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Automotive Jihad and the Relentless Agenda of the Left

Back when the internet had just opened up to commercial traffic, its first struggle emerged in the battle against spam. Spam, named for an old Monty Python skit, meant unwanted messages, most of which were commercial.

Spam is a type of short-term propaganda. A spammer wants you to see their message and act on it, but usually this is a personal act; sometimes it is not, as in the case of political spam or those endless implausible conspiracy theories of the sort that link water fluoridation, 9/11, and the Bermuda Triangle.

Although if you ask the average human about human problems, they will construct a narrative in which they are innocent and in order to maintain that, must be seen as victims of a more powerful force or a conspiracy, the truth is that every human failure is something we do to ourselves.

In that we see the problem of group activity: when humans act in a group, we make the individual choice to go along with the group but are commonly presupposed to not receive equal blame. Future legal and social conventions will change this, but for now, it is how people act selfishly and still blame others.

One of the many results of their actions is a type of spam. Wherever we go, people are claiming that whatever the group did is not their fault. This constant mental barrage of nonsense makes it hard to figure out what is happening, as is the case with the automotive “terrorism” that occurred in Charlottesville.

The Antifa protesters insist that this was an unprovoked attack, but this is just an attempt to escape blame for the fact that they attacked a car with bats, bottles, flagpoles, fists and rocks and caused a mentally unwell young man to panic and slam down on the accelerator. He was clearly out of control of his car because he collided with another car, wrecking his own prize vehicle, and it was this impact that caused most of the casualties.

Video emerged of Antifa protesters striking his car just before the crash, and the car was already dented and battered from previous encounters, but we never hear about this in the media. Instead we hear how this must have been a premeditated, deliberate attack. That of course does not explain how it ended in a car accident. He deliberately crashed his car into another?

Just like the Black Lives Matter protesters who blocked freeways being used by emergency vehicles, the Antifa crowd in Charlottesville attacked vehicles and then blamed someone else for the mess that Antifa caused. This is a typical Leftist behavior of deception and projection, symbolized by the old saying, “The Leftist cries out as he strikes you!”

This is the opposite of personal responsibility. It is evasion. It is lying. And it is how Leftists behave and have always behaved, in The Terror after the French Revolution, the murder of the Romanovs, the Berlin Wall and the Killing Fields. Their agenda is always the same: like a virus, they seek to assimilate everyone into their agenda, mainly by killing off any who decline to join the zombie march.

In other words, you are either with them, or you are an enemy of the state, and whatever they do to you — in their minds — is justified.

Leftists have one mental technique and it is that they like to break people. They destroy the independent construct of personality and replace it with obedience to Leftism. They do this through humiliation, perversity, temptation, sadism, gaslighting, group mockery, peer pressure, and other techniques designed to make other people into their slaves.

In Charlottesville, we see the Leftists colluding as usual. The Mayor and Governor are Leftists; the media are Leftists; Antifa are Leftists. It would be foolish and reckless not to assume that they are working together, and in fact, we saw signs of exactly that. The media has now picked up the narrative about the violence which they imply was caused by the Right, when the opposite is true.

The Left did this. They sacrificed one of their own so that they could concoct a grievance against the Alt Right, and use that to fire up the media circus which them emboldens their faithful to start vandalizing Confederate statues, banning Alt Right accounts from services like Discord and Reddit, and engaging in a media orgy of blame.

In the meantime, we have not heard any hard evidence about the driver. We know what his mother said, but she was not at the scene; we know what the police have said, but they are under no legal obligation to tell us the truth at a press conference. And of course the media has unleashed sentiments of the sort that a slightly more proficient Pravda would have reported.

What this reveals to us is that we cannot fight the narrative that the Left and its lapdog media advance; instead, we must fight them directly. They are not an opposition party with which we can reason and compromise. They are a virus which induces cancer and death in our population. There is only one solution for the Left, and it is to confiscate their passports and send them to the Third World.


In the meantime, the Alt Right has collapsed into internal debate: did we win, or lose? Should we keep the Nazis and Confederate flags? Do we apologize for anything? But, most importantly, we are asking: can we be a party of memes, or do we need to be a movement of ideas, even if those are cultural and not political?

AntiDem puts his finger on with a vital question about direction:

TRS’s schtick is simply to be as childishly edgy as possible, in the belief that the day can be won by indulging in the adolescent compulsion to shock.

Having never paid too much attention to The Right Stuff, being less of a meme-man than a book reader, the veracity of the synopsis is beyond me. But the question is vital. Unrelenting edginess got the Right its testicles back, and gave us an entrance into the world of cultural debate because mockery is a powerful weapon. It opened the door. But if that is all we have, we become an internet entertainment movement instead of a cultural front.

