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Blood Will Out (#9)

Biden pledges to support Irish causes if elected

According to a statement released by his campaign, the former US vice president will work to advance the Northern Ireland peace process and ensure that there will be no US-UK trade deal if Brexit threatens the Good Friday Agreement.

Mr Biden’s campaign also said that he will prioritise creating a roadmap to citizenship for undocumented migrants and work closely with Ireland on the UN Security Council on challenges such as climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and non-proliferation.

The statement released last night highlights Joe Biden’s Irish roots and his affection for Ireland as well as his past work on the Northern Ireland peace process and immigration reform.

As usual, those who identify as something other than the majority will act in their own interests which include, first and centrally, the overthrow of that majority.

As a near-White — the Irish are neolithic Europeans mixed with Mediterranean Semites who came through Iberia bearing both Asiatic and North African heritage — Biden sees himself as different from the WASP majority who pioneered the creation and building of America.

Consequently, he represents his people against the needs of the majority, both in the USA and UK.

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