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Periscope (January 20, 2019)

  • Gilets Jaunes protests enter tenth weekend across France

    The “yellow vests” show us that we could never afford the entitlements state, and that in trying to find ways to fund it, we are merely squeezing those who are not impoverished in order to subsidize the impoverished, but even they are not happy with the arrangement. If you want to bring wealth to a people, make their cost of living low and their purchasing power high; imposing taxes, red tape, risk of lawsuits, a fast-changing mass culture, and an ideological regime does the opposite, namely makes living expensive and purchasing power low. This makes people into cattle who work all their lives on pro forma activities (“make-work”) so that we can keep a whirlpool going which is named “our economy.” This economy depends on activity in order to claim value, then tax that value, then dump the money back into the cycle, keeping us continually “pump primed” but never creating stability or lasting value. In the name of subsidizing ourselves, we have made ourselves dependent on a system which then must invent stuff — fake economic activity, ideological imperatives, or world wars — to keep us busy and to claim that it is being productive. In reality, we would all be happier with all ethnic foreigners gone, the women back in the home, and jobs regulated wholly by the markets so that everything which is done actually produces value and everything else gets cut out. Some will suffer and live in poverty, but some always do, so sacrificing everyone else for the “optics” of avoiding poverty only enslaves us. People blame capitalism, but what they really should blame is democracy and the red tape managerial nanny state that it creates. As was stated long ago, democracy ruined France:

    Democracy is held to be out of place in France, because historically and philosophically France requires monarchical institutions. Her greatness was founded by Charlemagne, the most sagacious of kings, and the country pursued, under a long succession of monarchs, a career of growth and glory, until the Revolution, warring justly against a perversion of the kingly principle, imbued the people with hostility to the principle itself. From the moment at which the Revolution exceeded its proper limits dates the decline of France. When the Revolution planted in the popular mind the heresies of equality and self-government, it invited all the disasters which followed, from Waterloo to Sedan.

  • America: The new Socialist frontier

    People hate capitalism because they see it as having created a few mega-winners in business and an elite of bureaucrats, consultants, lawyers, politicians, journalists, academics, and entertainers who hammer home the Regime message of equality and are paid handsomely for it. In reality, capitalism did none of this; our quest for equality did it. You cannot raise up the incompetent by external means, and those who are less than equal (below the poverty line, or the average) are lower by the fact of having less competence. You can, however, take from the more than equal and give that to the rest, achieving in theory a nice even system where everyone has the same, except for the people in charge, of course. Ironically, these new socialists are demanding more of the system that hurt them. True socialism is heat death — you give everyone the same amount before they produce, which creates an anti-motivation to produce, or to change anything really — and will bring about a few ideological leaders in charge and everyone else living in cinderblock boxes and going to jobs where nothing matters. In order to avoid the consequences of incompetence, every job will be handled by multiple people, and life will get even more boring and ugly. However, Leftists (women, children, minorities, insecure people) tend to see only cash-in-hand and so for them, a giant government handing out checks sounds like paradise.

  • A bit of meat, a lot of veg – the flexitarian diet to feed 10bn

    Today we have almost eight billion people on Earth. Next stop will involve ten to twelve billion. If we remove the meat we need from our diets, we can feed everyone, at which point they will have children, and we will be well on our path to twenty billion. Our “experts” — who so far have been wrong about everything — tell us that if we get democracy, birth control, “education,” consumerism, and civil rights into those countries, the people there will become as miserable as we are and stop breeding so much. However, they assume that this happens in one instant rather than over two centuries, and that different populations react the same way to the same stimulus, which is an unproven assertion at best and a conscious lie at worst. When we are all eating hay in order to support twenty billion people, when ecocide is complete and most people are thoroughly miserable, what do we do then? Finally, we will understand our leaders: a combination of resentment and fear, weaponized into a desire to make human desire more powerful than nature, deriving its only energy from having power over others.

  • Pastor ousted after posting anti-LGBTQ sign outside his church

    I suspect (but no one can prove or disprove) that what really enraged people about this sign was the final statement: “the culture may change; the Bible does not.” Naturally the Left finds that offensive because they want to treat the Bible like the Constitution, interpreting it in the context of Leftism by claiming that they are updating our reading of it, which in turn makes it sound like it supports what Leftists want to believe is true. They do this by making certain interpretations taboo, so that only pro-Leftist interpretations remain. That enables them to stay ahead of vital questions like, “If we have ‘freedom,’ why does everyone who disagrees with the Left have to lose his job?”

