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Editorial Policy

Opinions expressed in these pieces reflect the views of our writers alone. While we generally focus on conservative (realist plus transcendentalist) theory as a means of surviving Western collapse, we also take pieces on other topics.

Comments Policy

Our comments policy is: any comment which adds value to the discussion is welcome; any comment which does not is unwanted and will not be published.

A blog is not a piece of software alone, or solely a website, or even merely its creator(s). It is a community where people come together for the purpose of understanding ideas.

The ideal standard of discussion thus has two parts:

  • Content. To keep the discussion lively, it is important to contribute information that is on-topic and informative, meaning not repetitive or generic.
  • Conduct. To keep the discussion civil, it is essential to express those ideas in a manner that facilitates communication with other people.

Imagine yourself at the house of a new acquaintance who is a friend of a good friend. After dinner, you retire to the library for cigars and lager. The host, being an affable sort, introduces a topic for discussion, perhaps based on current events.

Now, herein lies a bit of a trap. Since we all inhabit the same world, and all topics distill to one of a few major areas related to adaptation to that world, any topic no matter how tangential necessarily invokes core values and methods of perceiving reality.

The most innocently vapid surface topic leads quickly into the depths of philosophy, morality, religion and logic. All conversation is thus “playing with fire” and will touch on ideas vital to the ways that people preserve their sanity and lull themselves to sleep at night. Foundations are shaken by off-hand comments.

This means that these topics cannot be avoided, but they must be discussed in such a way as to remain cordial with others and yet impart information, usually what one has learned through analysis and experience. It is possible for people to disagree strongly and yet remain pleasant acquaintances or even friends.

That sort of congenial environment is what we aim for here.