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Bad People Have “Urban Struggles”

How bad does someone have to be before they no longer even qualify as “people of Walmart”? Perhaps a good first-order approximation to that answer would be “Chicago bad.” It appears Walmart’s army of junk merchandise is in the process of executing a retrograde action and getting the hell out of Capone Town.

Discount retail giant Walmart is only the half the giant it once was in Chicago, saying this week that it will shutter four of its eight locations there. The Washington Post says the move signals “urban struggles.” Outgoing mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has overseen a massive spike in murder and other crimes, said in a statement, “Unceremoniously abandoning these neighborhoods will create barriers to basic needs for thousands of residents.” According to Walmart’s official statement, their eight locations “lose tens of millions of dollars a year.” The company has apparently never made a profit at its Chicago locations. “The remaining four Chicago stores continue to face the same business difficulties,” the statement reads, “but we think this decision gives us the best chance to help keep them open and serving the community.” Translation: If closing half our stores doesn’t quickly drive traffic to the survivors, we’ll have to shutter them, too.

Walmart should absolutely kill it in Chicago. The company has an utterly extractive business model that vampires Amerikan programs to keep poor, dysgenic failures on state-sponsored life support. It hires many people receiving food stamps and then gives them a ten percent employee discount so that they pour in more money from the food stamps than they receive from the store in wages. They outsource their loss prevention function to municipal police forces and just write off a level of theft they are willing to tolerate as an indirect cost of running their racket.

Then Chicago changed the environmental variables that allowed this parasitic relationship to favor Walmart. In the immediate aftermath of The George Floyd Riots/Urban Burn-offs, Mayor Lori Lightfoot slashed police budgets. Citizens of Chicago then decided to do exactly what they’ve been doing when the cops aren’t looking since The Volstead Act was passed. Then crime erupted everywhere the police force wasn’t.

It didn’t take long for Chicago to suffer more fatalities from Ballistic Lead Poisoning than it suffered from The Black Plague of COVID-19. Mayor Lightfoot’s push for reelection featured a refunding of the police force. This transparently cynical respect for law and order a few months out from another electile dysfunction failed. Chicago then had a second round of diversity-democracy to make sure they double-tapped anyone that survived Round One.

In one corner, they had a moderate squish who wanted a baseline of daily sanity that featured the continued existence of police officers, garbage collection, and other fundamentals of civilized life. His opponent was far enough off the Left Wing Deep-end to make Che Guevara’s ghost look like Zombie Reagan. The Municipal Teachers Union bought the election for Captain Leftard. We can now see how Walmart interpreted this electoral result.

The voters in Chicagoland will get what they deserve. Walmart wants no part of it. It’s tougher for vampire corporations when no blood remains to be sucked. The damages these stores would suffer from unrestrained mayhem now becomes greater than the relative surplus value they can skim from stupid and dysgenic federal programs.

The residents of Chicago will now have “urban struggles.” These shameful and pervasive civil rights issues always occur once the predominantly minority residents of another excremental Amerikan city have burned out their businesses and shamelessly crapped in the streets. They no longer have a civil right to act like Neanderthals and still enjoy the fruits of 60,000 years of societal evolution. Eventually, nobody is still willing to take out Chicago’s human garbage.

Chicago vs Walmart is a tough struggle to get behind. There isn’t a ballot box here marked “Who Cares?” Walmart is blatantly there to sell junk to people on welfare so that they can steal federal tax money. This is what Modern Amerikan Capitalism has descended to.

The City of Chicago is governed by a power-mad Kakistocracy that only cares whether people get gunned down in the street if this morphs into political discontent. So the obvious victims here are the downtrodden lumpenproletariot of disenfranchised voters. Shouldn’t we all cry over the resulting food desserts?

Hell no! This is the city that sent Barack Hussein Obama to the Illinois State Senate. It’s not like Tony Resko and Bernadette Dorn held guns to their heads. They’ve chosen this life. Let them revel in it.

Urban struggles can be either socially corrective or biologically eugenic. They can be socially corrective if the people too barbaric to qualify for a Walmart either figure things out or move into some other place’s slum projects. Urban struggles can eugenic if the new Hard Left Mayor just lets everyone fly their freak flags and gun one-another down in the interest of greater equality. Once they are mostly equal in being homicide victims, we see successful Chicago eugenics.

The only optimal solution for a place that voluntarily selects leadership like Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel involves dynamite, fires, and bulldozers. Then we can plant acres of new woodland that is set aside for nature. Chicago will only serve a useful purpose when the only things getting gacked are overabundant CO2 molecules.

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