  • ‘There is no money beyond February’: Shutdown freezes HUD funds for low-income programs

    You may be wondering why people started freaking out a week or so ago. At the middle of the month, it became clear that at the end of the month, funds for the forty-seven percent who pay no taxes would run out, and our hybrid-socialist society would have to face the wrath of those who live off the work of others. That in turn causes us to face an ugly truth which is that if these people riot, America will become aligned against the forty-seven percent instead of in their favor. People are seeing where the entitlements state ends up, and no one likes it. If they get hit in the face with a visible reminder, it could tip the balance, and this has the Left and their pets (bureaucrats, nu-elites, underclass) in a state of panic. Around here, we see fewer minority people driving around new SUVs and spending money during the daytime at the luxury shops. When the Uncle Sam lifeline snips, the people who rely on government lose their boldness, terrified that the old Western Civilization idea of rewarding people for productive labor and having a social hierarchy might come back.

  • ‘Please use deodorant’: UH professor’s message strikes controversial chord

    In hot, humid, and flat Houston, where taking two showers a day during every season but winter is normal if you have been outside, a professor at UH — home to mostly Asian, Muslim, and Hispanic students — advises students that they are ambassadors for their countries and therefore, they have to be careful about spicy/garlicky food, wearing the same clothes multiple days in a row, and failing to shower and use deodorant. Apparently, no one realized that this professor wrote his message carefully and put the key to its meaning in the last paragraph. He did not imply that the people who were stinky were people from the same ethnic groups that produced the spicy food; he simply said that if you were there as a representative of your country, you might beware of these three pitfalls, of which one generally might be said to be “spicy ethnic food” from India or Southeast Asia. Since most people of every ethnicity eat mostly spicy/garlicky Mexican, Asian, or Indian food in Houston, it is not entirely surprising that this warning went out, even if it shocked and offended SJWs.

  • Car bomb linked to dissident group ‘the New IRA’

    If diversity is not working in Ireland, what are the chances that it will work here? People do not understand: diversity itself is the problem. Your average idiot Leftist translates that into “oh, you don’t like Negroes” and your average idiot Rightist translates that into “you want to make us all into a homogeneous group.” The point is that diversity itself — of any form: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial — is a threat. This probably even extends to political diversity. A civilization has one core property without which it cannot succeed, and that is its unity. Diversity fragments that unity. Then, every group becomes a special interest group fighting for control of the tiller while the ship of state thrashes wildly around. As a result, the society smashes itself to death, wearing itself into exhaustion and then being taken over by another. Diversity is death and nothing else.

  • Hotel dishwasher awarded $21 million after boss made her work on Sundays

    First of all, we can see how racial balance in juries can tip awards, and how juries are generally sheep anyway who get swayed by emotional arguments. This absurd award will be struck down on appeal since it clearly has no relationship to the offense. Looking into the arguments, it seems that a woman who swears that she has to be at church on Sunday was scheduled Sunday shifts, and this is an infringement of her right to religion. In reality, this sounds more like the little brown people versus the big white hotel chain, and the fact that it was decided in Miami sort of underscores that. However, maybe we can use this for our own purposes. The Bible is tribalistic and emphasizes extreme nationalism. Can we sue if we are given with shifts from anyone of another race, religion, ethnic group, or culture? I want my twenty-one million dollars for having put up with diversity thus far without murdering anyone.

  • Theresa May will find her way to a victory

    If the UK does not find a way to make Brexit happen, it will be viewed as an inferior state by the rest of Europe and will be treated that way, too. Further, its own people will prove unable to take its democracy seriously, and so that will also collapse. In fact, the UK existing at all is predicated on its ability to conduct an exit from the European Union. In the midst of a general populist uprising against the postwar Leftist world order, any inability to execute an escape from that order implies that the UK is conquered or subverted, and provides grounds for a total lack of faith that will result in the nation fragmenting.

  • Australian rallies demand safe streets for women after Israeli student murder

    People are so brainwashed by democracy, consumerism, and individualism that they think the world is entirely transactional. That is, they go up to the little window and demand something, are quoted a price, and then pay for it. When rapes break out across the land, then, they go to their politicians and demand a new product. Unfortunately for them, life does not work this way because it operates by cause->effect and not effect-as-cause, which is what they unintentionally argue for when they act as if they think they can demand something and have it be applied directly by an omnipotent god or government. If your country is awash in rapes, you should first check to see if you have diversity. Since diversity is essentially ethnic warfare within the same nation-state, and rape is a weapon of warfare, then if you have diversity, you will have a lot of violent, pointless, and sadistic rape. Their goal is to break you while you, drugged on ideas of coexistence and equality, stumble through life in a state of nonsensical denial.

