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Balancing “Racism” and Racial Self-Interest Against Monoculture

The more one looks at our modern world, the more it becomes clear that it has gone off the rails. People are not happy in a rat race where the goal is to gather enough money to escape, everyone is trying to use each other, and there is no loyalty to anything but ideology, laws, and social status.

Our people try to break this down into explainable portions of the world. It is the economy, or it is technology, or maybe it could be a lack of morality. All explanations fail because no one views the big picture: the entirety of modernity is miserable, and modernity is separate from technology.

That is, our technological increase has coincided with our civilizational decay, but the two are not cause and effect. The former happened in spite of the latter, and may be one necessary part of our solution to this horrific time. We cannot break down our problem; we have to look at it as a whole to see its form.

If we look at history, we can see that Europe branched away from its founding view of tradition, or the notion that reality is an intangible order into which our actions must fit to be good. This contrasts humanism, a fancy word for individualism, where humans reject any order higher than their individual preferences.

Modernity is a study of how; tradition observes why. Modern people focus on methods, procedures, checklists, and known forms that have succeeded, but the traditional aspect is to observe reality to see why it does what it does and from that, to derive a purpose for human life from which individuals find much of their purpose.

For us to have tradition, we need culture; as Galton, Spencer, and Darwin observed, heritable traits define most of our behavior, which means that culture is not universal but semi-arbitrary and adapted to each race and ethnic group. For us to have culture, we need mono-ethnic societies.

In your gut you probably have always known that this is true, which is why modern civilization keeps trying to convince you otherwise. It is not run by shadowy forces, but is exactly what it represents itself as: the triumph of individualism over realism, which is a parent state to traditionalism.

For everyone to be equal, we cannot have culture, or at least not much of it, because culture creates a hierarchy based on those who understand the why and achieve the goals of that culture. The herd prefers a goalless society built around the individual so that there can be no goals and no reality, therefore every person is freed from nature.

If you wonder why your society is pathologically ecocidal, this conflict with individualism explains that impulse, which also explains why this society wants to democide any group that is more successful than the average. If everyone is average, everyone is equal, and that symbolic goal motivates our modern civilization.

Our society engages in a moralism of the individual which seeks to always reward the underdog and punish the successful. This narrative powered the English, Bolshevik, and French revolutions but lives on in our current time in a less aggressive but still steadily advancing form.

Its only explanation for the lack of equality in nature is that the successful somehow oppressed and stole from the underdogs, despite the obvious fact that the successful were doing something that worked better. Consequently, it can only explain inequality through made-up terms like “racism,” “fatphobia,” “anti-Semitism,” “classism,” and “Islamophobia.”

As part of this, we are indoctrinated since an early age in the horrors of “racism.” If the schools, media, academia, and entertainment do not hammer it into us, our fellow citizens parroting this stuff in an effort to look intelligent will do so. They simply want the bourgeois fiction that society is there for them and requires no maintenance.

Unfortunately, many of us fall into the trap of assuming that the opposite of “anti-racism” is “racism” and try to be “racist,” or disliking other groups or blaming our problems upon them, much like the underdogs blame the successful for the bad results achieved by the adaptation tactics of the underdogs.

The actual opposite is to reject the “racism”/”anti-racism” dichotomy and simply recognize the Iron Rule of nature: all things — ideas, species, people, groups, genes — act only in their own self-interest alone. Each culture wants to achieve its own autonomy and have control over its destiny.

All cultures also seek to exist in a matter continuous to their origins. That is, they want to be the same ethnic group, but improved by natural selection according to its own cultural rules. This requires ethnic isolation. That is what the powers that be, including your fellow citizens, do not want you to see.

I grew up in the multicultural South, specifically a portion that is reported as the most diverse part of the New World and possibly the world. I know good people from every religion, ethnicity, tribe, race, and social class. I have no quarrel with them, but I realize that diversity is genocide of my people.

The South is both “racist” and fiercely “anti-racist.” That is, we are fond of many people and their cultures, and look toward the best among them instead of the worst. We know good people from every group who we wish to aid in their future success. We are not interested in harming them and in fact actively oppose this.

At the same time, we recognize that our group has to isolate itself, have its own norms and communities, and be able to pursue its destiny. For that reason we reject the “racism” dichotomy, and instead focus on building up our own people. We know that eventually we need nations of our own where miscegenators are exiled, so that we might genetically intact.

The sheer amount of rage generated by diversity goes almost nowhere because everyone swats at the heads of the Hydra. They hate this ethnic group, or that one, but never do the one thing that gets them out of the situation, namely opposing diversity itself on the grounds that it is paradoxical in reality and therefore dysfunctional (therefore: harmful).

If we are going to get out of modernity, we first have to out-think it, which requires that we do not become Hollywood villains simply because our propaganda says we must fear them. We must instead think of what we actually desire, instead of what we do not, and work toward the ultimate state of our liberation from humanism and its weapon, diversity.

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