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Diversity Is The New Holocaust

The most interesting math problems do not give you a finite integer answer. They give you a scatter plot of possible results and a formula for how those results will change over time as their environment reacts to them.

For example, how long will your new lawnmower last after you bring it home from Home Depot or Lowes? For most people, the answer is somewhere between seven and thirty years; for a few, it may be up to fifty or longer, and for a similar sized group, the thing will crap out after just a few years.

We are familiar with this terminology. Buy a car that everyone thinks is great and you have your fingers crossed that you do not get a “lemon,” or a car with systemic problems such that no matter how much you fix it, it remains unstable and breaks again (some brands are this way, like FIAT and Dodge).

When we look at diversity, we see a range of results right away. Diversity always leads to conflict after a certain number of years depending on the mix and number of foreign elements. Over time, this results in a situation that gets steadily worse as all the problems intensify.

In this way, diversity represents all the other great human errors. Everything seems good at first, then it gets bad quickly, but the system cannot admit its failure, so everyone marches straight over the cliff like the blind retarded lemmings they are.

Most people do not understand that civilization suicide means that you are ruled by criminals from that point onward, all the good people die off, and everyone who is remaining gets stupid and small-minded in a pathological pursuit of whatever they can steal. It is a genetic death of you and your people.

Others have tried genetic death. I never liked the Holocaust, which was basically German slave labor programs and partisan executions, because it is the weak statement of bullying a scapegoat versus the strong statement of declaring all diversity a failure and creating mono-ethnic states.

We are facing a new Holocaust that will first eliminate Whites and then every other ethnic group, leaving behind a tan population like in Brazil, who since they will have shattered the mesh of traits that makes up each group, will be unexceptional and low IQ, therefore easily led and manipulated.

This is not intended, but that does not matter; the Nazis probably did not intend the Holocaust at first, either. But unrealistic policies lead to instability and this is usually resolved in a panic through the crudest, stupidest method possible.

There is no way to make diversity work. History shows us this. We have a binary solution set: either end up a third world ruin, or we end diversity now. We are fighting for our survival and that of the human species, which depends on its different nations for their abilities.

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