  • The shutdown’s real lesson: Government has taken hostage too much of the economy

    If your government shutdown affects more than government, it means that government has made itself into an industry and has begun controlling your society outside the law through the economic forces it can unleash. For example, if ten percent of the people work for the government, that means that at least twenty percent of society depends on government, regardless of whether it does good or bad, and will support it blindly. At that point, you have the type of “dark organization” like a union or gang which works against the needs of the civilization as a whole. Since this government shutdown clearly has ripples in the market and social arena, we know that government is “socially engineering” us using its size as an economic actor, instead of working directly by law as it is supposed to do. For us to get out of this situation, we will have to drastically cut government, perhaps to a quarter of its size, which can be easily done by removing all of the entitlements.

  • Amazon Ruined Online Shopping

    Just like democracy, Amazon offers you infinite options, and then overwhelms you with choices of which you have ambiguous knowledge. The more choices you get, the less likely you are to make any one choice, until eventually you stand surrounded by ambiguity and a lack of knowledge, with nothing certain on which to make your decision. When there is one grocery store in town, and one brand of beer, everyone goes and buys that and everyone is happy. When there are hundreds of brands, people fall into bickering about which is the best, and most choose incorrectly, resulting in a constant rise-and-fall of a proliferation of new brands, none of which offers what people need. Aristocracy and conservatism sieve through the thousands of options, pick the few that are actually good, and ensure that these are preserved throughout the ages as a bulwark against the stampeding herd and its constant offering and taking of random decisions.

  • Why Are Scientists Constantly Surprised By What They Discover?

    “Ego,” says one commentator. Expanding on that: humanity. Scientists are humans, and humans tend toward herd behavior, which means that when something is new they all rush to take advantage of it, but then with their millions of individual interpretations of it, adulterate its meaning until it becomes the same old stuff we ordinarily do, just with a new flavor.

    • It took Metallica exactly five albums to go from a new and original vision to a slightly more bombastic version of the music that was popular when they were children in the 1970s.
    • Seventy years after a war against the Nationalist Powers, we redefined nationalism to mean “patriotism.”
    • After becoming famous as a quality beer in the 1980s, Heineken adopted the American beer company style of mass production and became watered-down slightly better Budweiser.

    Science dies for the same reason that democratic governments do: in the hands of humans, individualism takes over and each person does what is convenient for them. That means that they double down on what is “known” unless they are the ones with a new theory or see an opportunity in a new theory, and so you have half of the monkeys defending the knowledge from thirty years ago and the other half of the monkeys suggesting random theories in a hope of becoming famous. Reality pops up as a surprise when someone looks between the extremes and finds the next logical step, which is how most “innovations” and “discoveries” occur. Genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent application.

  • Star Wars and Marvel Comics Sales Drop Confirms Disney

    Gillette should pay attention: not only does going Leftist cause Right-wingers to boycott, but in the long run, it destroys your brand because now you are associated with propaganda instead of simply being a source of good times. Star Wars was fun when it was a way to escape visible politics and go into a fantasy world where good fought evil in simple and straightforward campaigns, instead of the messy arcology of labyrinths comprised of grey areas that is morality when applied in the real world of cause->effect reasoning and long-term consequences and side-effects. Then, in an attempt to broaden the franchise, the producers hired a bunch of Leftist women to make their films and ended up with Ghostubsters II: Outer Space Edition. Not surprisingly, people hated it. When Leftists tried to cuck George Lucas by demanding more black characters in the 1980s, he came up with Barack Obama style gangster nerd Lando Calrissian. People hate having things forced on them that they would not choose for themselves, and sometimes they are even right to resist these things. In the meantime, another brand has been destroyed because it decided to join the Regime in shouting propaganda at us, instead of taking a nuanced position or staying sensibly mute on the handful of issues that the Regime still has to use to manipulate, cajole, intimidate, subjugate, bore, and shock us.

  • Students in Trump hats mock Native American; school apologizes

    We are in the late stages of a dying regime. At this point, you must play “count the lies” in any “official” story, which you can recognize because it clings to a certain perspective which is equal parts outraged and demanding. When you read something about how we are all equal or should be, you are reading Regime propaganda, and you can start counting lies, in other words. First lie: “native” Americans were not natives, but Mongolian immigrants who came over and killed whoever and whatever else was here, simply because it was easy and convenient for them to wander across the Bering land bridge. Second lie: the guy was a Vietnam vet; if he is sixty-four now, he was 18 in 1973, at which point the war had ended. Third lie: they were not harassing him; he was playing a drum loudly and chanting in a public place, and so they shouted back. In other words, these students did nothing wrong and the entire narrative is corrupt and designed to be used as a talking point for pushing further civil rights and egalitarian propaganda upon us.

