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DiversityWatch (December 8, 2023)


  • America’s Trust in Scientists Drops in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic

    The accidental or fake “pandemic” of COVID-19 revealed that diversity has paralyzed the West. It exists entirely in a reactive capacity now, sperging out in response to crises and applying the known “solutions” taught in schools to the “educated” elites who can see nothing but what the textbook controls. This is means-over-ends thinking, and diversity forced it by producing so many exceptions, footnotes, red tape, and other complexity that no one could see a why or a goal anymore.

  • Woman arrested after trying to burn down Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home in Atlanta — stopped by off-duty NYPD officers

    Once you start tearing down historical landmarks like statues, it never stops. Perhaps this lady recognized that the MLKjr vision of equality and tolerance was in fact simply a bourgeois dodge to ignore the actual problems African-Amerians, like many third-world-descended peoples, face in a first-world society, especially one that is interested in its own pursuits and not those of its labor force.

  • How Liberals Let Antisemitism Happen Here

    Identity politics inevitably led to negative identity politics, because to assert autonomy and a future for your group, you have to believe that your people are the best and everyone else is cattle, fungus, dirt, feces, and so on. No one seems willing to point out that the Holocaust and anti-Semitism have a common cause which is diversity itself, a policy which proves toxic even in small doses. We told you this thirty years ago on the ancestor of this site, and we have called it correctly that there is a new world war brewing between the third world and the first. You no longer have a way out; you will be forced to admit that diversity is a giant failure and move on from it, despite every bourgeois instinct telling you to smooth over the signs of the decline and keep shopping at Costco. How many new Hondas or iPhones can you buy before you run out of excuses?

  • Derek Chauvin Did Not Murder George Floyd

    While not explicitly mentioning the autopsy findings that revealed fatal levels of fentanyl in Mr Floyd’s bloodstream, this article points out that “poetic truths” are in fact emotional truths that confirm the self-pity narrative of the Crowd, and therefore always lead to further illusions. In a short period of time, the need for universal truths to unite the Herd inverted democracy from “freedom” to widespread endorsement of censorship. These “poetic truths” are the basis of the Left and always consist of a revenge narrative where the self-pitying Crowd retaliates against those who are not self-pitying for having more or being happier.

  • The U.S. Military Went Woke. Time To Make Some Changes at the Top

    Diversity has created a competence crisis by appointing either affirmative action candidates or those whose main claim to fame is their unstinting endorsement of diversity, equity, and inclusion — basically Communism with civil rights — policies. Now like the rest of the power structure, the military cannot make decisions simply because those in positions of authority are busy with their agenda, and have no interest on the why or the goal. Means-over-ends is how civilizations kill themselves, and diversity accelerates this process.

  • DEI Drives Campus Antisemitism

    Anything is offensive to someone. Some of the sacraments of your group are blasphemy to any other group. The search for a universal truth runs into a brick wall once we include culture, which seems to be the one force holding back the hive-mind from finding a lowest common denominator illusion and using it to dominate everyone. Antisemitism is part of Islam and perhaps Christianity; that is a question for the theologists. This means that different groups cannot coexist in the same society. Polyethnicism (multiculturalism, internationalism, world federalism, diversity) is doomed by this paradox.

  • Rising Ukraine war fatigue endangering US, EU support

    Biden bungled this, perhaps on orders from his masters in China. American foreign policy loves piecemeal support for foreign wars, then getting slowly drawn into what has become a quagmire because instead of leaping in and squashing the problem, we have let it grow into an industry for all sides who are then vested in a prolonged conflict, knowing that democracy has no stomach for wars. Had Biden quit screwing around with domestic spending and sent Ukraine everything they needed, this war would have been over already, but instead he had to use Ukraine as a type of money-cycling exercise that enriched his allies but ensured that the war would not be won quickly. Russia failed by not achieving decisive fast victory, and the US apparently emulated them in the same waffling, half-assed approach.

  • Gérard Depardieu’s obscene remarks shown in new documentary

    We have reached peak snowflake because it has become painfully obvious that these are grifts by also-rans. They claim they were under his “emotional control” and take zero responsibility for their own choices. Everyone is looking for a payout thanks to the trend of evidenceless convictions of men for sexual abuse, which is going to result in fewer women having these jobs and actual sexual assault cases being ignored in the future.

