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"An unrealistic belief in equality"

It seems that whenever Israel responds to violent overtures from groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas, leaders of the international community are quick to assign equal condemnation to Israelis and Palestinians regardless of whether one is legitimately acting in self-defense.

Whether it is due to a latent anti-Semitism, the desire to avoid inflaming fundamentalist Arab passions, or simply an unrealistic belief in equality, world leaders are focusing too much on buzzwords.

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It does not make sense to demand one technologically or militarily superior belligerent to refrain from fighting to their full potential, simply because they are able to enact “disproportionate” damage on a weaker foe.


When someone first told me, “the only people crying for equality are those who can’t keep up,” I thought it was crass, cruel, primitive and horrible of them to say that.

Now I see it’s true. Our society conspires to find this mythical “equality” and enforce it on all of us, but it only benefits those who cannot keep up.

It’s insane to ask a combatant with more firepower to limit themselves in the name of fairness. They are fighting for survival. “Fairness” becomes some concept designed to salvage the unequal from the equal.

An unrealistic expectation of equality pervades all that we do here in Modernity, Inc., but it’s starting to become clear how much it holds us back. How much money we could put into winners that we put into losers. How much time we waste. How much it exhausts us all when we should be enjoying life.

Maybe we should wage war on “equality,” that delusional but flattering notion, instead.

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