  • China set to post slowest growth in 28 years in 2018, more stimulus seen

    China had easy growth based on its role as a manufacturer: every year since 1990, a certain number of European and American manufacturers would start making their product in China and selling it under their brand. One of my favorite shoe companies used to employ a thousand artisans across the UK making comfortable leather shoes. Then, they got an award, and not four months later, the “smart” MBAs and “clever” accountants had transferred all manufacturing to China, leaving a design team of four people and an office staff of three plus an administrative assistant. Every single one of those people gets a nice fat salary, and the shoes are much more stylish, but quality is typical of the Chinese plants, which is that you can expect that stitches are not properly tied off and so the shoes begin to break down in a year or two. That pleases the MBAs and accountants, who think, in their laboratory-cum-solipsism way, “Well then they’ll buy twice as many shoes!” Maybe that is true, cucks, maybe for the first few years anyway. Then we just truck off to Wal-mart and buy the unstylish but affordable direct-from-China version. In another few years, we will build shoes which are assembled entirely by machines and be very thankful for this. In the meantime, China has run into a wall in that, with Trump negotiating fair tariffs for the first time since Reagan, China has lost its easy run of work orders coming in. Now, the contraction begins. The US and EU are in a race to see if they can develop enough native industry to avoid being swallowed up by the domino effect of the recession that is coming once the Chinese paper tiger collapses.

  • Saudi music festival spotlights pre-Islamic heritage

    Interesting shifts appear in Saudi Arabia, which seems to be emphasizing national identity instead of Islamic identity. The Islamists detest the pre-Islamic cultures, and so for Saudi Arabia to glorify them is for it to have made a choice. It will not attack Islam, but will shift itself toward a national identity in which Islam has a place, but is not joining the theocracies in their race toward fundamentalism. This could be another shift brought on by Trump policy; since he is ideologically agnostic, he does not care if a country is Muslim or not, but treats them all as the same thing, namely self-interested foreign powers. This benevolent xenophobia reduces the value in defining oneself as what America fears, namely the bold iconoclastic Islamic regime, and instead gives advantages to those with strong national identities and directions independent of clusterings (EU, Leftism, Islam, Christianity).

  • Leslie Jones Slams New ‘Ghostbusters’ Film: “It’s Like Something Trump Would Do”

    Leftists do not understand degree. Remaking Ghostbusters offered a huge opportunity: you could create a cult following in a mainstream movie, riding a wave of 80s nostalgia as Generation X hit their 40s and are parents who have disposable income finally, and make something that like the original still sells every year thirty-five years after it was made. Instead, the SJWs cranked out a propaganda film that only had attendance because worldwide Leftists rushed to support it, and no one will remember it or care past the next year or so. In other words, on paper or in a laboratory, they did “just fine” but they did not do as well as they could have, meaning that opportunity was missed. For this reason, the producers of the next sequel are ignoring the failed riot grrrrl 2016 sequel and aiming for something that, like the original movie, will be enjoyed for decades and make billions as a result. The movie was always dumb as rocks but fun for kids, which was sort of the point, and was destroyed when people brought in their creepy agenda. As far as the idiotic affirmative action appointee Ms. Jones goes, obviously when “it’s a dick move” is your hardest-hitting critique of what someone else does, you are still locked in a childhood you do not understand and have no idea how to make something that people will honestly treasure.

  • Plan emerges for a ‘radical solution’ to lower rising rents in Berlin

    Every cliché in the book comes out in this article. Their plan is to socialize apartments owned by big firms, or in other words, steal them so that there are more apartments. So… this is bog-standard socialism. It is not “radical” any more than it is “new,” but it is very typical for dying empires. Their real problem is that they have made renting too expensive with their layers of red tape and so now ordinary people are doing less of it, and they have also made construction impossible or expensive, so now they have too many buildings which are not for rent. Governments hate to tell you this, but the only way to beat the supply/demand curve here is to increase supply, and you do that by finding some chunks of land, building on them, and then renting those buildings. Converting parks into skyscrapers might not be popular, but it will actually solve the problem. Then again, this problem is most likely a scapegoat, knowing humanity. They have trouble living and so they blame “expensive rents” instead of high taxes, immigration, red tape, bureaucracy, low productivity,and other actual problems. The problem has nothing to do with who owns the buildings, but it sure makes for a handy headline to get someone — Germany’s AOC! — into office. With stupidity like this, seeing democracy fail will be a blessed interruption from the constant imbecilic ranting of people like whoever came up with this “radical” idea.

