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The Leftist Idea Of Endless Progress

The ideas of both continuous progress, and the impediment of progress by the forces of “reaction” — on a level similar to that of the progressive Leftism from which it borrows its name — are motivated by excessive belief in scientific advancement and the ability to indefinitely regulate the behavior of the undifferentiated human biological mass.

At the core of the science of Leftism lies the idea that upon that which we find in the manifested World, one can continuously add more value, and hence forever retain the optimism about the prospects of the future even in face of all the apparent and alarming deficiencies, surfacing problems, deteriorations and degenerations. At its core, the idea of Leftist “scientism” is not the idea of perpetual perfection of the one and the same principle, but of the perpetual need for expansion and management.

The Left’s response, globally speaking, to the problems that “Humanity” (the abstractly conceptualized identity crafted through observations in biology) faces is not to study and address the root causes, but simply to export humanity to another universe via Science.In order to prove the root of the problem is not the failure to comprehend the immutable laws of all of the manifest World, but simply the failure to manage and expand, the Left then promotes and propagates the idea that the crisis will be solved if we could just make yet another breakthrough, or yet another regulation. We are thus always borrowing from the future to pay for today.

The fear that we will fail in our grand task of quantitative expansion is mirrored also by the Cuck-o-sphere, which laments those days when Man walked on the moon and his progeny strolled ’round the endless expanses of featureless consumer neighborhoods. The greatest fear that a Progressive harbors is characteristically voiced by spokespersons of the Pop Science TV shows. They despair how “petty” disputes and lack of consideration and scientific awareness (or enlightenment) of mankind impedes the important task that lies in discovering new fuel sources and searching for ourselves a new homeland among the stars. Because, as is quite evident, on the subconscious level, even a Progressive acknowledges the fact that humanity, as is, faces only one direction, and hence, that the marvelous answer lies in the most absurd idea possible – that so called humanity shall save itself by running from itself – from the products of its own devices. This is apparently, the scientific-consumerist end game: devour and run, like a parasite moving between hosts.

The greatest fear of the Progressive in fact, lies not in the possibility that we will not  explore the stellar expanses. It lies in the fact that we will not find anything unique there. It is disturbed by the possibility that whatever we do find there will be of significance only in a purely quantitative sense. And hence, that the answer lies in the most dreadful place possible — in front of our own noses. In other words, the riddle of human survival can be solved through means available at every moment and at all places — through understanding.

This understanding is not conditioned upon geometric and taxonomical observations, but upon that quality which gifted individuals, those upon whom the keys of the Tradition and of the Regnum were once bestowed upon possess — the quality of insight. In the end, in fear of the consequences which necessarily must arise from it, the Left and its immanent science declared war on fundamental understanding itself, replacing it only with the most superficial type of knowledge, the one that is limited only to apparent expressions which can therefore be calculated and managed.

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