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DiversityWatch (November 17, 2023)


  • Committee on House Administration Access to USCP Video From January 6, 2021

    The January 6th videos get released, unleashing citizen journalism on one of hte most dubious Reichstag Fires to ever be pulled by a politician, but under diversity leadership like Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, and Ocasio-Cortez this kind of thing is very normal.

  • Conservative Donors Failed to Show Up in the 2023 Elections

    We hear a lot about how evil the politicians are, but very little about the fact that the voters are so demoralized, oblivious, and lazy that they respond in a linear relationship to dollars spent on advertising. The system filters out any unacceptable candidates, such as those that do not support diversity, so by the time the voters get to the booths, they have a choice of candidates who accept the system as it is and want to make small tweaks, but never the changes of enough consequence to motivate people. We are in Late Stage Democracy and the diversity acceptability line has filtered out anyone but the liars, sociopaths, and con artists.

  • Mexican prez hails ‘humane’ Biden for opening ‘legal pathways’ for migrants

    Mexico wants to acquire more territory and realizes when enough of its residents are in the USA, they will vote for joining Mexico instead of remaining a part of the shell of a once-great nation.

  • White House criticises Elon Musk over ‘hideous’ antisemitic lie

    On Wednesday, Mr Musk responded with his “truth” comment to a post that accused Jewish communities of pushing “hatred against whites” and which included anti-immigrant sentiments.

    It appeared to be an endorsement of a racist and antisemitic conspiracy theory known as “white genocide,” which argues that Jewish people systematically plot to encourage immigration of “non-white” people to Western countries in order to “eliminate” the white race.

    There is no lie in what Musk said, but it is not the full truth: Leftists, minorities, and the third world are pushing for the elimination of not just Whites but Jews. The latter, having had a bad experience with ethnonationalism during the Holocaust, have for years funded pro-diversity elements, but those just turned on them and so the Jewish people are having an internal conversation on where to go from here. Either they try to make diversity work despite its clear intent to kill Jews, or they accept that ethnonationalism is the only viable future and start moving their people to Israel and moving Palestinians out.

  • Crime-free housing policies increase evictions among minorities, but do not cut crime

    White people get fooled by statistics again. Crime-free housing policies evict those who have involvement with criminal activity, which cuts criminal activity in those areas, and this is important because apparently they are less likely to get caught when they are surrounded by normal people instead of pushed to the margins of society.

  • Top UN court orders Azerbaijan to ensure the safety of Nagorno-Karabakh people

    Natural rights worked better than human rights, which give government entry into every part of daily life. Like other human rights organizations, the UN has a habit of forcing governments to accept refugees or migrants where they are clearly both not wanted and a destructive presence, working to further break down culture and replace it with bureaucracy so that the bureaucrats always have more jobs.

  • Illegal migrants on Serbian-Hungarian border are being armed by Albanian mafia in Kosovo, Serbia claims

    Amazing how organized crime, Leftism, unions, and diversity seem to spring from the same root. In this case, most likely enemies of Serbia are funding the latest weapon in international conflict: immigrants.

  • The Israeli military released footage of a tunnel opening from within the largest hospital in Gaza, the first evidence to support its claims that Hamas’s vast tunnel network runs underneath the medical facility.

    The third world uses human shields; this has now been proven again. The third world attacks civilians; this has also been proven. The third world uses rape as a weapon of war; we see this now again. This is a war between the have-nots of the world against the haves, just like the French Revolution, and it will end similarly badly, echoing France which went from superpower to surrender expert in a few short generations.

  • Following a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of cognitive decline in older people

    More “wet streets make rain” reporting. People who are smarter tend to be wealthier and therefore have more control over their diet, therefore are likely to choose to incorporate mediterranean foods instead of exclusively eating TV dinners and fast food like the average wagie.



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