  • German police raid suspected KKK members’ homes

    This is the equivalent of a show trial. The point of a show trial is to force everyone to conform now that they have seen an example of “bad.” When Germany drifts to the Right, the powers that be become concerned, and so they round up the losers on the dole who have far-Right sympathies and confiscate — LOL — air guns and literature. Just like how the SPLC makes any guy with a blogspot into a “hate group” in his local community, Germany turned a Discord server into the Deutscheskukluxklan, arresting a grand total of seventeen people who were never going to have any influence on anything whatsoever. This was pure propaganda.

  • Babies wanted: Nordic countries crying for kids

    Give humans power, and they start “fixing” nature in order to eliminate risk. This disease afflicts the most intelligent and well-meaning, which is why Europe rotted from its aristocracy and Nordic-Germanic roots on downward. When you set up a “perfect” society, everyone becomes miserable and no one can articulate it. You have eliminated known risk, at the expense of fun and adventure, and in the meantime, in order to ensure that no one suffers, you have made a rigid bureaucratic lifestyle in which no one good prospers and the obedient, inoffensive, and incompetent are promoted over the best. The fact is that life includes variation, and it does not fit into neat mental boxes, and we need to embraces the wildness within or we become bored and sad. The Nordics failed to heed this, have become bored and sad, and now have chosen diversity as the method of their suicide. We can turn this all around in ten seconds by making a law against egalitarianism and lying, at which point they can finally filter out the really disgusting people among them — nothing is worse than a Nord gone bad — and then start rewarding the good. At that point, the good will start breeding and they can send the foreign home.

  • Canada launches plan to attract a million immigrants

    Advised by Somali refugee Ahmed Hussen — ironic since Somalia has become a synonym for lack of civilization — Canada has decided to bring in a million more immigrants. Well, what else would an immigrant say, except “immigration is great, we should do more of it”? In reality, Canada is probably simply caught in the circular Ponzi scheme. It has taxed its citizens into the ground. It has no growth to speak of because its industries under-perform. It has no direction. All it can do now is to pretend it is an American and get fat by eating up more immigrants and then taxing them so it can keep alive the social services it never could afford. Canada will collapse into nothingness, leaving behind illiterate savages, but its dying words will be, “At least we have free health care…”

  • Principal who banned Christmas from school won’t return

    Sinclair sent a memo to staff in November that, among other things, barred Santa and Christmas images . She said her intent was to create an inclusive environment for students of varied religious beliefs.

    She did not get fired; her intent was good, according to the Regime, but she pushed too far against things that people like. To successfully fool the moron voters into accepting diversity, you do not ban Christmas, but instead insist that we celebrate Yaldā, Kwanzaa, Channukah, Eid-al-Futr, Jólablót, Tet, and Diwali alongside Christmas, Yule, and Winter Solstice — you need to have a separate room for the atheists to celebrate “end of year” or “end of four fiscal quarter,” whatever works — so that people simply get holiday fatigue and start saying “Happy Holidays!” rather than risk offending anyone.

  • Global Debt Nears Record $244T Amid Faster Growth

    Long ago, it became clear that the middle class was going to overthrow the kings because the middle class perceived that it could make more money if there were fewer cultural rules, ornamentations, standards, obstructions, values, customs, procedures, and other artifacts of the past. “It’s more efficient this way,” said the young MBAs and scientists. Being bourgeois, the middle class thought like libertarians, which is to say that they thought of themselves only and assumed that society was something like gravity that was just always there no matter what they did. They saw zero affirmative role for themselves in maintaining and refining society, which they saw as a bother and mostly an impediment to their own profit. With the kings out of the way, society became a container for what was popular and profitable. “Don’t let the proles take over,” they warned each other, then went off to the drinks cart because as individualistic people, they really did not care about anything but themselves. Even their children they viewed as competitors, having minds like purses and ledgers instead of capable of comprehending nuance, depth, duration, quality, and syncretic detail. Shortly afterward, the proles took over. At this point, whatever they demanded was either accepted by government, or that government was replaced by whoever would promise it. “But it’s impossible!” said the people who actually knew better. “That doesn’t matter,” growled the candidate. “Invent a plausible theory, like you might in a financial report or court of law, and we’ll go with that.” When the economy crashed, the proles were afraid and demanded a social support network, and so society invented a few million pages of theories and calculations that supported the idea that we could afford it. We could not. No one can afford the entitlements state, which is just socialism lite. We did better as a frontier, where everyone took care of themselves and relied on charity in lean times, or under the kings, where most property was kept off the market and therefore growth was not required, than we have under democracy. Instead, we have run ourselves into debt and guaranteed that global default is in the future, and the first world will be asked to pay for all of it.

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