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And The Fix is In

Imagine a workplace. You want to get along with your coworkers. For this reason, you endorse compromise. At first, this means simply that you get something and they get something. However, what they want is single, where you have many concerns about keeping the company going.

In time, they will receive more concessions for their one quest than you will for any of your quests, and therefore, they will win. This formed the basis for the Uniparty, where the Left relentlessly pushes equality while conservatives try to keep the political system from disintegrating.

The other side keeps raging… so you give them some of what they want, but since whatever they want is essentially the same across the board, giving them a tenth of it means full victory. Give them an inch and they get a mile because they have one desire and all of its parts are the same.

This means that at some point, one party becomes the twink and the other the dom, and so the twink party agrees to take whatever role keeps the peace, like an abused child, harassed subordinate, or beaten political prisoner.

For the GOP, this requires it to take on issues that will inspire the religious portion of its electorate but lose the election so that it can continue to fight as controlled opposition while taking lots of donations, and this season it is (again) abortion as a symbolic issue:

Biden and fellow Democrats have already seen the power of the issue: A majority of Americans want legalized abortion nationwide. In the leadup to the 2022 midterm elections, many political pundits dismissed the issue, but it was among the top concerns for voters, who consistently rejected efforts to restrict abortion in the states when given the chance.

Biden has said he’ll work to protect reproductive health care, including enshrining abortion rights in federal law. He’s expected to convey that message in remarks Friday at a rally with first lady Jill Biden, Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff.

Meanwhile, just a mile (1.6 kilometers) from where Biden will be speaking, the Faith & Freedom Coalition is holding its annual conference, at which GOP presidential candidates will be urged to keep pushing for stronger abortion restrictions and work to allay fears that the push will backfire with voters. Trump, the GOP primary front-runner, will speak there on Saturday, even as he has suggested that strict abortion restrictions are a weakness for Republicans.

Trump as usual recognizes the painful reality: as long as casual sex is part of our society, people are going to want abortion to be illegal. You have to find a way to disincentivize casual sex before you can talk about abortion.

Even more, it makes sense to strike at the root. If your problem is that people have casual sex and end up pregnant, then banning abortion is merely slamming the barn door after the horse is gone. Be honest about what you target and people respect it more.

In the meantime, the vast majority of the GOP are gearing up for the abortion fight. They know that they will win for just a few months and then lose when the courts undo what they have done, but they do not care: the donations will roll in and GOP congresspeople will be able to get elected.

They all know that abortion is a loser, but as a symbol, it unifies their base, even if most people on both sides of the spectrum want abortion legal because they do not want their children to be forced to raise unsuitable offspring:

  • A record-high 69% say abortion should generally be legal in the first three months of pregnancy. The prior high of 67% was recorded last May after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization draft was leaked, showing that the court planned to nullify constitutional protection for abortion.
  • Most Americans oppose abortion later in pregnancy, but the 37% saying it should be legal in the second three months of pregnancy and 22% in the last three months of pregnancy are the highest Gallup has found in trends since 1996.
  • Gallup’s oldest trend on the legality of abortion finds 34% of Americans believe abortion should be legal under any circumstances, nearly matching last year’s record-high 35% and above the 27% average since 1975. Another 51% currently say abortion should be legal under certain circumstances, while 13% (similar to the all-time low of 12%) want it illegal in all circumstances.
  • Fifty-two percent of Americans say abortion is morally acceptable, matching last year’s all-time high. This is 10 percentage points above the historical average since 2001.

The fix is in, as they say. The Republicans will hammer on abortion; the Left will rise up to meet them. The ensuing panic will bring out every Leftist voter, even the ones who are not dead or NCM elderly, and they will hammer hard against the Republican threat.

Or you can go with Trump, whose attitude seems to be that he thinks abortion is awful but has no intention of mucking with it. He recognizes a quagmire: a social issue where neither side will compromise but one side is more panicked and revengeful than the other, therefore will prevail.

Social conservatives should think hard about the “Reagan playbook” used by most conservatives. It seems like it will win by uniting Evangelicals, traditionalists, and libertarians into a bloc, but since the 1980s most of that bloc has defected because it targets more substantive issues.

Even more, Communism held Leftism in the West in check by providing an example of the end results of Leftism, but with the fall of the Soviet Union, the Leftists have taken over because democracy tends toward Leftist ends and therefore, always drifts Leftward unless interrupted by war or famine.

In fact, some data suggests that social conservatives might be in trouble as religiosity declines because religion neither held back the Left nor preserved Western culture, therefore seems increasingly irrelevant:

A 2018 study from the PEW research group showed, in Belgium, that of the 83% that say they were raised Christian, only 55% still consider themselves so. Only 10% of Belgians still attended church regularly.

In the meantime, Trump has found a winning platform: American voters who are not bluehair zombies tend to prefer the 1980s America to the present, and to get there, they realize that we need to roll back socialist entitlements, woke diversity programs, immigration, and Big Government.

The party of the Right these days is the Marie Kondo party. If something sparks joy, we keep it, but most of what we have added since the world wars has been ugly blight that enslaves us, so we want to remove things and let nature sort the rest out.

Although it seemed extreme to the Left, the “MAGA” platform offers us the best means of doing this, essentially paring down government, entitlements, and special interest group privileges while leaving everything else alone. It is a moderate platform, although the Left insists otherwise.

Naturally, this platform would disturb the Uniparty and force them to act on real issues, something every bureaucrat fears. When a system gets entrenched enough, every player becomes a committee member and bureaucrat, and the Trump campaign will disrupt that and put careers in danger.

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