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Election 2016 saw Donald Trump narrowly upset presumptive tyrant Hillary Rodham Clinton. The reaction of the Progressive Peers was an amusing sight to behold. Van Jones seemed particularly bereft a needed dose of Preparation H.

He somewhat accurately attributed Donald Trump’s victory to what he referred to as “Whitelash.” Yes, he was right about the whiplash, but no, it wasn’t aimed particularly at discriminating against Negroes. Instead, people who probably didn’t care much for The Donald or his shtick voted against Clown World. It was instant negative identity.

In what has recently been a gay old time by the banks of The River Charles, we have seen a similar phenomenon. Rather than what Van Jones inaccurately portrayed as a “Whitelash,” we have seen Harvard University President Dr. Claudine Gay fall before a well-aimed “Civlash.”

This Civlash has been aimed to beat back the empty symbolism and vapid idiocy of Clown World. While vapid idiocy and empty symbolism seem harmless on the surface, you have to imagine it driving a fifty car train or trying to land a 747 to get the point. Stupidity in charge of complex systems brings the pure havoc we call “evil” which is normal in the third world.

Dr. Claudine Gay was every bit the Dunning-Kruger Effect poster child that a malicious HR Imp would recruit in the name of diversity. She was put in as The President of Harvard for the same reason car makers put fancy hood ornaments on a luxury car. She exists to symbolize.

This seemed wise as Harvard attempted to navigate Clown World without getting shaken down for their $53B endowment fund. Claudine Gay’s presidency was intended as a cheap Danegeld to entice the mobs to go infest Yale or Berkeley instead. It went well until Hamas shot a bunch of people in Israel.

This became a precursor to Dr Gay’s professional demise. Israel follows different rules than many regarding their people getting hacked while attending music festivals and their young women getting raped, killed, and then mutilated. They launched airstrikes. Many airstrikes. Some may even have accurately targeted the enemy.

People of the ilk of Dr Claudine Gay were incensed and immediately blamed Israel for not being more accommodating over a few demonic sexual assaults between neighbors. Those attending Harvard thought Dr Gay’s presidency gave them adequate top cover to cheer on absolute barbarism while hiding behind the bulwark of Harvard’s reputation.

Then the Harvard alumni of Jewish ancestry reacted to the statements by Harvard students about the way Israel reacted to Hamas. Lots of hostile activities such as canceling millions in donations and demanding that their high-profile law and investment firms divest from the fever swamp on The Charles.

Then Claudine Gay got sent to Congress to explain to the Pissed Off Harvard Alumni Association of The US Congress. She explained that from the river to the sea was just something Hamas likes to tell tourists when they flock to Gaza. Also, “Kill the Jews!” should be evaluated in context because it is simply one form of ideological diversity.

The angry (((alumni))) didn’t get the joke. They vociferously demanded Dr Gay’s head in a basket. Dr Gay made like a famously pushy denizen of Harvard and discussed who she would sue if any chopping accoutrement got anywhere near her office quarters. It looked as if it were time to get the popcorn ready and watch civil war in Clown World.

Just the, Dr. Claudine Gay magically got caught plagiarizing at least half of her somewhat paltry research output. Having bad ideas is acceptable academic fare. Stealing someone else’s without attribution is a party foul. The more Dr Gay dug in and the more faculty members tried to defend her, the more pervasive the accusations of academic fraud became.

Yet then a few quiet, powerful people picked up some cellphones and issued orders. The message was rolled out in The Harvard Crimson‘s editorial page. One group of stooges wrote an obligatory defense so that Hamas of Harvard wouldn’t burn the campus. Then the true institutional will was drawn forth like a rapier.

One dissenting editorial requested that Dr Gay resign with honor and her good name intact. It was her chance to quietly go on better terms than, say, Dr Larry Summers. With Barack Obama personally supporting Dr Gay’s continuing service, that request alone would cut no ice. We then had to have the obligatory “or else.”

The “or else” was an anonymous editorial from a member of the university honor council. This person described the penalties applied to students found guilty of plagiarism and how lives and careers could be ruined. Questions were raised regarding the validity of allowing a university president to go unpunished while mere, struggling undergraduates had to meet rigorous and righteous standards or honest and honorable conduct. How could Harvard University represent greatness in the face of such flagrant inequality?

The rest of the story involving perhaps the enforcers with brass knuckles and aluminum bats, will remain untold. Dr. Gay has obviously played enough chess to tip the king before it gets too obvious. She announced her intention to resign. Harvard’s board accepted her resignation with sorrow.

Hate (((The Chosen))) all you want, but they’ve just taught us a class on removing parasites. Once a large and influential group of Jews decided that their continued place in Amerikan Academia was under attack, the trebuchets rained fire. With tenacity, merciless hammering and determination, Progressive barnacles can get scraped off the hull.

As a banal and mediocre academic who apparently plagiarized just about everything short of her own Curriculum Vitae, Claudine Gay appeared to be little more than symbol. But my, look how the meaning of that symbol got inverted. That inversion is how “Civlash” is properly done.

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