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DiversityWatch (October 16, 2023)


  • 22 Democrats Sponsor a Bill That Could Censor Abortion Info From the Internet

    The bill, the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), would create a “duty of care” requiring social media apps and websites to “prevent and mitigate” harms to children, including not recommending content that could cause anxiety and depression or could lead to “sexual exploitation and abuse.” A huge problem is that the bill would allow state Attorneys General to sue apps and sites if they believe certain content is harmful to minors—meaning AGs could weaponize the law to attack content they simply disagree with. In response, platforms likely would preemptively block content they think could get them sued.

    The Left finally discovers the disaster of civil rights style legislation: in order to protect a sacred group, you write rules that then become interpreted broadly, and soon a Tweet saying that Black people have an average IQ of 89, that 78% of the people arrested for having sex with horses are White women, or that Chinese-Americans do not pay their taxes becomes a “hate crime.” Our founding fathers/framers decided on absolute freedom of political, cultural, social, religious, and scientific speech for this reason; they probably would have not just banned pornography but indemnified people from shooting pornographers and killing prostitutes.

  • How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world

    The legal contexts vary, but the charges – such as subversion, illicit association, terrorism and tax evasion – are often vague and time-consuming to disprove, while a growing number of countries, including the US and UK, have passed controversial anti-protest laws ostensibly intended to protect national security or so-called critical infrastructure such as fossil fuel pipelines.

    Climate change is Abrahamic, and the real problem is The Ecocide which threatens all life on Earth because there are too many humans in too many cities, but finally the Left is also seeing the diversity monster. You cannot talk about limiting carbon while bringing in unlimited immigrants, receiving container ships from China, and spending trillions to subsidize your non-White underclasses. Consequently, Leftists are the ones doing this censorship. Someday they can proudly recite how “first they came for the White Nationalists, and I did not stand up, because I was not a White Nationalist… next they came for the Human Biodiversity scientists, and I did not stand up, because I was not a Human Biodiversity scientist… finally, they came for me, and they ate me because I was White and lived in the suburbs.”

  • Biden says Israeli occupation of Gaza would be a “big mistake”

    The Irish, as a competing Semitic group, have a long hatred for the Jews. Here Biden mumbles his way through the bad side of American foreign policy, which is micromanaging other nations. Who cares what the Jews do, in Israel? They will fix their own problem and it is not our business on a “moral” level. The good side of American foreign policy occurs when America intervenes in conflicts like Ukraine and Georgia to stop incompetent larger bullies from beating up on smaller breakaway groups.

  • Statement from President Biden on George Floyd’s 50th Birthday

    George Floyd died because he swallowed his stash and the ambulance did not get there in time. The original autopsy noted this, so it was sent back for editing. He is a propaganda symbol of what Democrats intend to do to take over America: use diversity to replace anyone who can stop them.

  • Why no Jewish Lives Matter movement?

    Irish guy forgets about the ADL and SPLC. The fact is that every diversity group has a political advocacy front, and the Jewish version is just lower-key than the Palestinian version, which tries for the “one world posse” sense of uniting all third world groups against the first world.

  • Don’t Hire My Anti-Semitic Law Students

    There they go again, with the Abrahamic universal morality instead of common sense, which says that all individuals and groups act in their self-interest. If you are being defended for a “hate crime,” you probably want some form of racially-aware lawyer, and if you are being defended on charges of terrorism, you probably want a jihadi or fellow traveler.

  • The Jewish Experience in the American Revolution

    The Jewish presence in America was miniscule – no more than a tenth of a percent – but the fate of Jews nonetheless assumed outsize significance in the political debates of the early republic. For a new nation founded in the name of equality, the treatment of Jews was a test of whether Americans would realize or reject that animating creed.

    The specter of religious equality alarmed many Gentiles. State after state decided to exclude Jews from the ballot box, the state house, and the legal guild. This type of prejudice was familiar to Jewish-Americans who had faced the same, or worse, back in Europe. What distinguished Jews in the United States from their Old World co-religionists was not the reality of antisemitism but rather their willingness to publicly challenge it.

    The problem is not Jews but diversity. When you have more than one culture in a society, you have fatal division of your ruling apparatus and culture, which is soon replaced by garbage anti-culture like we see in our consumerist ruin today.

  • Israel-Hamas conflict: How German schools treat antisemitism

    No one likes what the Nazis did, but no one likes living among foreign cultures either. The solution to antisemitism is to repatriate all Jews to Israel and to remove anyone else from Israel, including Christians.

  • Voice to Parliament referendum: record 2.6million Australians did not vote in the referendum and will be hit with a fine

    Record numbers avoided a contentious diversity conflict because they did not want to get involved in a situation that always ends with the White people being called racists and having their lives destroyed.

  • American Museum of Natural History will return its collection of 12,000 of stolen skeletons, claiming it followed a racist practice by robbing the graves of black and Indigenous people

    In democracy, you always sacrifice tomorrow for the ability to signal hard support for egalitarianism today. Studying human remains was OK when it was only White people, but not OK when we rob graves of non-Whites, and still not OK if our datasets are entirely based on White people.

  • Arab Enclave Near Detroit On Edge Over Israel-Hamas War

    Diversity means that every ethnic and racial group becomes a politically protected special interest, and then they fight with each other for control on the national level just as they do on the international one.

  • Study shows Neanderthals inherited at least 6% of their genome from a now-extinct lineage of early modern humans

    In the future, we are going to find that Cro-Magnids were the original human, and most other groups consist of admixture between them and local parallel evolutions of the hominid or human form.




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