreed to reject American law.

  • Republicans, Democrats both aim to restrict free speech on social media

    Both sides agree (bipartisan compromise!) that it will require constant censorship, propaganda, and surveillance to keep Americans from waking up to the reality that diversity is White Genocide and always was intended this way by non-Whites like the Irish, Italians, Slavs, Puerto Ricans, Arabs, Jews, Spaniards, Catholics, and did we mention Irish? As my grandpappy used to say, “Soylent Green may be made out of people, but the Irish ain’t!”

  • Former Vice President Mike Pence suspends his 2024 presidential bid

    Non-human non-White low-T bean counter Mike [[[ PENCE ]]] finally admits that his candidacy is going nowhere, and he was only important when he was with Trump, but a bunch of RINOs and Democrats conned him into taking a stand for Jesus and money, and now he is a footnote that will be mentioned only with shame and cringing in the history books.

  • Trilateral Commission calls 2023 ‘Year One’ of new world order

    “The Biden administration is trying to convince the world that there is this titanic struggle between autocracies and democracies. I am skeptical about that,” a speaker said. Instead, the world is fragmented, with countries — including the U.S. — looking out for their self-interests, the speaker added.

    Democracy, third world philosophy, peer pressure, and Abrahamic religions rely on the idea of a universal moral truth unrelated to success in the real world, since one is waiting for either pure Heaven or pure Moralism instead of acting on what is obvious, logical, commonsense, realistic, practical, sane, balanced, and achievable. Now the world is breaking free from these nonsense philosophies.

  • Facing ‘fiscal cliff,’ BART directors suggest consolidating with other Bay Area transit agencies

    Hint: every public service in the West just spent itself bankrupt trying to accommodate diversity. They are all toast, but only the ones in the big cities are so far in the hole that they can no longer hide it. You never could afford the welfare state, and with diversity, you doubly cannot.

  • ‘Science should not conclude that what we do not know, does not exist’

    This utter dogshit website is painful to link to, but the article is good, because it shows the world moving toward agnosticism instead of one world religion or ideology (including science, humanism, logical positivism, and democracy).

  • How Oakland, California, is falling apart

    Whatever this glorious low-nonsense website is, we need more of them… even some of the diversity are figuring out that the White Man’s Way works out better than diversitocracy.

  • The Disfiguring Prism of Oppressor and Oppressed

    Most of our intellectuals are really stupid in direct proportion to how smart they are. They are still taking egalitarianism at face value instead of realizing that it is simply manipulation by method made into a false goal, when the actual goal is to seize whatever the strong have and give it to the weak. All of Leftism and diversity is based on this crime, and they have no plan which turns out well, only running off with what they have stolen and letting others inherit the externalized mess.


  • What Must the President Have Known?

    Tammany Hall did the same things. It, too, was driven by the diversity vote. This is an old scam, so old that people wrote about it 24oo yearz ago.

  • Congressman fears ‘greater ties’ between China and Cuba after Chinese nationals smuggled into Florida

    Once upon a time in the computer industry, one company made better widgets than anyone else. All the other companies ganged up and agreed to drop their prices and make a standard out of their products. They got rid of the exceptional company. Six months later, quality went down and prices went up, since there was no longer any competition. The third world sees the first world as its competition and wants to eliminate it so that its citizens no longer have an escape valve.

  • Harvard’s Double Standard on Free Speech

    Sometime in the 1960s, the WASP ruling caste got replaced by the meritocracy kids who scored well on tests. Now we see that all of them are like Bill Gates, Howard Hughes, Mark Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs: good at nerd stuff, bad at real life, therefore always on the side of whatever is suicidally unrealistic and socially idealistic, which leads them to something a lot like Communism but with consumer goods.

  • ‘Sorry’ for Being So Blunt

    Fatphobia is the new “racism.” Racism is the new classism. Classism is the age-old habit of noticing stereotypes are mostly accurate, and realizing that Darwinism applies to humanity despite this being socially unpopular, and therefore that social class exists for a reason, as does hierarchy. We all benefit from having the competent rule us. However, noticing that we are not all equal souls, nor do we have equal ability, is the least popular thing in human circles ever, so no one will talk about the elephant in the room even as things get more and more ludicrous.

  • The Decolonization Narrative Is Dangerous and False

    The Hidden Truth on “colonialism”: after being invaded by Moors, Huns, Muslims, and Mongols, the West decided that it needed a buffer zone and so went out to discover the world, in the process conquering huge parts of it mostly because our explorers found themselves under attack by cannibalistic primitive savages. Once the West had fought itself into a stupor for democracy, it extended the principle of equality to the third world, which has promptly used it to try to destroy us.

  • Solar Maximum Is Arriving Sooner Than Expected, And We Don’t Know Why

    Guess what is coming for election 2024? Solar weather tends to correlate to lots of insanity on Earth, so when the shooting war kicks off, we will be acting as the universe commands. Remember to dry each ear for a half hour in a dehumidifier by adding it to your ear necklace, or it will get a funky smell.

  • India: Blast kills 2 at Christian gathering in Kerala

    India is a Hindu state; it is for Hindus, not Christians, Jews, or Muslims. For whatever reason, Hindus and Buddhists seem to get along, and often get along with Sikhs, but their religions have a common origin; the Muslims are ethnic foreigners and the Abrahamic religions are philosophical aliens to India. ¡Jai Shri Ram!

  • France: Macron promises to make abortion rights irreversible

    Everyone sort of gets how making a human rights argument for killing unborn humans is a bit hypocritical, but as long as sexual liberation is the norm, people need an escape valve. If conservatives had any brains, they would aim for ending the subsidies that power sexual liberation instead of trying to ban the bort.

  • Record number of illegal immigrants from INDIA are crossing US southern border, with 42,000 intercepted last year

    Everyone is coming for a permanent entitlement to the free stuff for government paid for by the outvoted White people who can just watch in sadness and rage as the diversity systematically dismantles everything that made the West functional.

  • YouTube Temporarily Suspends The LAPD

    The diversity staff at YouTube find mentions of crimes to be racist, so they are now censoring American government agencies in order to keep intact public pretense that diversity is functional.

  • Ron DeSantis says letting pro-Hamas students go unpunished will see the US ‘commit suicide as a country’

    He wants to punish them for their opinions in order to maintain the illusion that diversity is working for his elder Boomer constituents, who just want to die thinking happy thoughts and have the world burst into flame after their passing.

  • Jake Sullivan threatens force against Iran while calling Israeli ‘extremist settler’ violence unacceptable

    Democracy Inc cannot support Israel because Israel is flirting with ethno-nationalism like the Axis Powers did during the WW2, era and the Confederacy did during the Civil War era, which means that if we do not hammer on Israel we will be admitting that the last one hundred and fifty years of American history is a lie. At the same time, Democracy Inc also wants to bomb Iran so that humanism can rule the mideast and make it as much of a mess as Northern California is now. Osama bin Laden was right about the democratic West being “diseased.”




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