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As you all probably know, Twitter suspended my account today. They want additional verifying information, and upon being given it, do nothing. This is fairly typical of my experience with large social media: they want happy idiots generating vapid content, and those of us who “rock the boat” are removed with whatever dishonest means they have.

Looking at the long-term prospects on this one, my inclination is to focus on Gab where discourse is relatively free, despite the tendency of the upstream provider to threaten to destroy the site over stuff that weev posts. I have trouble with Facebook; it is too much like television. But even more, a better solution is needed.

To that end, it makes sense to choose a medium that the hostile forces out there cannot easily monitor and which cannot be deleted. I went back to basics: mailing lists. We have two of them now:

  • Our daily updates with article links (the RIGHT list):

    Email address:
  • Conservative conversation between participants (the rt list):

    Email address:

If you get yourself a throwaway email — Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, or other services you would never use for your actual information but into which you can fill in garbage demographic data — then this is a great way to sign up and interact with others, including planning events, that is not easily monitored by those out there.

The real threat to us these days is not so much the dedicated activist against us, but the legions of below-minimum-wage zombie drones that these social media services hire to remove “offensive” content, which basically means anything which is not of the kumbaya variety.

They may not even be targeting conservatives specifically, just removing anything which will produce complaints, while the usual flow of stupid talk about television shows, pornography, and Leftist propaganda offends few and so can keep on rollin’ as we head toward the endgame of our decline.

Anyway, consider signing up and sending in an introductory message. We are mobilizing to share information, get clear on what our objective is, and find ways to implement it in the real world. This is not a membership in a group, or any commitment other than chatting on a discussion list. I hope it will be fruitful however.

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