  • DC Removing 103,000 Ineligible Names from the Voter Rolls in Response to Judicial Watch

    Under diversity, vote fraud becomes normal because the diversity coalition is working against the mainstream order to seize power and drive out the host culture. They have no choice; to do otherwise is to exist at the whim of another group, and diversity groups unlike the democracy-addled Whites recognize that they must conquer or be conquered. Nothing is race-blind, class-blind, religion-blind, or ethnicity-blind.

  • Pakistan is deporting illegal Afghan migrants en masse and Germany is taking them in

    Democracy has made the West into a dumping ground for the world because we are foolish enough to depend on “human rights,” while other countries cannot afford and therefore do not have such illusions. Maybe having the aristocrats sequester all the wealth made sense. When people get rich, they pay off problems and therefore the problems proliferate.

  • Canada is deporting more people faster, drawing concern from migrant advocates

    Canada realizes (slowly) that its welfare state will be going away because of immigration, but has not yet realized that domestic diversity is not going to plug the Boomer gap in tax revenues and therefore, it has to go mono-ethnic if it wants to survive at all.

  • Closure of Finnish-Russian border sparks protest

    Ethnic Russians in Finland protest the border closure because it cuts off their access to the motherland, showing us again how diversity of any sort does not work at all. They have dual loyalties, and because humans need social power through being different, will always seek what makes them different, therefore be more loyal to their ethnic home than their political home. If being present in the new land for a century has not made them into loyal Finns, then “magic dirt” is an illusion and ethnicity is stronger than politics, economics, or legal systems.

  • ‘Get tough on immigration or risk the radicals taking charge,’ warns Merkel’s former health minister Spahn

    Democracy had to hit rock bottom before people would act because most people see only the area between their jobs, shopping, friends, and homes. Your average person lives in a square mile total of territory and is oblivious to the rest except for what mainstream media covers, which after COVID-19 most see as mostly propaganda. Now that the voters are slowly waking up to the mess, they want to slam the barn door before the horse makes it around the world. It has occurred to no one in public that diversity is a civilization-killer and form of genocide, but that realization is spreading around the fringes.

  • Olaf Scholz: The most unpopular German chancellor ever

    Support for diversity has become the central issue in politics. Those who support it are on their way out for the crime of ignoring obvious problems, and those who are critical of it are heading into power. The political class is reacting by banning the far-Right which only validates its statements in the minds of many. As Israel justifiably bombs Hamas into the dust, fear of Hitler is receding and being replaced with fear of becoming South Africa.

  • Newly revealed 1994 photo of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with Jeffrey Epstein raises new questions about relationship between politician and the pedophile

    The tools who believed that a member of the DC in-group would somehow break ranks to do anything but steal votes from Trump are now feeling like saps for having trusted a candidate linked to our first diversity president.

  • MIT president defends blacks-only dorm: ‘Positive selection,’ not ‘exclusionary’

    Diversity is doing so well that our elites — selected by “meritocratic” “education” that rewards means-over-ends thinking based in memorization — have reinvented segregation as a positive, sort of as a first step to reparations-with-repatriation although apparently our leadership clowns do not know this yet.

  • ‘How to Have an American Baby’ Review: Giving Birth to Citizens

    Everyone wants to come to the West for the money, and cementing that status with an anchor baby works wonders. One finds it curious that no one ever considered looking into the status of our immigration and civil rights system to notice that it seems designed for White Genocide, authored by Irishmen such as Phillip Hart and Ted Kennedy (in the process, they killed prosperity by raising costs to fund the diversity initiative, lowering wages as a result).

  • Why empathy constitutes the ultimate leadership skill

    Empathy, like “good” and “evil,” is a form of psychological manipulation. If you make people feel they are heard, and make token concessions, you can control them. In the same way, we are told to use empathy of the third world to accept our own destruction.

  • No White Faculty Allowed

    The cool kids in the neighborhood finally figured out how to climb the tall tree and build a treehouse. Now they have pulled up the ladder, and are only letting in people who do their bidding. If you are not absolutely controllable, they are not interested in you at all. Academia has created a voting population of diversity and women who can be moulded into whatever it needs to keep the scam going. Anyone competent exited long ago if possible because they know that at some point, the government grants run out and the foreign students stop coming, at which point academia implodes. But in the meantime, it serves as a jobs program and degree program for future academics, forcing political correctness upon the rest of us.

  • Racial disparity in Army officer promotions has improved since service removed photos from selection process

    Without the photo, they have to rely on the latest Leftist tactic: grade inflation, but translated to military and bureaucratic methods, since someone reading a personnel file cannot tell the difference between a task completed successfully and a task completed as successful in order to make the diversity numbers look good.