He expands on this:

Who exactly was this rally for anyway? Was the purpose of it to bolster the spirits of hardcore white nationalists? To reach on-the-fence but mildly sympathetic normies? To scare the left? I don’t think a lick of thought was put into this incredibly crucial question. If you don’t know who you’re trying to reach or what you’re trying to say to them, your messaging will be awkward and tone-deaf, and will never have its desired effect. Here’s the bottom line: Normies were turned off by this; the left is jubilant, believing it won a great victory; and if this was all just intended to preach to the hardcore WN choir, it may have done that, but it makes the whole thing nothing but a big circle jerk.

As I wrote in the late 1990s and later in the 2000s, the goal is to convert natural leaders to at the least not opposing our ideas, if not outright adopting them:

The possibility of action confounds the modern person who does not want to engage in “activist” politics, or those which empower certain groups at the expense of the whole. How to change a society dedicated to distraction?

Among us, there are 2-5% of people in our society who are leaders in a practical sense. This means that whether they have an official title or not, they lead the community in business, spiritual, community, academic or social settings.

These are the people that your average person trusts. They trust information from these people more than from the government, their televisions, or casual friends. They respect the judgment abilities of these people.

Our goal is to inform these leaders of our values, get them to form consensus that these should be adopted, and then send them forth to implement these values in all that they do and to demand them from politicians.

This occurs in three steps:

  1. Identify, brand and promote an ideology via the internet.
  2. Bring the discussion of this ideology to mainstream media.
  3. Unite the people who find it meaningful to aggressively push it to others.

In modern societies, having a large number of vocal supporters counts, but you do not need “most” of the population or anywhere near it. Successful revolutions are generally championed by 1-2% of a population. That’s all we need.

As we approach step III, it makes the most sense for us to find candidates to take local offices and show that our ideas can succeed, gaining more trust from the general population. Ours is not a revolution but a peaceful transition.

That is who we work to reach. We have already reached each other, and if we repeat that, we create another ideological echo chamber in a wasteland of wrecked ones. We must not make ourselves obsolete.

Now, here is a complicated idea: this includes the need to remove our fascination with Nazi-era symbols and methods. This is not because of “the optics” but because Nazism is both not extreme enough and too emotional. We need a plan to restore Western Civilization to greatness, and anything less is weak and defensive. We have made our point; we do not need to be defensive, or to coddle ourselves with familiar memes and edgy symbols, any longer. The time has come for us to mature and step forward as responsible leaders of a cultural and civilizational renewal.

As it turns out, the mainstream media has noticed this weakness:

The Charlottesville mayhem has concentrated minds on the continuing presence of the kook-right among us: angry young white men who assemble, brandishing flags of the Confederacy and Nazi Germany. Make no mistake: the weekend was their triumph, notwithstanding that most of them resemble cosplayers more than hard-bitten radicals. A movement which barely exists outside the Internet got a few hundred members together and garnered world attention

We call that “HitLARPing” around here, at least the Nazi part, but have no problem with the Confederate flags, which are a reminded that the USA has been drifting Leftward for two centuries and the last big Civil War failed to resolve the problem that our founding stock wants no part of Leftism, equality or diversity.

In contrast to that, we have a winning simple message that represents the distillation of a much broader view:

“I want everyone to have their culture, and I want to have mine,” he said.

For us to have our culture, we need our own nations, meaning those for each European tribe, and it makes sense that New World nations reflect the founding groups that made them, such as Western Europeans in the North America and Southern Europeans in South America. For us to enjoy that culture, we need to restore Western Civilization, and remove threats like pluralism, equality, tolerance, freedom, individualism, over-socialization, socialism and other threats to our social order.

That message is more extreme than anything Hitler advanced, and more ambitious, but as liberal democracy craters in a miasma of debt and dysfunction, it is clear that the time for this message is now. It must be both ambitious, and practical, and explain to the ordinary citizen how we will make life better on an everyday, mundane and material level as well as renewing our spirit, recreating social order and exploring the stars.

Others have observed that we need a forward-looking message that is not one of world domination, which was never our goal and is a motivation imputed to us by those who bemoan “colonialism,” or the 17th-19th century conquest of third world societies, and instead should look toward self-interest as a broader metaphor:

– The Crusades were about reclamation. The Nazis were, after a short time, about conquest. Effective ethnostates work. Colonial societies, not so much. The Crusades fit into a framework of white nationalism and the “14”, but not one of white supremacy and the “88”. The latter fits a Nazi framework, and it’s a disaster.

