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The Rotherham Election


Trump/Brexit — and they are so similar that we should see them as the same event, along with (hopefully) Italian exit from the EU and Marine Le Pen winning in France — were a defensive election, not democracy as usual.

Democracy had failed. Since Ronald Reagan, we in America have had a non-stop sequence of terrible leaders who succeed at “the game” of politics, law, and bureaucracy but were unfit to rule.

Eventually, we were forced to defend ourselves. No symbol is clearer than what happened in Rotherham in the UK, where hundreds of girls were molested by immigrants and no one would report it for fear of being seen as racism.

This election was a self-defense election. The Left would never stop, and the end result of their advancement is completely illogical situations like Rotherham, because by choosing ideology the Left has rejected reality in favor of human feelings, judgments and emotions. That leads to bad results, as all “closing-in” of humans into their own little worlds tends to.

In the Leftist world, you cannot defend yourself or you will be called racist, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic. Your children are raped; what is your complaint? To the Left, victory is at hand, because those rapes lead to the erosion of natural things like heritage, culture, sex roles and the family. That means those can be replaced by the State.

Do you see the Leftist endgame yet? It is a world of cultureless mixed-race people, subservient to ideology, who live in a wasteland and yet claim to be proud of it because of its material wealth. The Leftist endgame is emptiness and misery.

Rotherham is one aspect of the Leftist endgame. With nothing in common, civilization becomes predatory, and if someone can get away with molesting nubile young girls, that is viewed as a benefit to them. There is no purpose in common.

Our future under Leftism is a void comprised of endless Rotherhams. In the Leftist mind, nothing is more important than the ideology, and therefore everything else must be consumed to feed that ideology.

The only way out of that future is to get out of Leftism. Reject egalitarianism, and seek a reality-based path instead of an ideological one. For now, this is unpopular, but as the victims pile up, that is beginning to change.

This election was the Rotherham election. People wanted a way out of the inevitable insanity if we continued the current course, and, for once, sanity won out over the herd. If we keep pushing, we can make Rotherham a sad memory and nothing more.

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