  • Denmark passes law to ban Quran burnings

    In order to keep national security intact, Denmark abolishes free speech because the diversity will riot, and that makes politicians look bad, at which point the voters might start to realize that clown world is in fact as bad as it seems except for the money, which is all anyone cares about in what is left of the West since we abolished culture and rewarded obedient conformity instead of proficiency.

  • Germany: Berlin pays €1.5 million every single day to house migrants in just 12 buildings, nearly half a billion per year

    This process is being repeated everywhere in the West, since no one knows what to do with these “migrants” (read: illegal aliens) who seem to be unable to do anything to generate their own housing, food, education, or healthcare, leaving the state to pay for it all and pass the bill on to the voters with higher taxes and higher prices.

  • EU must face legacy of colonialism and support reparations, say MEPs

    Dumb Western politicians will not realize it, but these shakedowns will never end. There is always some other detail to pay for, and if not, there is the fact that before colonialism the third world was poor, after it it was slightly less poor, and after liberation it went back to being more poor, so “them belly full, we so hungry” will be used to renew the grift again and again.

  • Championing Diversity From Inside Google

    Google is only 13% Black or Latino, so we must all drop everything to make changes! This article however reveals why companies are embracing DIE: the lawsuits Google faces could bleed its cash supply and force it to report lower results to shareholders, at which point the board and executive suite will be removed, so for the safety of their jobs they want to hire another half a workforce to do nothing for high salaries simply so that the company can fend off lawsuits and government regulators. Civil rights laws enable these lawsuits and these have forced American companies to subsidize diversity on top of the high taxes, resulting in our competence crisis and low quality for high prices, just like the Soviets forced business to subsidize a massive bureaucracy and Party affirmative action which promptly bankrupted the nation and reduced it being unable to feed itself. Same mistake, different form; old story, very sad.

  • Is the Texas boom town of Austin losing its luster?

    Austin grew for a simple reason: you could hire White or hwite college students for Mexican wages. Then the college population shifted to be mostly diverse and at the same time, the usual well-meaning neurotics wrote lots of laws that raised the cost of doing anything in Austin, so at the end of the line, Austin became nearly as expensive as California without better quality of labor, so companies are going back home. You would think the Austinites would have learned from several decades of experience but likely they are all UT grads.

  • Apple Just Confirmed Governments Are Spying on People’s Phones With Push Notifications

    Wherever diversity goes, surveillance and censorship increase because diversity is inherently destabilizing, so now spying is a normal part of the Western experience, much as in how in the wake of 9/11 the big internet companies shared data with the NSA in order to catch coded terrorist communications from within the USA, at first, although like all government programs it grew to be used to trap conservatives.

  • Examining Nazi plans for dividing and ‘improving’ Africa during World War II

    Like planners in those other European nations, those in the Third Reich aspired to fuse Europe and Africa into “Eurafrica.” They wanted to move away from the old methods of merely extracting resources from the continent and instead establish it as a place where reciprocity could exist to the mutual benefit of both regions, although the scale always tipped toward Europe.

    Can we let go of the Hitler worship now? Europeans need to learn to clean their own toilets, grow their own crops, build their own homes, and serve their own food. The more socialism a nation adopts, the more its citizens cannot afford a normal life doing these things, so there is a mad scramble to get into Bullshit McJobs in offices that pay a lot but sap the soul, almost as much as relying on another race for these things will make Europeans feel weak and puny. And how does it benefit Africa to be a vassal state of Europe?

  • Is It Time to Retire the Term ‘Genocide’?

    Like the term “racism,” the word genocide has migrated from being an exceptional superlative to a mundane description of anything the speaker does not like. The Left has a mania for “new” things because it constantly destroys the meaning of the old by filtering out anything other than its singular concern, equality, and therefore making all things into variants of the same thing, rendering their names useless.

  • The Federal Reserve Has an $8 Trillion Secret

    In order to pay for the diversity budget, government invented a new way to manufacture money by purchasing securities and counting the debt as an asset, effectively flooding the country with new usury money so that taxes could go up to fund the welfare state and its anti-racism efforts. Civil rights ruined America.

  • Hunter Biden faces 17 years in prison after spending millions on lavish, hard-partying lifestyle while dodging taxes: special counsel

    Like the Biden impeachment, this will follow the Clinton dramatic arc: there will be obvious malfeasance, but the crucial evidence will have been destroyed, and the Clinton-owned DOJ will settle for far lesser charges or even better, conclude with a not guilty judgment, same as the impeachment will not get the votes. If you want to work in Washington ever again, you investigate to exonerate.


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