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DiversityWatch (September 14, 2022)


  • Report uncovers Germany’s structural racism against Muslims

    The Berlin Senate set up the commission, the first of its kind in Germany, as a response to the far-right terror attack in the western city of Hanau in February 2020, when an extremist killed eight people of non-German descent, a German Romani, and his own mother, before killing himself.

    “A common (racist) attitude in the imagination of the ‘majority or dominant society’ favors a close link between Islam and poverty,” according to the report, as many of Berlin’s Muslims trace their German origins to low-skilled immigrants.

    “Not everyone who makes some racist comments is a racist. Some of them don’t realize it is a racist thing,” Safter Çınar, a spokesperson for the Turkish Association in Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB), told DW. “The concept of ‘what is racism?’ is fairly new in Germany.”

    Perhaps because “what is racism?” is sane, since every group prefers its own and works against all other groups.

  • Apocalyptic El Paso: Shocking photos show 1,000 migrants sleeping on border city’s streets

    It has led to scenes of misery, with hundreds of migrants sleeping on the streets without access to toilets or showers, and residents say that the ‘smell of human waste is overwhelming in the area,’ according to KVIA-TV.

    ‘There’s nothing safe about having people roaming the streets, it’s almost apocalyptic,’ Gonzales, who represents part of El Paso, told the ABC affiliate.

    ‘I’d argue that we’re very compassionate people, people who want to give the shirt off their back, but when there’s no end in sight, it’s just not fair,’ said Gonzales.

    Genetics > propaganda. Import the third world, become third world, and that is even before we consider whatever homegrown idiocracy has been created by consumerism, public schooling, and democracy.

  • ‘Shopping cart killer’ Anthony Robinson linked to death of sixth woman

    Their bodies were discovered together on Nov. 23 in a vacant lot next to a shopping cart that cops said had been used to transport the bodies, earning Robinson his macabre moniker.

    High mute load = greater tendencies toward neurosis and paraphilia.

  • Carnegie Mellon professor who wished Queen ‘excruciating death’ now says it’s racist that Irish people ‘dancing the Riverdance’ are humored online while black people are ‘vilified’

    In an interview with The Guardian, Uju Anya, a black applied linguistics professor at the Pittsburgh university, said it is ‘telling’ that she received backlash online for her tweet, while videos of Irish people river dancing are being widely circulated.

    She was referring to a now-viral video of an Irish dance group called Cairde, in which five young men perform the River Dance outside Buckingham Palace to the song Another One Bites the Dust.

    Someone tell this woman that the Irish — a Neolithic-Semitic group with pretenses of being “Celtic” from a tiny slice of its ancestry — are not White either.

  • Supreme Court ‘founded to defend white supremacy,’ should be abolished: race scholar

    Professor Claudia Garcia-Rojas’ essay, titled “The Supreme Court Won’t Save Us — It Was Founded to Defend White Supremacy,” argues that President Donald Trump’s “stacking of the court with far-right justices is a strategic move meant to defend white Christian nationalism.” Instead of packing the court, citizens should be asking “what steps can we begin taking toward abolishing it,” she wrote.

    Affirmative action means that we are ruled by incompetents.

  • Interviewers show racial bias when reporting survey respondents’ political knowledge

    Overall, Black respondents were rated as more politically knowledgeable by Black interviewers than by white interviewers even when controlling for objective performance.

    Logical fact means that either:

    1. Whites are downranking Blacks
    2. Blacks are upranking Blacks
    3. Both of the above simultaneously

    There is no way to fix diversity; it can only destroy, never create.

  • Furious mom calls for racist school bully to be expelled after he AirDropped her black son an image of a swastika with the N-word written around it SIXTY times

    Douglas County School District knows who did it and they suspended the student for an undisclosed period.

    ‘The cops called and asked me if I wanted to press charges and I said yes. At first, I wasn’t going to because maybe he’s just a kid but then I thought, you know what, no,’ Veasey told the news channel.

    ‘There are too many excuses in the world on why people can get away with certain things and I really don’t care that he is a kid, because I feel like his intentions were real. He knew what he was doing, so he should be punished for what he has done,’ she added.

    The White mother wants her bad decisions in life to be validated by society. Maybe she will harass them until they crucify the kid, or maybe force him to drink hemlock.

  • Migrants are killing pets, stealing from shops and knocking on doors late at night at Texas border town

    They added that they were aware of some migrants who entered one property ‘and in order to steal something, they killed the dogs.’

    ‘They are like robbing stuff or killing animals to eat,’ they said. ‘That’s what concerns me.’

    A local identified as ‘Cesar’ said incoming migrants have started to leave trash on ranches while ‘a lot of migrants are dying in the river, too.’

    There are good Mexicans somewhere, but those are not these Mexicans. Instead we get the worst and they behave in such a way that explains why the third world was poor, disorganized, corrupt, filthy, and unjust long before White people got there (and will be so long after White people cease to exist).

  • Latino San Francisco cop branded ‘racist’ for arresting Hispanic drug dealers in San Francisco

    Most of the non-prescription drugs peddled in the Tenderloin are sold by dealers of Honduran nationality recruited by Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel, making at least $1,000 a day each, said Tom Ostly, a former prosecutor in the San Francisco DA’s office. San Francisco is one of five US cities the Sinaloa cartel-supplied Honduran recruits operate in, he said.

    We can believe one of the following:

    1. Minorities in jail were selected for their race, like The Holocaust.™
    2. Minorities in jail were selected for their behavior, just like anyone else;
    3. The latter, but it leads to the former over time.

    Either they are in jail for their race alone, or their behavior got them thrown there and now we are noticing “racial patterns.”

  • Biden spokesman dismisses US land grab by Chinese as a ‘home ownership issue’

    The dismissive response from John Kirby came despite bipartisan concern about land-buys near military bases, including from the chairman of the Democrat-led Senate intelligence committee.

    In diverse societies, it is considered impolite and un-PC to notice diversity problems, which means that diversity problems soon take over everything.

  • Supreme Court sides with LGBTQ group at Yeshiva University

    “The First Amendment guarantees the right to the free exercise of religion, and if that provision means anything, it prohibits a State from enforcing its own preferred interpretation of Holy Scripture,” read the dissent. “Yet that is exactly what New York has done in this case.”

    “The upshot is that Yeshiva is almost certain to be compelled for at least some period of time (and perhaps for a lengthy spell) to instruct its students in accordance with what it regards as an incorrect interpretation of Torah and Jewish law,” the justices wrote.

    Not everyone agrees that tolerance is a good thing in all cases. Every person hates some group or another, or simply wants to escape from the negative consequences of certain groups and behaviors. In reality, we are all happiest around people like us.

  • Far-Right Party in Sweden Drives Opposition Bloc to Election Win

    The victory was powered largely by support for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, a far-right group with roots in the neo-Nazi movement, which won its biggest-ever share of the vote.

    People have figured out that diversity is only ever a negative thing, and is never positive, in 180° contrast to how it is presented by our democratic overlords.


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