– While the martial aspect of the Alt Right is masturbatory–at least for now–the combative imagery is still important. Warfare in the 12th century lends itself much better to the virile virtues–strength, honor, courage, mastery–men are grasping for today than warfare in the 20th century does.

While it seems sensible to me to keep our outlook agnostic on Christianity, it is clear that conservatism includes the tenet of transcendentalism, or having some sense of a greater order than ourselves, and this naturally leads to metaphysics or at least religious symbolism. But the point is that we want ethnostates and a society of virtue, including realism (if you doubt that realism is a virtue, consider that the vast majority of any given group of humans hate and fear it).

At its core, this is a struggle between naturalistic values common to those who are in touch with the land, and the artificial human values created by cities, so it is not surprising that as in the Civil War, this division persists today between Right and Left:

Republicans control both houses of Congress, the White House and the state legislatures in 32 states. But Democrats have a wild card: They still lead a majority of the country’s largest cities, often introducing policies that clash with the ideals espoused by the Republican Party.

The cities are, like peasant revolts, based on the ideal of equality, which means that there is no social hierarchy other than that of money, which proles adore because as natural lottery addicts, they believe that someday their Las Vegas trip will pay off or their mix-tape will drop, and suddenly they will be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Cities advocate for a human order where everyone is included regardless of their level of contribution or prior destructive acts. This appeals to those who are not of the high intellectual ability and moral character required to be an aristocrat, and all Leftist movements originate in this individualistic sentiment.

The problem with that urban and cosmopolitan mentality is that it is intolerant of anything but itself and, because it is based in the individual, it and its adherents take it personally when others fail to agree. In the West, the people who are able to get over their own egos and be realistic have been attempting to hold this surge in check for years, but sometime during the 1930s-1960s it took over in the West, and since then our civilization has fallen and for the most part, disintegrated. This means that we face an enemy that wants to eradicate us and will consider nothing us to be morally good enough:

So this is the moral calculus of Joe Biden, the Virginia attorney general, and the rest of the Left. It wouldn’t matter if every hand lifted by Unite the Right was in strict self-defense; the violence is their fault. Racially conscious whites deserve violence simply because of what they think.

…There is a clear pattern to these events that not one mainstream outlet has noted. There is confrontation only when anti-whites harass and try to stop pro-white events. The reverse never happens. Lefties and non-whites can mount the most brazenly anti-white events, unmolested and with full media approval. It would be hard to imagine a clearer example of this contract—and of the entrenched bigotry we face—than yesterday’s events.

Our initial goal is to defuse the city-versus-realists fracture by insisting, ironically, on some degree of pluralism or balkanization: we want our culture, too, and the ability not to have it destroyed by a government allied with the city people. The election of Donald J. Trump and the success of Brexit have been the first steps along these lines, but now, the Alt Right is pushing further.

This division is being recognized, and the beauty of Charlottesville was that it forced the warring sides — government/Leftists versus the Alt Right — into the open where they and their loyalties can be recognized:

But more important than the deaths of three people standing on the wrong side of history, the events of the day also completely confirm several Alt-Right narratives, demonstrating:

  1. The racist Anti-White policing double standard: well-behaved White demonstrators are maced and attacked by police, while BLM and anarchist demonstrators are “given space to destroy.”
  2. The collusion of the police and antifa in Leftist controlled states and college towns like Berkeley and now Virginia.
  3. The fact that antifa are terrorist organizations that include severely mentally dysfunctional people who are inherently violent.
  4. The fact that the Leftist media and fake news corporations do EVERYTHING to normalize and encourage this kind of violence.

So, all-in-all, August 12th will be remembered as a massive day for the Alt-Right, and an enormous victory that will spawn countless more victories in the future.

The one problem with the above is that it engages in what sounds at first like a small amount of DR3, which gives credence to our opposition by adopting their tactics. Conservatives do not believe in racism; they realize that a consequence of human autonomy is that most people prefer to be with people like them, which is a complex measurement of race, ethnicity, caste and values. But the bigger point is that Charlottesville illustrated that we are living under a Leftist government which, if not checked, will go Full Soviet and fade away just like that recent experiment in principled egalitarianism did.

As a result, Charlottesville opened further the door that election 2016 did and enables us to express our views. Most on the Alt Right are leery of trying to standardize views, and I share that sentiment, but the basic idea of nationalists who want a traditional social order is sound, although we can expand that into a full platform of principles that guide our future:

This expresses the formula that Alex Birch and I worked up for CORRUPT back in 2008:

  • Anti-democracy. Realizing that mob rule and trends do not successfully substitute for leadership by quality people.

