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In war one is confronted with strategy, tactics, and operations. Society, however, require much more, hence the noun culture. This is why the all-consuming pursuit of war will eventually destroy the war-machine’s own culture.

And just like war flows in a space-time sense, so does culture. It is not easily observable in its real context, and most people will only be able to see it in hindsight. Take as an example fly-over states in America. What does that mean, how did it happen and what will future waves look like?

It is also possible to describe the Chinese wave in America in its cultural context, rather than its militaristic context, but then Americans/Europeans/Afrikaners only know war strategy-tactics-operations and miss the cultural mountain all together because it is too difficult.

I remember flying from Atlanta to Dallas to New York and how wonderful that was to just up and go two thousand miles in one day without breaking a sweat. If I had to use a train or a vehicle, it would have been a total schlepp and that activity would most likely not even have happened. Being able to move around fast has distinct benefits, but it comes at a yet-to-be determined cost, mostly in the realm of culture.

This is the wave people/planners/leaders miss and the cost they, as a result, socialize to our children (cost-benefit analysis does not account for unknowns, especially unknown unknowns), hence the children will sit with the mistakes of their fathers, and their fathers, and their fathers.

In hindsight therefore, one can say that the American force-multiplier of being able to fly in a routine manner, left American culture behind, or, that American culture never caught up with this fast-changing phenomenon. Note that change management is required in general and some even say now that change-management has become permanent – hence the Biden chaos, where America is making war in Ukraine, while avoiding war on its borders – all at the same time looking good while falling down. Contradiction and irony finally turned into culture itself.

There are many reasons I guess, but one intentional driver causing this is the moral-highground management technique (scenario planning) developed in (English) South Africa in the late 90s and since then adopted by Europeans and American establishments i.e., it became a culture wave.

But people are beginning to realize it (chaos) does not make sense. This is happening in America, Europe, and South Africa, and they are starting to act on it. At first it was to change address (white flight/emigration), then to protest (France/Brexit), but now they are starting to look at first principles, to re-invent and re-design their futures, irrespective of highly propagandized media torrents.

What is happening right now, are driven by Western people that want a different culture and that is how we should look at this. It has nothing to do with defeatism.

There are of course many examples if you start looking for it, but as the cultural edge appears to be in South Africa, the following apply.

The original settlers from Europe going to South Africa stayed on the coastline with pioneers eventually finding their way inland.  This was the first cultural separation because the pioneers developed a republican culture while the coast-liners maintained a colonial culture. What was remarkable in the South African context, and which made this republicanized culture much more pronounced, was that they formalized a new language called Afrikaans. (Formalization means high culture applications such as art/politics/science/education)

While these two cultures were separated, things when relatively smooth, but after the Anglo-Boer War, the country called South Africa was established in 1910, meaning that the coast-line culture ruled until 1948, when the inland-culture took over. From 1948 to around 1988 things were again fairly smooth, until the Neoliberal World Order came into being causing South Africa to switch back to its coast-line culture.

This coast-line culture was unfortunately heavily compromised by diversity resulting in the chaos now visible for all to see. Within this fog of culture war, it now emerges during the course of 2023, that the inland-culture is busy re-inventing itself, something that should be supported by like minded culturalists the world over as was also discussed in the recent CPAC conference in Hungary.

However, it should be noted that a new culture wave requires, at minimum, that political education is developed and implemented in families and organizations, in speedy military fashion, no less.

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