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Queen Elizabeth II: The State Funeral

Like 4.1 billion other humans estimated to be tuning in, you may find this relevant. Queen Elizabeth II guided her country through a difficult series of obstacles that involved novel questions that could not all be gotten right. Nonetheless she kept a steady direction toward the good as it could be seen at the time.

Watching this orderly ceremony, alien in that unlike our present ceremonies it is geared toward raising up consciousness instead of accommodating a simplest common denominator, it reminds me of how much the aristocracy are the parents of a nation and we all find ourselves a little lost without the kindly but firm grandma to whom we have become accustomed.

Like so many things, we sometimes only appreciate how important monarchs have been when they die, and the weight of their absence in contrast to the yawning terror of yet undecided future events leaves us feeling small and childlike.

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