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A Tale of Two Homicides

Diversity killed the West. It started with the Irish vote which created political machines in America and sent us careening toward the Left, then picked up in Europe after WW2 when pacifism became trendy, and now continues as our resulting diversity policies have made culture and tradition impossible.

This week we got to see the dramatic contrast in how the world press, celebrities, experts, and gibbering resentful people on the internet responded to two killings. The first was the death of Jordan Neely:

Daniel J. Penny, 24, has been identified by authorities as the man who allegedly put Jordan Neely in a chokehold following what police said was an altercation Monday on a northbound F train, according to two law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation.

“When Mr. Neely began aggressively threatening Daniel Penny and the other passengers, Daniel, with the help of others, acted to protect themselves, until help arrived,” lawyers for Penny said in a statement Friday evening. “Daniel never intended to harm Mr. Neely and could not have foreseen his untimely death.”

To fact-check the fact-checkers, Neely was a mentally deranged homeless man with a long history of violent crime:

“He developed depression and it grew and became more serious. He was schizophrenic, PTSD. Doctors knew his condition and he needed to be treated for that.” He did not get the help he needed, either. “The whole system just failed him. He fell through the cracks of the system,” she said.

Neely had been arrested at least 40 times in recent years; the last time was in November 2021, after he allegedly hit a 67-year-old woman in the face as she left a subway station. The Daily News spoke with man who Neely was arrested for assaulting two years earlier, Filemon Castillo Baltazar, who told the publication Neely struck him in the face while he was waiting for a train at on a platform at W. 4th St. Baltazar said Neely “should have been in some rehab center” instead of on the streets. Neely was wanted on a warrant at the time of his death, after failing to comply with the terms of the alternative-to-incarceration program he was sentenced to after pleading guilty to the 2021 assault.

The man who choked him out saw only a guy on the subway ranting about how he wanted to die and did not fear going to jail, and put Neely in a headlock until help could arrive. Neely continued struggling and managed to kill himself in the process.

Is this sad? Surely the death was avoidable, but to what end? Neely was pretty clearly past his expiration point as far as a useful member of humanity in a world of eight billion people. Even more, he was a threat to others.

And yet, the protest machine cranks up, the media rush in with their fawning praise of the “victim,” and the past history of assaults and mental health problems gets swept under the rug as much as possible. Then we look at the death of Lauren Heike who was murdered while on a hike:

Heike was out for a hike Friday morning when she was fatally attacked from behind, Phoenix Police Homicide Lt. James Hester said at a news conference Wednesday. He declined to provide details on Heike’s injuries or her cause of death.

Zion William Teasley, 22, was arrested Thursday evening, Sgt. Melissa Soliz of the Phoenix Police Department said.

Teasley has been charged with first-degree murder. The arrest came less than a week after Lauren Heike, 29, was found dead along a desert-area hiking trail in northeast Phoenix.

Like Neely, Teasley had a long history of violence:

A Maricopa County prosecutor said Teasley was released from prison in November 2022 after being convicted of armed robbery, robbery, and disorderly conduct.

The previous convictions stem from multiple incidents with multiple victims that occurred in May, June, and July 2020, according to court documents.

Authorities say Zion was recently terminated from his employer for being “aggressive toward female employees” and was “suspected of stealing merchandise.”

Apparently this was some kind of blitz attack and fury killing with overkill, since he stabbed her fifteen times:

Teasley had recently been terminated from his job for “being aggressive toward female employees,” according to the probable cause document. Management at that job told investigators that he often carried a pocketknife, which would have been consistent with the murder weapon, according to the document.

Investigators determined there was blood and personal items at the crime scene showing her path of travel, and they believed she was chased through or over a barbed wire fence, according to the document. A medical examiner determined she had 15 stab wounds on her upper body, and there were defensive wounds on her hands and forearms, the document stated.

“I believe Lauren fought off her attacker and was able to flee, but her injuries were just too severe,” Phoenix police Lt. James Hester told reporters during a press briefing Friday afternoon.

We see the road ahead branching: we either are willing to confront these insane randomly violent purposeless and resentful people despite the risk that they might die like George Floyd, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Rodney King, or we let them keep slaughtering actual innocents.

Diversity makes this issue impossible to solve. If the majority cracks down, minorities will be disproportionately represented among those arrested or killed; if it does not, it suspends rule of law and forces the majority to further isolate itself in planned communities and gated developments.

In diverse societies, each ethnic group becomes one of the many special interest groups that pull apart unity by being concerned with a single issue. They fight this out through crime and then play the victim in order to further deplete other groups.

The majority, by trying to accept other groups among it, is forced to become permissive and abolish all of its traditions and culture in order to relax standards so that every individual feels equally tolerated. This continues the individualistic removal of standards of The Enlightenment.™

For this reason, individualists like diversity. To them, it means society is made weaker in its ability to have standards and hierarchy, which means that individuals can do what they like without consequences. If someone else dies, this does not bother them much, even if their society collapses.

There is no way out of the diversity mess. When you have more than one group, any disparity in arrests or other consequences will be seen as “racism,” and any lessening up on the rules that the majority needs results in further disunity.

There is no future for a diverse West, and the sooner we acknowledge this and clean up the problem by ending diversity through reparations with repatriation, the quicker we can turn to the other problems at the core of our decay.

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