  • Human Biodiversity (HBD). Recognizing the differences between groups, and more importantly individuals, and that every ability fits a normal distribution pattern in every population.

  • Ethnic Self-Determination. Every ethnic group needs its own self-rule and its own continent. This is not an argument against any specific ethnic group but a recognition that each group has its own self-interest and that under diversity these clash. Diversity does not work, no matter which groups are the ingredients.

  • Transcendental Purpose. We must find some way to connect to the beauty of this world and understand nature as an order superior to our own intentions, possibly including the metaphysical side of nature which is described by the various religions.

  • Anti-equality. Equality works for arithmetic, not people and not groups, including social castes, races, ethnic groups and families. People are different, with different abilities that are mostly genetic if not all genetic.

In a time when many people want to enter the Alt Right, and control it by redefining it, it is important to remember this bottom line: The Alt Right is against equality.

That dividing line separates the wannabes from the real deal. The wannabes will accept everything else but that; they want to eject certain ethnic groups, but are not against diversity itself; they want to throw out the elites, and then hold more elections to get new rotten elites. They want us to all be Orthodox Medieval Crusader Catholics, but then, equality is the basis of their social order (as long as one prays twice a day whilst facing Mecca, or, perhaps Pennsylvania). All of them get it wrong.

The Alt Right is a revolution against the past millennium. We do not believe in equality. From that, all else flows; equality is the illusion of our time dating back to before the Peasant Revolutions and the Magna Carta. It is the basis of all modernity, all Leftism, and the type of collectivized individualism that creates these things (which in turn arises from civilization success which enables lower orders to outnumber the higher).

This brings us back to the first opinion cited above: the Alt Right is a rejection of Modernity, with modernity not being a span of years or a type of technology, but a type of civilization design based in equality. Modernity is the cold night of the moon to the warm sun of the golden ages of humankind.

The Alt Right formed in order to get away from both mainstream conservatism, which is a hybrid of Leftism called “liberalism” or “neoconservatism,” as well as White Nationalism which essentially wants a classless society in the Leftist model in which all white people are merged together into a grey white race, sometimes called “ethno-Bolshevism.”

That in turn leads us to an important conclusion: we have rejected the order based in the material equality of individuals that has ruled us since The Enlightenment,™ but we need something positive to replace it. Atavisionary gives us a glimpse of what it would be like to have a society based in the pursuit of virtue and how this can shape our current quest:

I think something might be achieved by treating refusal to accept obvious and unkind truths as a spiritual problem rather than a “we need more facts” problem because we honestly already have a super-abundance of facts. We should directly address the psychological issue of refusing to confront and accept truth rather than scratch our heads about facts not seeming to ever get through to some people.

This is not a war of facts. It is a war of logic. Something is broken in the Western soul that causes us to refuse to accept reality and the need to maximize it through qualitative improvement. At the root of the Alt Right, we are seeking this renewal, and from that, all of our other desired changes can flow.

As illustrated by President Trump’s comments, this idea of virtue, honor and doing what is right resonates more with our intended audience than violence or historical symbols:

“I think there is blame on both sides,” Trump said during a contentious back-and-forth with reporters in the lobby of his Midtown Manhattan building.

“What about the ‘alt-left’ that came charging at, as you say, the ‘alt-right,’ do they have any semblance of guilt?” Trump asked. “What about the fact they came charging with clubs in hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem? I think they do.”

He added: “You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now.”

…Trump said there were some “very bad people” on both sides, but that there was some who came out to protest the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue who were “fine people.”

“You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down, to them, of a very, very important statue and a renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name,” Trump said.

Pressed by reporters, Trump raised Washington and Jefferson, arguing there could be a slippery slope.

“George Washington was a slave owner. So will George Washington lose his status? Are we going to take down statues to George Washington?” he said. “How about Thomas Jefferson, what do you think of Thomas Jefferson, do you like him? OK good. Are we going to take down the statues, because he was a major slave owner? Now are we going to take down his statue?”

We now know our path to victory. It consists of discovering what we believe, and its roots in wanting to do what is right more than what is personally convenient. It is a path of duty and sacrifice, of self-discipline and increased awareness, and it leads us into the future. Charlottesville had some bad fallout enabled by a media blitz, but it helped us to know ourselves, and with that, we can forge a renewed Alt Right which will push us closer to the restoration of Western Civilization.

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