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Outliers (#57)

  • Wandering Through Smoking Wreckage

    Very few people “get” what the Alt Right, Neoreaction, Old Right, and Ult Right see, but this might give them a start. We realize that we do not live in a functioning civilization. The collapse is not coming, it has happened, and everything we see out there is an ersatz version of the real thing. We are those who are tasked with ejecting the parasites, removing the toxin by its root and eliminating every trace of it, and then rebuilding carefully. It will take centuries. We cannot beat modernity by being modern, but our first task is to seize power in a modern way, and then begin dismantling, exiling, and creating.

  • 20 years of the euro

    The EU is divided between a rich northern part which has undergone Thatcher-style market reforms and moved away from Leftist economic policy since 1999, and a poorer southern and eastern part which wants to hang on to those socialist-style policies. Instead of fixing this, the EU pursued social engineering at a radical level. This explains why the EU is doomed to follow the USSR into an early grave.

  • The Stasi Played Along

    How 1980s computer clubs in East Germany drew the attention of the secret police, who recognized immediately that video games were a powerful culture that could have political implications, and that censorship was dead as soon as high-speed networking enabled citizens to connect worldwide. Not surprisingly, thirty years later American Leftists are working to control those things, as if they read the Stasi report.

  • “Black” People – Programmed To Be Inferior?

    Black people face the same struggle that all nationalists do: rage against the system, or start working to improve ourselves so that we can break free from it? The “Year of the Mirror” is designed to make black people look at themselves and ask whether they are part of the solution or part of the problem. Perhaps all of us can benefit from that, and on top of it, ask whether working to salvage a diverse republic is worth our time at all.

  • How Many Elephants in the Room?

    An honest look at the Left shows that “nothing matters to them except political power.” No kidding; the Left comes to us from the Asiatic viewpoint which believes that it can force individualists into conformity, create a collective, and have it descend on any enemy or problem like a horde of insects. This is more individualistic than the West, where we aspire to intangible and transcendental ideals which are above both individual and group.

  • Property rights deconstructed in NYS. Another shoe drops in the road to serfdom.

    Most people live in a thought bubble where they believe the stuff written on the outside of the package of a new product. They also believe the media, government, academia, and published “science,” despite all of those also having a profit motive of their own, if only getting more of their type of people hired at the expense of society. If you believe that laws can protect you, consider how easily they are evaded when the courts, lawyers, and certain property owners all go to the same club.

  • Transcendental Desires

    We live in a state of confusion and torment until we organize our thoughts and can see the beauty of life as it is, instead of trying to control it. When we let go of the desire to reduce nature to something tangible that we can manipulate, our minds form patterns shared with the universe, and we can see a hidden dimension to all being.

  • Sodom Janitorial

    At some point, the desire to separate good from bad becomes scapegoating, which is why some choose instead to pursue the good and reject everything else as merely disorganized and irrelevant. If we look deeply into any Satan, we see a struggle to define ourselves, but knowing only what we are not is insufficient.

  • Downgoing, Turning Against, and Onward

    Most of what people spend their time on is addictive, meaning that it has high promise but delivers nothing of lasting value, and so they come back time and again, looking for meaning in an empty hole that is full of only their belief. When we stop racing around the hamster wheel and look at what we really have, there is much we can throw away and little that we retain.

  • What’s next for Brexit?

    Brexit may not be about changing position within a political system, but leaving it entirely. Leftism has left Europe devastated and whoever breaks away first wins, mainly because faith in liberal democracy is falling like a rock. This means that Right-wing parties need to state a different vision of the future and not worry about being “extreme” by the conditions of our present system.

  • When Democracy Fails to Deliver

    The Establishment — consisting of a social group of Leftists who desire more than anything else, power for its own sake — shows that no matter what the vote says, they will use the many layers of complexity in the system to break the desired result and turn it into more of the system. This was always the warning about democracy, but we did not listen.

  • Is Privacy a Right?

    Rights are constructs that we choose to enforce and nothing else, at least under the civil/human rights rubric. We can create privacy rights if we need them. Let us take this further: we can create rights of free association, as in “no one owes you a duty to bake a gay cake” and “no one owes you a rental, affirmative action hiring, a purchase, or a sale.”

  • Why Traditionalism Matters: An Interview with Wrath of Gnon

    Great interview from last year (see also our interview). Vital point:

    I believe that we are heading for a collapse, and I also believe that the survivors of this collapse will be the most homogenous communities, the strictest, the most pious. The first casualty of the collapse will be individualism. There is safety in numbers, and history provides us with many examples of survivors, groups and societies that wintered the collapse. Salvation is communal: “Remember the old saying, ‘The only thing we can do alone is go to hell.’” If we only have the sense to lay down deep roots, to seek safety in each other, then we have a fighting chance, and in this, faith is key.

    This might merit expanding upon: culture and heritage are key. Within culture are customs, and within customs are religion. We will have to re-discover these things as individual tribes, since they are comprised of detailed analysis in a mythic-imaginative sense based on our natural reactions to the world. Within that, and that only, can we have faith.

  • An Overview of Its Early Terrorist Character

    Communism showed early on what it was made of, with theft, fraud, murder, and violent control taking the foreground. People who desire power only for its own sake are by nature tyrants, since they care more about maintaining control than doing good for those that they rule.

    “Control can never be a means to anything but more control…” – WSB

  • Reflections On A King Day

    It is fitting that such an event happened so close to MLK day. Because it highlights the turnabout in racial actions that has happened in America since at least late 2015. Whereas in the past it was black people trying to go about their day without being harassed we are at a point where non-whites can harass whites (particularly males) with near impunity.

    Egalitarianism always inverts social order.

  • Man up, Diane

    If you are both a minority and insane, and someone criticizes you, it might be because of the insanity and not the minority status.

  • How Greedy Corporate Pushers Caused the Opioid Crisis

    Corporations pay money to non-profits, media, scientists, and doctors in order to promote their product. The real story of this opioid crisis is not the destruction — people are miserable, and nearly-legal drugs make it easy to check out — but the legal corruption that we tolerate in our free, democratic, etc. society. Almost everything you read, hear, and see has been paid for, like product placement in movies or newspapers rewarding press releases as stories. The only way out is to stop treating their propaganda as fact.

  • Identity Politics is a False Idol

    We know that the mainstream lies about race and ethnicity. We know that instead, genetics is the foundation of civilization. However, as we clear out these lies, we need something positive, constructive, affirmative, and creative to maintain them, or we will end up clearing out one parasite and replacing it with random nonsense.

  • White Self-Loathing And Its Discontents

    White self-hatred comes from our need to establish hierarchy. When thwarted by egalitarianism, this impulse becomes the type of rigid moral preening competition that we now see as white people attempt to out-Leftist each other. A caste system reveals its necessity when implemented, but no one has seen one for almost a century, and we are dying without it.

  • White Supremacists Ate My Homework

    The Left trots out “but white supreeemacy” in response to any attempt by white groups to establish the principle that they can be proud of themselves, direct their own future, be self-sufficient, and therefore, that they do not need unlimited third world immigration. It displeases the egalitarian narrative, and therefore, it must be demonized.

  • What Should The Right Want?

    This article gets a crucial fact wrong: class (our proxy for caste) is in fact biological. People from different castes look different and have different abilities, and these are as inborn as differences between races and ethnic groups. Conservatives will get nowhere until they purge themselves of the assumptions of egalitarianism, especially ethno-bolshevism and class warfare.

  • Beating the Drum

    When the media gets it wrong, it is always from a desire to write propaganda, not truth. They then double down on their errors, knowing that all they have to do is get that initial headline out there to unify the base in resentment and outrage, and then they can explain away the errors they made later.

  • We Need to be Pushing for an Absolute Shutdown on All Forms of Immigration

    For us to get anywhere, we have to escape the gutmensch conservative notion of “good immigration.” Instead, we need to point out that diversity is a disaster, even including European identity like importing Irish and Italian Catholics, who are different enough that their presence causes a diversity crisis among us. End diversity, end our fracture.

The latest from our RIGHT! mailing list:

RIGHT \\ January 20, 2019

Welcome to the RIGHT! list for January 20, 2019.

~{ i n t r o d u c t i o n }-

As you may have guessed, we’re trying a new list format. Social media seems to be dying, so the more people we can aggregate on independent forums, mailing lists, blogs, wikis, and chats, the more decentralized and thus resilient we are.

This “redecentralization” also creates an internal hierarchy, which means that ideas move from the top on down in a systematic fashion, guaranteeing that eventually everyone pays attention to what is important.

For more on the theory of redecentralization, read the following description of indirect censorship and an interview with an aspiring internet renovator:

~{ a r t i c l e s }~

Our first item is a bit of a rant on the Civil War as a means of giving us a reason to celebrate Robert E. Lee, who is loved for his triumphs more than his errors, and his embodiment of the Southern gentleman, which was the real target of the rabble consumerist mixed-ethnic democracy of the North.

Happy Birthday, Robert E. Lee!

This is one of my better Periscopes. J.P. Wilkinson has joined me in writing these, which is great because he has sort of a Republican-Neoreaction hybrid going on, where I am more of an Old Right crunchy conservative. The variety spurs on innovation, we might hope. This one simply tackles all of the stupid nonsense that has gone on in the last twenty four hours or so:

Periscope (January 20, 2019)

If you look at the world out there, you can see that France is again leading the charge, or leading the charge into the abyss, depending on who you talk to. They went full-in on the theory as usual, and this means that radical results appeared.

Things Are Getting More Real, More Rapidly In France Than The US

~{ o u t l o o k }~

If I had to give a synopsis of where the world is, it would be this: the American government shutdown has everyone freaked because it means that populism has successfully opposed liberal democracy. It used to be the assumption that to win at anything, you just added more liberal democracy (democracy + civil rights). More equality, and everyone is happy. That age has ended.

This means that the accounting is come due and, well, things look bad. All of our nations are in debt. We blew off fixing the causes of wars for so long that these causes are now coming back with a vengeance. Diversity has shattered our unity and means that we cannot successfully fight a war; diversity defeated the Americans in Vietnam, and it will do the same to Europe. Ecocide and death by pollution are looming as well.

China has fallen into its own lack of a plan. Europe is figuring out that it is alone if the USA goes, because Russia simply sees it as a tasty meal, despite what all of its armchair experts say. Asia can see its own implosion written on the wall, a great falling-inward that will consume Asia, then Europe, and then the USA.

At the end of this, we have a chance to leave democracy behind. The third world will go back to warlords, the first will be divided between kings and fanciful schemes involving elected oligarchies and AIs, and everyone else will do anything they can to keep a competent dictator-CEO in power. But rest assured: the Age of Enlightenment is over, dead, gone, and forgotten.

Stick with us, we’re going places! See you next week.

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